'90 Day Fiancé': Fans Discuss Asuelu's Concerns About Speaking to a Therapist With Kalani

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa’s marriage is struggling, and there has been a lot of drama. They’re fresh from a trip to Washington to see Asuelu’s family, and things were tense from the very beginning. Asuelu’s family requested $1,000, but Asuelu can only offer up $100. This is a problem, and when Kalani speaks with Asuelu’s mother, Lesina, and his sister, Tammy, about it, things get explosive.

When Kalani tells her husband about the fight with his family, Asuelu and Kalani end up in an argument that continues even after Asuelu leaves to go to his family’s house. On the way back home to Utah, Kalani admits to the cameras that she doesn’t want to be married anymore.

Asuelu has some concerns when it comes to speaking to a therapist with his wife, Kalani

This week, Kalani and Asuleu talk about things, and agree to go to therapy. “I think it was easy for us to avoid our issues for so long because Oliver was little, but he’s getting older,” Kalani says to Asuelu. “Kennedy’s getting older. I want them to see like a healthy relationship. I just don’t want them to see all of this craziness.”

She brings up therapy as a way to make “healthy steps” together. “I think that like we need to go to therapy so we can start making healthy steps in our relationship because this just isn’t working,” Kalani continues.

However, Asuelu has some concerns, and he wants a Samoan therapist. “I want a Samoan person. They understand where I’ve grown up, and now he live here. Like, he understand like, life here and women here.”

“So you want a male, Samoan therapist?” Kalani questions.

“Maybe it’s better,” Asuelu replies. He mentions that he wants to be able to speak his own language, and Kalani says they can get a translator.

When they manage to go to therapy, they speak with a male therapist. However, there’s a translator who is also there to help make Asuelu feel more comfortable.

Fans react to Asuelu’s concerns about speaking to a therapist

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Reddit is buzzing when it comes to Kalani and Asuleu’s conversation about going to therapy. A lot of fans seem to understand why Asuelu wants someone from his background and culture to talk things out with. A fan on Reddit recently posted saying they are “proud” of Asuelu for asking for a Samoan therapist specifically.

“I’m actually proud of Aseulu for speaking up and asking for a Samoan therapist,” the fan said.

While another fan commented saying they didn’t like Asuelu’s stipulations, they’re happy the situation made Asuelu “more comfortable.”

“…But I’m happy he was able to get a male therapist and a translator to help him feel more comfortable and be able to express himself better,” the Reddit user said.

1 fan thinks Asuelu wants someone that can ‘relate to his culture’

Another fan says they get why Asuelu is asking for these specific requests from a therapist. He wants someone who can “relate” to his background and beliefs. But they do wonder how Kalani is supposed to find someone so specific.

“Nah I understand why, he wanted someone to relate to his culture and understand where he is coming from,” a fan suggested. “But at the same time, how is Kalani supposed to magically and specifically find a male Samoan therapist?”

A fan thinks Asuelu wants someone who understands what he’s going through while trying to adapt to his life in the United States. “I think he wants someone who understands the challenges he faces in trying to adapt to living in the U.S.,” a fan said about the situation.

Fans have a lot of opinions on the subject of Asuelu and Kalani’s conversation about going to therapy. Specifically, some fans can understand why Asuelu has concerns about who he speaks with in regards to therapy with his wife.

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