'90 Day Fiancé': Stephanie Matto Reveals That 'Before the 90 Days' Pushed Her to Get This Drastic Surgery

Stephanie Matto didn’t exactly earn herself the best reputation when she appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. She and her then-girlfriend Erika Owens argued constantly and fans accused Matto of being a different person in real life than she was online. Now that the season has wrapped, Matto is addressing one of the things that she didn’t like about her season.

Stephanie and Erika’s relationship

Matto met Owens online and the two began messaging and quickly fell in love. Matto had yet to come out to her family so she told them that Owens was just a friend before she went to visit her in Australia. Throughout the course of the trip, Matto had several problems with Owens and the way that she lived her life. Ultimately, the relationship ended after Matto yelled and broke vases during one of their arguments.

Stephanie’s plastic surgery

People criticized a lot of things about Matto throughout her season, but the thing that stood out to Matto the most was her chin.

“I would see it if I ever had a side profile photo of myself, I would see it on television,” she said in a YouTube video called “WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FACE!?? | Surgery Confession.” “If I watched myself on Before the 90 Days, I would just only see that. I don’t know, it bothered me when I photographed myself. As you guys know, my job is literally my appearance to some degree on the internet because I do do OnlyFans. So, I want to feel my best and this was something that bothered me for a long time throughout the years.”

To fix the issue, she decided to get liposuction to remove a “pocket of fat” from the area under her chin.

As Matto suffers from aplastic anemia, she had to consult doctors to make sure it was safe for her to get the liposuction.

“I know I suffer from a relatively severe hematological condition which is now under control,” she said. “Recently, like about three months ago, I learned that I am actually, finally, after so many years, in pretty much full remission. I’m not cured, I still have it but all of my numbers, my counts are stable. They’re holding at a safe level, and especially my platelets, which is like, a huge one because platelets are what help you clot. Right now, my platelets are a low, normal level which means they’re not like, amazing but they’re like, in a safe range. They’re good. I’m safe.”’

Are Erika and Stephanie still together?

After Matto and Owens’ breakup during their season, the pair never rekindled their romance. In fact, during the tell-all reunion special, the two seemed to barely be able to stand one another.

Owens has since moved on and is now dating photographer Chris Siclari.

“My favourite human, partner in crime, muse, friend and love of my life all wrapped into one 💓🥰 so grateful,” Owens captioned a picture of her and her boyfriend.

Matto has not been publicly dating anyone since her split from Owens.

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