A Beloved 9-1-1 Couple Is Finally (Maybe) Taking a Major Step Forward

9-1-1 took a surprisingly romantic (yet somehow completely unromantic) turn on Monday, setting the stage for a major milestone within the 118.

Enough beating around the bush, Chimney and Maddie might finally be getting married! Following a little snafu with the IRS — they both identified themselves as the head of their household, and they both claimed baby Jee-Yun as a dependent, leading to a stressful audit — the couple was given some potentially life-changing advice by an agent: “Next year, before you file… get married.”

Sure enough, the episode ended with Chimney perusing a selection of engagement rings on his phone. It may not be the most romantic excuse for a proposal, but at this point, what are these two even waiting for?

TVLine spoke with actor Kenneth Choi, who acknowledged that Chimney’s lesson in leadership at the academy last week would likely help him move forward in other areas of his life: “I do think that falls into the whole fold of Chimney not really being able to make big decisions because he’s always hesitant,” Choi said. “He can’t pull the trigger on a lot of things.”

What a difference a week makes!

Elsewhere on Monday’s 9-1-1, Athena worked double time to capture a criminal who faked his own death and traded places with a corpse at the morgue; Eddie did some reflecting on what he wants for his own future after taking Christopher to visit Shannon’s grave; and Buck went on a date with a doula who organizes “living funerals,” memorial services that can be attended by people before they die.

OK, let’s discuss this week’s biggest developments. Are you as excited as we are about a potential Maddie/Chimney engagement? Do we hope that Buck goes on a second date with this doula, even though she’s way too obsessed with his near-death experience? And what are our hopes for poor Eddie? Drop a comment with your thoughts on Monday’s 9-1-1 below.

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