The A Word’s Pooky Quesnel reveals emotional real-life struggle behind ‘control freak’ Louise’s storyline – The Sun

THE A Word’s Pooky Quesnel has revealed she based her “control freak” character’s reaction to an emotional storyline on the advice of a real-life friend.

In the popular BBC drama series Pooky plays Louise, a music teacher and mum to Ralph who has Down's syndrome and is planning to marry his girlfriend. 

And the actress, 54, admitted she asked one of her expert pals how Louise might react to the news that their son wanted to wed.

She told The Yorkshire Post: “I've got a friend who's an educational psychologist, and when I first got the script and I said, ‘Ralph's going to get married’, she went, ‘Oh god, Louise won't like that.

“The parents I know, they really, really struggle letting the kids have their independence because their whole life has been defined, and their whole selves have been defined, in this carer role.’”

Pooky, who previously played Rachel Branning in EastEnders in the late 2000s, added: “All of a sudden, they've got to release the reins – and Louise is the uber-control freak.” 

Another of The A Word’s stars, Christopher Eccleston, has previously admitted no show he’s previously worked on has had as big an audience reaction as The A Word.

The 56-year-old, who portrayed the ninth incarnation of Doctor Who, plays Maurice, the grandfather of  Joe, a seven-year-old boy with autism.

The dad-of-two said: "This programme has connected me with the public like no other, because everybody seems to be touched in some way, by autism or Down's syndrome.”

Eccleston predicted that The A Word will run for many more years and track Joe’s journey through adolescence.

He said: "There's no doubt that the challenges for people living with autism deepen, I would say, as other lessons of puberty dawn.

“But I would hope that perhaps we could look at that in a few years, when Max [Vento, who plays Joe] has moved into that age group.

“Of course, by that point, Maurice, who has an existential crisis about his 60th birthday in the third series.

"God knows what we could do with Maurice as he approaches 70. I'd certainly like to do that.”

The A Word continues on Tuesday, May 26 at 9pm on BBC One.

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The real reason Nikki Blonsky stopped acting

Fans might remember Nikki Blonsky for her leading turn in the 2007 blockbuster Hairspray, in which she starred as Tracy Turnblad, a plus-size teen whose plucky personality and dance moves land her on a local dance show (plus, she got to make out with Zac Efron in the film — what a gig). 

One might assume that Blonsky went on to become a household name in the years following the success of the feel-good musical film. However, the opposite seemed to happen with the actress nabbing fewer and fewer roles and nearly slipping into obscurity – at least by Hollywood standards. So where exactly did Nikki Blonsky go? Did she quit the industry? What has she been up to since belting out “Good Morning Baltimore”? And can fans find her acting now?

Read on to get the full scoop on the actor’s life post-Hairspray. She is living proof that you really can’t stop the beat — no matter how hard the world tries to stop you.

After 'Hairspray,' Nikki Blonsky worked a couple regular jobs

In July 2011, four years after the release of Hairspray, E! News claimed that Nikki Blonsky was working at a high-end shoe boutique. While the actress asserted that the media had it wrong, tweeting, “So much false reporting! & false quotes. NO career changing! just experimented 4 a day working @ a friends boutique 2 see what it was like,” her boss told a slightly different version of events.

“She was scheduled to work two to three times a week, until this media frenzy took over,” her boss confirmed to the outlet. By December 2011, Blonsky had switched jobs and landed a gig as a makeup artist at a salon. This time, she owned the accomplishment and proudly tweeted about it. “Its true Im [email protected] Superstar Salon as a makeup artist & more Im proud 2 b workin & helpin pay bills BUT ill NEVER loose sight of my dreams,” she wrote at the time.

Nikki Blonsky didn't leave Hollywood — Hollywood 'left' her

In a 2017 interview with Out magazine, Nikki Blonsky revealed the reason fans haven’t seen much of her on the big screen (or the small screen) since her breakout role. “I did not take a conscious step out of Hollywood and so long as I’m alive, I never will. Singing and acting has been my dream since I was three,” she said, adding, “It kind of feels like the industry left me.”

Blonsky felt she got typecast as her Hairspray character, Tracy Turnblad — “[w]e were both plus size, we both come from loving families, we both want to sing, dance and live our lives, but there’s a lot more to me” — but the actor wanted to do more, explaining she wanted to work in different genres and nab more serious roles.

