'90 Day Fiancé': Fans Weigh in on Larissa Dos Santos Lima's Awkward Blind Date

In the history of 90 Day Fiancé, there have been a number of memorable people included in the series and its spinoffs. One of those is definitely Larissa Dos Santos Lima. In the new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Larissa goes on a blind date and it doesn’t go well. Read on to learn what fans are saying about it.

Larissa goes on a blind date and it’s very eventful

Larissa’s friend sets her up on a blind date with a guy named Matt and she’s pleasantly surprised with the match. He even brings her a gift. Larissa likes him and finds him “sexy.” Things start out well at first. She tells him she’s Brazilian, to which he playfully replies that he’s “half white, half sexy.”

Matt asks her what her ideal relationship would be, and Larissatells him she has a problem. She says she’s “like a cat.” That’s when thingsget weird. She mentions her ex-husband, Colt. Matt has a hard time understandingwhat his name is, and they go back and forth trying to pronounce it.

Larissa even mentions her three arrests, which is a shockingturn of events on their date. “Guess what? I got arrested,” Larissa says whenshe drops the bomb. Matt tells the camera it’s “shocking” when he learns aboutthe arrests. Not surprisingly, the date doesn’t lead to a second date.

Fans weigh in on Larissa Dos Santos Lima’s awkward date

Fans didn’t hold back when it comes to this more than awkwarddate between Larissa and Matt. One fan added screenshots of Matt trying topronounce and understand what Colt’s name is. The whole situation lasted longerthan it should.

“None of us could understand Larissa for a few episodeseither, Matt. We got you,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Larissa is asked if she’s into philanthropy and fans can’t get over herreply

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A number of fans keep bringing up a question Matt asks Larissa. He asks if she’s into philanthropy and her response if golden. She plainly says, “No.” One fan commented on Matt’s question. “Bruh asked Larissa if she’s into philanthropy,” a fan recalled.

A Twitter user would love to see a Larissa spinoff, and itsafe to say many of us would as well. “I would prefer a Larissa spinoff if I amhonest,” a user wrote.

Fans don’t think the date went well at all

Numerous fans don’t think the date went well in theslightest. Larissa revealed some surprising details to someone she didn’t evenknow and it couldn’t have been more cringe-worthy. “Oh boy, Larissa bombed thatdate,” a Twitter user admits.

One fan thinks Larissa needs to work on how to talk topeople while on a date. “Larissa needs to work on her dating etiquette just ashard as she works on her appearance,” a fan said.

Larissa pronounces Colt’s name and Matt has a hard time deciphering it

A number of fans commented on the awkward name pronunciationissue when Matt couldn’t understand what Larissa was saying when she said, “Colt.”It was an awkward situation but hilarious for fans at home watching.

“When Larissa told Matt her ex-husband’s name was Colt, he was like ‘Cody? Colton? Coty?’ Then he said ‘Coat?’”

One fan thinks Larissa shouldn’t mention her arrests if shewants to have a successful date. “I think Larissa would have better luck datingif she stops talking about getting arrested 3 times. Just an idea,” a Twitteruser wrote.

Fans have a lot of thoughts about Larissa’s latest date that was more than a little awkward.

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