'90 Day Fiancé': What Happens When Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline Finally Talk After That Heated Argument?

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Colt Johnson lands in hot water with his girlfriend, Jess Caroline. Colt travels to Brazil to meet Jess’ family alongside Debbie, his mother, who slips and mentions a woman that Colt told Jess he wouldn’t speak with anymore. It leads to a huge fight, and Jess even throws her shoes at Colt before abruptly leaving. The next day, Colt and Jess sit down and calmly talk about what happened. Will they try to give things another chance?

Colt Johnson and Jess Caroline get into it

When the trio arrives in São Paulo, things get bad almost right away. Jess asked Colt to stop communicating with a woman named Vanessa Guerra. Although Colt said he wouldn’t speak to her anymore, he still talks to her, and she’s even watching Colt and Debbie’s cats while they’re away in Brazil. When Debbie mentions that she spoke with Vanessa and the cats are doing great, it sets off a chain reaction.

Jess is confused, because she thought Colt stopped talking to Vanessa. When it becomes clear that Colt and Debbie can’t see Jess’ side of things, she leaves to cool off. Jess also takes the time to contact Vanessa and find out for herself if they stopped talking.

“I got Vanessa’s information from Colt’s cell phone,” Jess says to the cameras. “So I sent texts to Vanessa, and asked about her relationship with Colt. She says it’s true. About her and Colt. They’re still talking.”

Jess goes up to the hotel room that she shares with Colt, and she proceeds to throw her heels at him from across the other side of the bed. She tells Colt that he lied, and she shows him the phone with her conversation with Vanessa. She knows they are still friends, and that they converse every day. Jess decides to leave the hotel, and even tells Colt that she is going to sleep with her ex.

What happens when Colt and Jess finally talk after that heated argument?

In this week’s episode, Colt says that early in the morning, he heard “pounding” at his door. Jess was there with a man, and Colt says he then realized that hotel security was actually there. Colt decides to get his own hotel room for the night, and he returns to see Jess in the morning.

Jess asks Colt why he lies, and he answers by asking why she threw her shoes at him. Jess says she mentioned sleeping with her ex because Colt was lying about the whole Vanessa thing. She admits she was angry. She also says she respects Colt, and she didn’t sleep with anyone else. However, she calls Colt “crazy.”

“Look, I didn’t tell you about Vanessa because honestly, she’s just a friend, met her before you. That’s it,” Colt bluntly says. “If I wanted to have a relationship with Vanessa, I would have done it before I met you. Why would I travel to Brazil? Why would I travel to Chicago just to see you? I love you. I asked your father for permission to marry you.”

Jess brings up the lying again, and Colt tells her he’s leaving for America that day. “What do you want?” Colt asks Jess. “Is this it? Do you want to break up? Vanessa’s a friend. She’s a good friend, yes. I’m not having sex with her. I’m not in a relationship with her.”

Jess says she’s sorry about last night. Colt mentions his ex-wife, Larissa Dos Santos Lima. “I don’t want the same thing that happened to Larissa and I to happen to you and I. I love you,” Colt explains.

Jess tells Colt that he doesn’t need the opinions of others, such as his mother. Colt asks her if she’ll come to the airport to say goodbye to them, and she does. It’s an awkward goodbye after everything that’s happened, but it appears that Colt and Jess are going to try and make things work for now.

We’ll see how things play out between them and if they can move on from this.

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