She explained that it stung when she seemed to be ostracized, particularly when she would see her former Hairspray co-stars — like Zac Efron, Brittany Snow, John Travolta, Christopher Walken, and more — go on to get project after project.

With the great success of the film — at the time of it’s release, it “deliver[ed] the biggest opening on record for a musical,” according to Box Office Mojo — the letdown was even harder. “It felt like they took me to the top of a mountain and gave me everything I ever wanted,” Blonsky revealed to Out. “Then after a year, they all just looked at me and said, ‘Okay, bye!’ and left me with no way to get down.”

Nikki Blonsky has still had a number of roles since 'Hairspray'

It’s important to note that Nikki Blonsky has not entirely disappeared from the industry and is still acting. Shortly after the success of Hairspray, Blonsky went on to star in a television movie called Queen Sized. In 2010, she nabbed a starring role on the now-defunct ABC Family television network’s series Huge, which was about a group of teens who are sent to a weight loss summer camp.

Since then, however, she has been cast in smaller parts. She had a two-episode arc on Smash in 2013, and voiced the character of Lady Paw Paw in the Pup Star films. At the time of this writing, her most recent film role is the character “Mrs. E” in the 2019 horror movie Ghost in the Graveyard.

In 2017, Blonsky was set to star in the Off-Broadway production Stuffed, but had to withdraw while the show was still in previews after dealing with an illness that prevented her from attending rehearsals, according to Playbill. That same year, Blonsky described her healthy outlook on the casting process to Out magazine, saying, “I love this business, but I’ve learned that if I don’t get a role or a part, I’m going to survive.” 

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The real reason Ariel’s hair is red in The Little Mermaid

Ariel’s red hair in The Little Mermaid is iconic, but did you ever wonder why her hair is that exact shade of siren? There’s actually a fascinating story behind the hair color choice. Disney’s animators originally wanted Ariel to be a blonde, but they ended up making her a redhead so she wouldn’t look too similar to the mermaid, played by Daryl Hannah, in the film Splash, which was wildly popular and came out a just few years before The Little Mermaid (per Oh My Disney).

The animators could have picked black, or brown, or even a hue more wild like purple or blue — Ariel is a mermaid after all — but they decided to make her hair red for one simple reason: the color complemented her green tail.

While the animators of the film wanted to differentiate Ariel from the mermaid in Splash, they had no reservations when it came to her sisters. Two of them, Andrina and Arista, are shown to have blonde hair in the film.

Not everyone was happy that Ariel had red hair in The Little Mermaid

While The Little Mermaid would go on to be popular, not everyone was initially thrilled about the choice to make Ariel a redhead. The Tyco Toys company, which was manufacturing Ariel dolls to coincide with the film’s release, was horrified at the decision, as the film’s co-director, Ron Clements, told CinemaBlend. “They said, ‘All of our research,’ at that time, ‘shows that redheaded dolls have never sold. They don’t sell.’ And they’re making the dolls. And we said, ‘Well, I’m sorry, but she’s going to be a redhead.'”

The company was so worried about the dolls not selling that they made the first dolls with strawberry blonde hair. They were proven wrong, though, and ended up having to remake the dolls after people demanded the redheaded version of Ariel. “Nowadays, you see that hair color, it’s not that unusual anymore,” said Clements.

It wasn’t just the toy company that objected to Ariel’s hair color. Former Disney chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg wanted Ariel to be a blonde. “I remember him saying at the time, ‘Everybody knows all mermaids are blonde,'” said Clements. “I don’t know exactly where that came from.”

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The Chase: Bradley Walsh speechless as contestant takes a swipe at his appearance

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In tonight’s instalment of The Chase, Braley Walsh was on hand to help the latest group of hopeful contestants take on the Chaser. However, the host was left speechless when the first contestant made a cheeky remark about his appearance and the “lack of sleep” he must have had when the host commented on the youthful appearance of the team. 

Today’s Chaser, Shaun Wallace was up against Clare, 41, Bill, 64, Geoff, 36 and Stephanie, 24.

First up to face the Dark Destroyer was Clare who was introduced by Bradley before kicking off her head-to-head round. 

Clare revealed she’s a stay-at-home mum to two small children and confessed she gets little sleep. 

When Clare told Bradley she has a two-year-old daughter and 10-week-old son, he gasped.

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“Crikey, that’s a proper handful,” he remarked. “How do you relax? I bet you don’t, do you?”

“No, sleep, I try to relax sleeping,” she confirmed before revealing she gets four hours sleep a night. 

