'90 Day Fiance' Fans Are Cringing at David and Lana's Hugs

David and Lana from TLC’s reality show, 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, are one of the strangest couples to ever take part. For a large part of season four, viewers weren’t even sure that Lana existed. But now that we’ve seen them together, fans are concerned about some red flags, and some downright cringe-worthy issues, that they’ve noticed about the couple. Here’s what fans think of David and Lana on 90 Day Fiance.

Who are David and Lana?

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Fans of the show were shocked to learn that Lana, who had been chatting with David online for seven years, was actually a real person. Considering that David had traveled to Ukraine multiple times in an effort to meet Lana, and each time she didn’t show, fans were convinced that she was only scamming him for his money. After all, David spent more than $100,000 on the relationship before he ever met her. 

The couple met on a dating website called Victoriya Club, which requires that men pay before they can chat with the women, and explains why David had to spend so much on their relationship. It also hints at some major red flags about Lana’s intentions. 

However, in a recent episode, Lana actually showed for their arranged meeting. In an extremely awkward exchange, David can’t stop smiling, but Lana seems very unsure about the situation. However, during an interview afterward, she did say that she thought David was an attractive man, and that he was her soulmate, “sort of.”

Why fans are cringing at David and Lana

Besides the weird circumstances of their relationship, and Lana’s suspicious behavior, fans have another reason to cringe at this international couple. Their hugs are really awkward. During their initial meeting, David embraces Lana fully, while she stands stiff with both arms straight at her sides. Then to make matters even worse, he actually moans during their hug- several times. It’s weird. 

We’re not the only ones who think David and Lana’s hugs are cringe-worthy. Fans on Twitter pointed out the same thing. 

“…The way he moans when he hugs her is so creepy,” one person wrote. 

“Omg the moans! I was like wait is he…was that a….yep, he’s moaning #Creepy,” another person responded. 

Lana is 28, while David is 60. So, their relationship is already a little creepy just because of the age difference. But once fans saw their totally awkward hugs, and noticed David’s moaning, it became that much more so. 

What’s next for David and Lana?

Before David left Ukraine, he proposed to Lana, and she said yes. Viewers still had some concerns about this couple, but it looked like they might be heading toward the aisle. 

However, the tell-all episode was recently leaked online, and although it hasn’t actually aired yet, fans found out some important updates about their favorite couples, including David and Lana. **Warning: spoilers ahead**

According to Starcasm, during the leaked tell-all footage, David admits that he’s no longer with Lana. 

“Right now, I would say that we are not together,” David said. “I’m not going to say we won’t be together in the future, but right now we’re not.”

David blames stress from the show for the breakdown of their relationship. Unfortunately, we don’t get Lana’s opinion. She doesn’t actually participate in the tell-all reunion, which was filmed through an online meeting instead of in person.

According to David, Lana has been really upset by all the negative attention she received from the show, including people calling her a catfish. Fans want to see David and Lana happy because everyone deserves that. However, this couple had a lot of warning signs and weird issues (uh, moaning), so it’s not a big surprise that they didn’t make it. Although, David seems to still believe they may have a chance in the future. 

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