A Place in the Sun’s Jean Johansson admits concern over property search ‘I am scared!’

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Ravin and Pritti were ready to take the huge move and uproot their lives on A Place in the Sun today. Despite never having visited Gran Canaria before, they knew that this was the place they wanted to grow old together and where their family could holiday. But, after turning down host Jean Johansson’s recommendations, the host was left “scared and disappointed”. 

Ravin and Pritti had £180,000 to play with on today’s episode and they were looking for an airy three bedroom property, with great views. 

However, after turning down the first property without a second thought, Jean really thought she had cracked it with the next one. 

“We wouldn’t really need to do anything,” Pritti explained after the second property.

“I like the way it has been decorated, but the only negative is walking up to the property.

“So, if we go to the supermarket, up and down the stairs, it’s going to be difficult.”

Jean tried to reassure them that the locals use a delivery service for the shopping.

But unfortunately this properly wasn’t meant to be and Pritti said it was a hard no. 

“I am really disappointed,” Jean told the viewers. 

“But it is clear Ravin and Pritti want a place with more space around it. 

“This search is proving tough. 

“I have shown them two properties but there are no contenders but I am going to keep going and try something different again.”

Jean was left scrabbling once again when Pritti immediately turned down property number three as well. 

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This had Jean worried as she told the viewers: “With only two properties left to show them I am getting scared we are still way off the mark.”

Property four wasn’t up to the couple’s liking either, with Pritti asking if she could move property two into property four’s location. 

Jean quickly said that Pritti and Ravin wouldn’t get nearly as nice a property if that were the case. 

Luckily, the final property had Ravin and Pritti falling head over heels. 

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Jean was able to provide them with the space and the views they wanted, and it was only on the market for £140,000. 

They couple decided to put in an offer of £120,000 which was very quickly laughed off by the landlord. 

But, after playing hardball and refusing to go any higher than £126k, the landlord submitted and Ravin and Pritti were thrilled. 

A Place in the Sun airs on Channel 4 weekdays at 4pm. 

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