“That’s my disclaimer if I do badly today,” the contestant joked. 

The contestant then joked she would spend any winnings on a night away from home. 

After earning £6,000 in her cash-builder round, Clare asked her team for advice on which offer to take from Shaun. 

Geoff quipped: “Great start, stick with six, think Shaun’s trying to play a game to up the ante but stick with six.”

Commenting on the swipe, Bradley said: “Geoff’s a canny lad, ain’t he? I’m looking forward to that Geoff versus Shaun.”

“He’s a cool customer, he’s a bit like you mate,” the host added pointing at the Chaser.

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“He’s better looking though,” the Dark Destroyer remarked.

“He’s a handsome lad,” Bradley agreed. “I said, ‘Stop giving him the makeup, you need to give it more to me, never mind them, people that are younger.’”

“Looks like you haven’t had much sleep either,” Clare cheekily remarked. 

As the team burst out laughing, a speechless Bradley didn’t look too impressed before eventually adding: “I don’t know what you mean.”


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Clare went on to beat the Chaser and make it through to the final chase before Bill followed suit and added £5,000 to the jackpot prize.

Geoff wasn’t as lucky in his cash-builder round but secured his spot in the final by adding £3,000 to the prize fund. 

The final contestant didn’t make it through but the three-contestant strong team put on an impressive performance in the final chase. 

Clare, Bill and Geoff took home a share of £14,000 after scoring 17 points and executing six out of six pushbacks.

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond boss insists spin-off will still air in 2020 despite major delays

THE Walking Dead: World Beyond's boss has insisted the spin-off will still air in 2020 despite major delays.

The AMC spin-off series was supposed to debut last month, but was pulled from schedules just days before because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now AMC's COO Ed Carroll has spoken to The Hollywood Reporter about the newest addition to the Walking Dead Universe and when fans might expect to see it on their screens.

Despite being one of the many shows delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, Ed said: "We moved The Walking Dead: World Beyond … back into [the] fourth quarter, so we are finishing post[-production] on that.”

While filming was completed before the shutdown, some visual effects and editing is still required on the show, which is the same situation for The Walking Dead's season 10 finale.

Ed added: "That will be set to go. We have a new show, which is quite a bit anticipated called Soulmates, that will be airing in the second half of the year.”

Earlier this month, Ed told investors in an earnings call according to Deadline: "You're probably aware, [we] moved Walking Dead: World Beyond back into the fourth quarter.

"We're finishing post on that, that will be set to go [before the end of the year]."

However Ed's comments could be at odds with what showrunner Matt Negrete had in mind after the postponement of the April 22 premiere.

Matt – who also co-created World Beyond – previously updated fans on the delay and said it would be short-lived.

He wrote on Instagram: "Given how each day blends into the next, 'later this year' will be here before we know it.
"Til then, let's all do what we can to stay safe and healthy look out for each other. Better days are coming."

World Beyond follows the first generation of children born after the zombie apocalypse.

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The shops, food chains and businesses open now including Ikea, McDonald’s and Dunelm

RESTAURANTS, homeware shops, and garden centres are among the businesses back open, after the coronavirus lockdown restrictions were eased.

Many are only open for takeaway services only and social distancing restrictions are in place and here we list exactly which shops have reopened.

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All non-essential shops were forced to close on March 23, after Boris Johnson brought in the lockdown to stem the spread of the virus.

Only those selling “essential” items were allowed to stay open including supermarkets, DIY shops, chemists, and post office.

In the past month some have started to reopen, after the Prime Minister unveiled a three-stage roadmap for getting the country back on its feet.

From Monday car showrooms and open air markets will return and from June 15 all other non-essential shops will follow.

They will have to follow strict guidelines, including providing hand sanitiser, regularly cleaning shops, and not allowing customers to try on clothes or make up, in a bid to stem the spread of the virus.

While charity shops, for example, will have to quarantine donated stock for 72 hours before sorting.

Here we explain which shops have now reopened and how they have changed to fit in with government guidance.

Which food restaurants and fast food chains are open?

Burger King

Burger King started with reopening 50 branches at the start ofMay for drive-thru and delivery.

It then added 70 more to the list on May 18 and has said it'll reopen all of its 500 restaurants by the end of the month.

Restaurants just open for delivery only, are using Deliveroo and Just Eat for orders, which charge a fee depending on how far away you are from the restaurant.

