A Place in the Sun couple leave presenter cringing with awkward row as they rage 'it's my apartment NOT yours!'

A PLACE in the Sun's presenter was left cringing after a couple had an awkward row as they raged 'it's my apartment NOT yours!'

Wednesday's edition of the Channel 4 show saw presenter Scarlette Douglas show house hunter Donagh around Valencia in Spain in search of his dream property.

Donagh was joined by his best friend Amy for moral support, but one awkward moment saw his bestie chip in a little too much when it came to what the property specifications needed to be.

Scarlette asked Donagh: “So what exactly are you looking for from a property here then?”

He replied: “Somewhere where I can really live outside. I want a big terrace.

“A nice kitchen and at least two bedrooms. I need at least one spare bedroom for friends and family.”

Amy then chipped in, saying: “Preferably with an en-suite.”

As Donagh let out a big sigh, Amy added with a joke, "and a hot tub".

As the trio laughed somewhat awkwardly, Donagh firmly reminded his pal: "It’s my apartment, not yours, alright?”

Scarlette then asked Amy what she would want in the property Donagh chose, and he joked: "She’d want a key!”

Despite the cringe-worthy moment, Amy did offer her friend some sound advice as she said: “I think it’d be sensible to find something that didn’t require too much work.”

In a further twist, the friends then told Scarlette later in the episode that they were going to go 50/50 on a property instead.

After some negotiations over the sale price, Donagh and Amy got a three-bedroom apartment in Valencia for £124,000.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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