'90 Day Fiance': A Heartbroken David Gets Stood Up for the Fifth Time

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days season 4 star David is getting desperate to meet his online girlfriend of seven years, Lana.

Sunday’s episode had David — a 60-year-old computer programmer from Las Vegas — continuing to try to meet up with his Ukrainian girlfriend, 27-year-old Lana, despite her having ghosted him all three times he’s come to Russia to finally meet her in person. However, on his current fourth trip to Russia, David is more determined than ever to meet Lana, even after she didn’t show up at the train station to meet him and his close friends have all warned him about getting scammed. Against the advice of his friend who lives in Russia, he drove eight hours to Pavlohrad — which Lana has told him she’s from — without Lana asking him to.

Despite getting a flat tire on the rocky road to Pavlohrad in the middle of the night — and nobody in the town knowing who Lana is when he shows them her picture — David is quickly back in good spirits after Lana communicates with him online. She expresses interest in meeting up so they can start the K-1 visa process in order for her to move to America. David arranges to meet up with her at a restaurant, bringing flowers. David is so nervous about finally meeting Lana after seven years that he sweats through his shirt, and has to change in the bathroom.

However, in a heartbreaking moment, David waits two hours for Lana at the restaurant, but she never shows up. David sadly drinks the champagne he ordered for the two of them and leaves the flowers he bought for her behind. Meanwhile, his waitress notes that this is a “common” scenario she sees — a man waiting at the restaurant for a woman that never shows up.

“Nothing special,” she says. “… But a shame to waste the flowers.”

Still, David, who says he’s already spent thousands of dollars communicating with Lana, is not giving up. He decides to actually go to the address Lana had once given him when he asked for her address in order to book a cruise. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, when a nervous David knocks on the door of the apartment and someone answers.

For more on David’s 90 Day Fiance journey this season, watch the video below:

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