There is also a limited menu but classics such as the Whopper, Chicken Royale and Bacon Double Cheeseburger will still be available.

To find out if your local is open, you can check the branch finder.

Costa Coffee

For those in need of a caffeine fix, Costa Coffee has now reopened 79 branches across the UK.

It started with four cafes opening on April 24 including those in Manchester and Bristol for drive-thru and delivery and has gradually been adding to the list.

This week it is planning on opening a further 58 on Thursday bringing the total to more than 300 of its 2,700 stores.

Cafes are open for drive thru and delivery orders only. To find out if yours is open, check the store locator.

To comply with social distancing rules, the cafes are only be available for either delivery via Uber Eats or as drive-thrus.

COVID-19 secure guidelines for non-essential shops

BEFORE non-essential shops will be allowed to reopen they must ensure that:

  • Individuals are able to keep their distance from people outside of their households.
  • They're reducing the risk of transmission by limiting the number of people that individuals come into contact with.
  • Changing shift patterns to reduce the number of people in the office at one time.
  • Keeping workspaces ventilated.

Five Guys

Five Guys has opened some restaurants for click and collect and delivery orders.

It kept 13 restaurants open for delivery and click and collect orders and then opened 16 more at the end of April.

It has been slowly adding to this list and currently has 69 of its 104 restaurants open across the UK.

The chain is providing the full menu and customers can order food for click and collect via the Five Guys website, or as a home delivery order with Deliveroo.

Five Guys doesn't charge extra for click and collect orders, and there is no minimum spend. With Deliveroo, you'll need to spend a minimum of £5 and pay a delivery charge of £2.99 per order.


At the start of May Greggs starting reopening a small number of branches in the North East on a trial basis.

This gradual reopening followed several trials with staff testing social distancing while stores remained shut to customers.

The chain temporarily closed all 2,050 shops in march, even though it was allowed to stay open for takeaway orders.


The fast food chicken chain now has more than 300 branches open for delivery and drive-thru orders.

If you're ordering KFC for delivery, you can do so through Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats.

Each of these food ordering apps will have their own delivery fees, so remember to check this before completing your order.

It is running a limited menu to help keep workers safe, so not all options are available.

You can keep an eye on store updates on the KFC website.

Marks and Spencer Cafes

M&S has reopened 49 cafes for hot drinks for customers when visiting the supermarket.

It started with just five and then increased the number for takeaway hot drinks.

The cafes, which are located in M&S stores across the UK, have been selected as they're next to the foodhall.


The fast food chain reopened 39 drive-thrus on Wednesday, May 20. This includes 33 restaurants in England and six more in Dublin, Ireland.

Five branches in the UK are also open for delivery only,and several restaurants open for drive thru are also offering home delivery.

We have the full list but you can also check the branch finder to find your nearest.

Orders must be a maximum of £25 and delivery delays are to be expected as McDonald's has fewer staff to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Although the fast food chain is open, not all meals can be purchased from the menu.

McDonald's has a limited menu but many fan favourites from the Big Mac to chicken nuggets are included. It has also said McMuffins will be back on the menu soon.


From today 54 Nandos branches will reopen for takeaway and delivery orders, with 40 more to follow tomorrow.

It initially opened six branches in London and Manchester for delivery orders at the end of April.

With these restaurants, customers were only able to order via Deliveroo and not through the restaurant directly.

But now click and collect orders will be able to be placed online via for some restaurants.

Pizza Express

The high-street pizza chain is to reopen 13 restaurants in London for delivery services on Thursday.

The chain will be running a limited menu from branches, including Notting Hill, Balham and Fulham, where it is most popular.

Pret a Manger

Pret started by reopening ten branches on April 16. It then reopened a number of other restuarants across the UK, and now has 101 open.

Customers can only make takeaway or delivery orders.

And from this Tuesday, May 11, it'll reopen another 71 branches inside and outside the capital for takeaway and delivery only – taking the total number of reopened branches to 101.


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Shake Shack

Burger chain Shake Shack reopened two of its London restaurants for takeaway and delivery in April.

Customers are able to place takeaway orders in the restaurants themselves, or order food for home delivery through Deliveroo.

The company has introduced social distancing measures designed to keep staff and customers safe.

These include face masks for all employees, floor markers, contactless pick-up and delivery, and allocated pick-up zones for delivery riders.

Shake Shack is also offering delivery to SW11 postcodes in London from a Deliveroo kitchen in Battersea.


