'90 Day Fiancé Sneak Peek: Paul Staehle Runs After Karine Staehle — Fans React

Throughout Paul Staehle’s time on 90 Day Fiancé spinoffs, he’s been known to do some running on occasion. One of his most memorable moments involves him telling Karine about his criminal record. After that, he runs away, and Karine ends up getting mugged by a man with a machete after going to look for him.

In the upcoming episode, it looks like Paul will be doing some running yet again. Things haven’t been the smoothest now that Paul and Karine are back in America. Read on to learn what fans are saying about the whole thing.

Paul Staehle and Karine Staehle try to make a life together in the United States

Paul and Karine are trying to start a life in Kentucky, but it’s already off to a rocky start. They have a child together, Pierre, and they moved to the U.S. in hopes of having a better life together, but it’s been difficult. Paul’s mother, Edna, says they can’t stay with her. Paul and Karine try to find their own place to live with their son, and they check out some less than ideal options for Karine.

However, Paul eventually finds a studio home near the train tracks that seems to please Karine, at least at first. But Paul still doesn’t have a job, and it’s a worrying situation for her.

“I’ve been in America for a month, and I am trying to adjust to my new life here, but it is very difficult,” Karine tells the cameras. “We moved into a new house, but I’m not used to it. I thought that being in America, Paul could give us a better life. But he still hasn’t found work because of his criminal record. And I’m worried about Paul being able to provide for me and Pierre.”

Karine doesn’t like how close the house is to the train tracks. It’s loud, and she has a baby to think about, which is understandable. Even Paul admits that the whole house shakes when trains go by. But he wants her to have patience about things as they try to find their footing in America.

Karine gives Paul 2 months to find a job

Karine is concerned that Paul has yet to find a job. He thinks he takes care of everything, and that Karine isn’t being fair to him, but that doesn’t stop Karine from telling Paul what she expects.

“I’ll give you two months to find a job,” Karine says into the translator app. “Otherwise, I’ll pick up Pierre and we’ll leave for Brazil.” Paul promises to do his best, but it’s unclear when he’ll be working.

Paul has even spoken to his mother about not being able to find a job and the strain it’s putting on their relationship. “I didn’t think it would matter, but even though I was convicted with a felony for arson 10 years ago, it’s still difficult to get a job,” Paul explains.

So what’s the deal with Paul’s criminal record? According to Starcasm, Paul was convicted of second-degree arson and “Burning Personal Property To Defraud Insurer” in 2014. Paul was on probation, but not anymore as of 2017.

Here is Starcasm’s report on what happened according to the Kentucky corrections website: “The site says he is currently being supervised under shock probation, which means that he probably served a brief amount of time in jail before being released. The site also indicates that his supervision is scheduled to end in April of 2020.”

Paul runs after Karine and fans react

In a sneak peek for the upcoming episode, it looks like trouble is just getting started for Paul and Karine. “Karine, what’s gotten into you today?” Paul asks his wife outside their home.

Karine tells Paul to stop, and the next scene shows Karine walking off on her own. “I’m not sure what’s going on right now. Karine’s mad at me, or what exactly she’s angry at. I just want to figure out what I can do to make things better,” he says to the cameras.

The next clip shows Paul running off in a unique way toward Karine while saying her name. Fans have a lot of thoughts when it comes to Paul’s latest run. A fan on Reddit recently posted a screenshot of Paul running after Karine. “Paul running is TV gold. It never gets old,” the post is titled.

One fan prefers to watch Paul running over a new spinoff coming this week called Darcey and Stacey. “I would watch a full hour of Paul running rather than Darcy and Stacey crying. Just saying,” a fan wrote.

Another fan thinks the producers encourage Paul’s running on the series. “I’m completely convinced they tell him to run,” the fan said. “The second time he ran right after one of his interviews in Brazil, it seemed way too fake and forced, but still very funny.”

One user’s boyfriend has a hilarious nickname for Paul. “My boyfriend refers to him as Scampers,” a fan said.

Fans really seem to love watching Paul run. “Ah man I wanted to watch the video of him running,” a Reddit user wrote.

We’ll have to see how things play out for Paul and Karine Staehle as things progress in their relationship.

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