Starbucks has reopened 150 of its UK stores -for drive-thru and takeaway orders.

It hasn't revealed exactly which stores have been reopened but customers are advised to check the online store finder tool to see if their local branch is open.

It is serving a "near-complete" range of beverages including lattes, cappuccinos, iced coffees, teas and frappuccinos.

Shops allowed to stay open

ONLY a small group of retailers will be allowed to stay open, they include:

  • Supermarkets
  • Pharmacies
  • Takeaways and food deliveries
  • Health shops
  • Medical services – eg, dentists
  • Vets
  • Newsagents
  • Pet shops
  • Hardware stores
  • Retail shops in hospitals
  • Petrol stations
  • Bicycle shops
  • Laundrettes and dry cleaners
  • Undertakers
  • Banks, building societies
  • Short-term loan providers, credit unions and cash points
  • Storage and distribution centres
  • Post Offices
  • Car rental services and car parks near vital services such as supermarkets
  • Public toilets
  • Car garages and repair shops
  • Food banks and shelters

Which homeware shops are open?

Non-essential shops including homeware shops were told to close on March 23. These are separate to DIY or hardware shops, such as B&Q, Wickes, and Poundland which were deemed as essential and allowed to stay open.


Last week DFS opened three showrooms in Bolton, Leicester and Milton Keynes.

It will reopen the rest of its stores in stages from next Friday, May 29. 


Dunelm has reopened the doors of 151 shops across England and Northern Ireland.

It says stores in Wales and Scotland will remain closed in line with guidance in those countries but these shops are open for click and collect.

It's also introduced a host of safety measures for inside stores and for deliveries.

Furniture Village

Furniture Village reopened all 52 of its UK shops at the weekend.

The furniture retailer has safety measures in place in its newly reopened stores – including every customer having their temperature checked before they enter stores.

Customers are also being asked to sanitise their hands before they start shopping and there are directional markers on the floor of stores to remind people to stay two metres apart.


The Swedish chain has confirmed 19 of its stores will reopen on June 1.

All play areas and restaurants will remain closed and while customers will not be allowed to eat in store, they will be able to purchase food from the Swedish food market.

The Bistro, which operates a contact-free takeaway service, will open but safety measures will be in place.

These safety measures include two-metre distancing, screens, cashless payments only, and deeper and more frequent cleaning routines.


Matalan started welcoming back shoppers to its stores on Monday, May 18, with strict social distancing measures.

The reopened stores are located in out of town retail parks. They have large homeware departments and come with parking outside.

Matalan has around 230 branches across the UK. You can find your nearest one using its store locator tool.


All of ScS's 81 shops in England reopened at the weekend.

All reopened stores will have strict safety measures in place to keep staff and customers safe.

This includes asking shoppers to keep two metres apart, and limiting the number of customers allowed in stores at one time. 

Pubs have begun to plan for reopening, including Wetherspoons.

While some hair dressers have been opening in secret during lockdown.

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Who is in the Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins line-up? – The Sun

CELEBRITY SAS: Who Dares Wins is back and better than ever this year, pushing an array of famous faces to their limits with a plethora of challenges.

But who are the twelve celebrities who will face their fears on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins?

Helen Skelton

Helen Skelton, 36, is a TV presenter and actress.

She rose to fame hosting Blue Peter between 2008 and 2013.

Helen married English professional rugby player Richie Myler in December 2013.

The pair have two sons together.

Tony Bellew

Tony Bellew, 37, is a British former professional boxer who competed from 2007 to 2018.

He held the WBC cruiser-weight title from 2016 to 2017.

In his last-ever fight he challenged for the undisputed cruiser-weight championship.

Bellew retired soon after losing to Oleksandr Usyk in November 2019.

Yasmin Evans

Yasmin Evans is a radio host for BBC 1Xtra.

She was born in Stockport and began her radio career at the age of just 15,when she started presenting on one of Manchester’s most prominent community stations at the time.

Yasmin studied Radio BA (Hons) at the University of Salford, and was approached by the BBC to take part in their piloting scheme.

In September 2012 she was offered the chance to host the 1Xtra Weekend Breakfast show, her success on the show prompted the BBC to give Yasmin her own show in 2016, which she still presents currently.

John Fashanu

John Fashanu, 57, is a former football star.

His most notable spell was at Wimbledon FC, where he won the FA Cup in 1988 and scored over 100 goals in all competitions.

After his retirement from football, he went on to host popular television show Gladiators in the 90s.

Katie Price

Katie Price, 41, is a former glamour model and TV personality.

She has appeared on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here twice, and in Celebrity Big Brother.

Katie is mum to five children and has had three failed marriages, most notably to Peter Andre and Alex Reid.

Jack Maynard

Jack Maynard, 23, was born November 23, 1994, and is a YouTuber from Brighton.

Before his web career, he worked as a personal trainer.

Jack's older brother is the singer Conor Maynard, who had a string of hit singles and UK No1 album when he burst on to the scene in 2012.

Jack also appeared on I'm A Celebrity back in 2017, but his time was cut short when he became embroiled in a Twitter scandal.

Nikki Sanderson

Nikki Sanderson, 36, is an actress.

She is best known for her role in Coronation Street, where she played the role of Candice from 1999 to 2005.

Since then, she has also appeared in Heartbeat and Hollyoaks, which she has been in since 2o12.

Brendan Cole

Brendan Cole, 43, is a ballroom dancer.

He is most famous for appearing as a professional dancer on the BBC One show, Strictly Come Dancing.

Brendan is married to blogger Zoe Hobbs, with whom he has two children.

Lauren Steadman

Lauren Steadman, 27, is a Paralympic athlete.

She has competed in both swimming and paratriathlon.

In 2009 and 2011, she won medals at the IPC European Championships.

Lauren appeared on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing in 2018, and reached the semi-finals.

Leon 'Locksmith' Rolle

Leon Rolle, 33, is a musician and DJ.

He is best known as DJ Locksmith for popular band Rudimental.

Rolle grew up in Hackney and also has a passion for football and training.

Anthea Turner

Anthea Turner, 59, is a TV presenter.

She has hosted both Blue Peter and GMTV, in her illustrious career.

Anthea appeared on ITV's Dancing On Ice in 2013, where she finished ninth out of twelve skaters.

Who are the judges on the show?

Ant Middleton – Chief Instructor

Ant Middleton is a British former soldier, adventurer and television presenter.

He has also appeared as the captain in the reality-show Mutiny, and survival show, Escape.

In 2018, he climbed Everest for the TV show Extreme Everest with Ant Middleton.

Shockingly, Middleton was sentenced to fourteen months in prison, for assaulting two police officers in a nightclub brawl in 2013.

On the show, he will be joined by his team of directing staff, Foxy, Billy, Ollie and Jay.

Jason 'Foxy' Fox

Jason Fox, 43, is a former Special Forces Agent who was born on August 31, 1976.

He joined the cast of SAS: Who Dares Wins in 2015.

Mark 'Billy' Billingham

Mark Billingham is a decorated war hero who spent 27 years in the Army.

During his Army years he received an MBE for leading an SAS mission in Iraq to rescue a British hostage.

He also won the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery after capturing an IRA sniper by using himself as bait.

Matthew 'Ollie' Ollerton

Ollie joined the Royal Marines in 1990 aged 18, and his first tour was to Northern Ireland.

He revealed in 2019 that the scariest moment of his life was when he was mauled by a chimpanzee,  when he was ten.

Jay Morton

Jay joined SAS Who Dares Wins as a secret mole in 2020.

He tricked recruits into believing he was one of them.

Jay joined the Parachute Regiment aged 19, completing several tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. Four years later, in 2008, he joined the SAS.

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The Wanted’s Tom Parker reveals his wife Kelsey is pregnant with their second child – The Sun

THE Wanted's Tom Parker has revealed wife Kelsey is pregnant with their second child.

The couple's daughter Aurelia was only born 11 months ago, and they're now gearing up to be parents again.

Tom, 31, teased a new interview with OK! on Instagram, by writing: "Absolutely over the moon to tell you that we’re adding another little one to our family."

In a picture from their shoot, Tom cradles Kelsey's bump as she holds their little girl.

He went on to thank fans for their well wishes and revealed Kelsey thinks fans will call him a "d**k" for his lockdown shenanigans over the past eight weeks.

Their daughter was born on June 30 last year.

Taking to Twitter, the former boyband member revealed Aurelia weighed in at 7lb.

Tom and his partner got engaged in 2016 and tied the knot on July 14 2018 in a romantic ceremony in the grounds of Ridge Farm in Surrey, England, surrounded by their family and closest friends.

Tom had bandmates Max George and Jay McGuinness as his Ushers.

"It was the best day of our lives!" he told OK! magazine at the time.

Kelsey added: "I've also always wanted to get married outside so it was perfect, and there was no time limit for how long the party could go on for. I was like, we cannot have our party stopping at 12am!"

Not all of his former band mates turned up to help celebrate his big day.

Siva Kaneswaran said he couldn't make the date and Nathan Sykes ignored his email – despite the pair being invited to play the part of his ushers.

He explained: "It's weird, I emailed all the boys a few months ago and asked them to be ushers.

"As we've not all been together since 2014, I thought my wedding might have been a nice moment for it.

"Siva and Nathan said they'd like to but they didn't know what they were doing at that time.

"Then it got closer and I needed their suit sizes. Siva said no and Nathan didn't reply.

"It is what it is. We all got on in the band, but I was closer to Max and Jay.

"It was usually us three who went out and got smashed on tour. I'm happy they were there."

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Memorial Day throughout the years shows people celebrating across the country… while we’re all stuck inside this year – The Sun

PHOTOGRAPHS of Memorial Day crowds from years past show just how much life in the US has changed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Traditionally, Americans flock to beaches, gather at backyard barbecues and unfurl picnic blankets in parks.

But this year, celebrations have been marred by COVID-19.

Cases in the US continue to rise and the death toll is expected to pass 100,000 in the coming days.

It’s forced many Americans to spend Memorial Day 2020 indoors, a starkly different way to celebrate the unofficial start of summer than most are used to.

Coney Island, Brooklyn, normally packed with crowds on Memorial Day Weekend, has been an eerie site this year, with swimming, gatherings and sport not allowed on the beach, and social distancing being enforced by the NYPD.

But photos from throughout the decades show barely an inch of spare space on the sand, with groups squashed close together in and out of the water, with no need to social distance.

Seaside Heights, New Jersey, has long been a favored Memorial Day destination. Photos taken on May 26, 2019, show the boardwalk packed with revelers who didn’t have to worry about wearing a mask.

An image taken of the U.S. Naval Academy graduating class of 2001 on Memorial Day of that year shows men and women throwing up their hats at the end of the commencement exercise in Annapolis, Maryland.

Even the worst thing about Memorial Day – crowded airports and train stations as people get away for the weekend – seems novel post-coronavirus.

Images of busy Penn Station and Grand Central in New York in years past show just how different life is in the US in 2020.

But not everyone is staying inside and reminiscing about years past.

Across the US, there have been reports of overcrowded beaches, lakes and parks, as scores of Americans headed outdoors after weeks of stay at home orders.

Restaurants in Florida were full, popular hiking spots in California were shut down due to thousands of walkers hitting the trails, and influxes of beachgoers prompted officials to close a whole island in Michigan.

In Arizona, holiday travelers flooded Interstate-17, causing a 15-mile backup on the roadway used for access to some of the desert’s most beautiful canyons, the Arizona Department of Transportation said.

The department announced five new recreation area closures, thanks to the crowd.

In Detroit, Belle Isle was shut to avoid overcrowding after hordes of Americans packed parking lots.

Violence erupted on Daytona Beach in Florida, with at least six shots fired on Saturday.

More than 1.6 million people in the US have tested have tested positive for coronavirus, which has killed more than 96,000 nationwide, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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The one lesson I've learned from life: David Olusoga

The one lesson I’ve learned from life: David Olusoga says insecurity can drive your success

  • David Olusoga, 50, who lives in Bristol, presents A House Through Time on BBC2
  • Historian explained how his entire career has been shaped by insecurity 
  • He was brought up on a council estate and stopped having weekends at age 16

Historian David Olusoga OBE, 50, presents A House Through Time on BBC2. He lives with his partner and their daughter in Bristol. 

I was brought up on a council estate in Gateshead. Through university, I worked in bars and in a power station. I stopped having a two-day weekend aged 16.

I realised becoming an academic felt like never leaving school, and instead I wanted to work for the BBC and make history documentaries. I didn’t necessarily think I could do it. But it’s important to try something before you complain you weren’t given the chance.

When I did work experience in London, I slept on my sister Yinka’s sofa. That gave me just four months to get a paid media job. When I was on the brink of having to admit defeat, I got a job as a temporary researcher at BBC Radio 4, then later I became a radio producer.

David Olusoga, 50, (pictured) who lives in Bristol, revealed his career has been shaped by insecurity and the feeling that he can’t take his foot off the pedal

I think it’s impossible for anyone of my background to not feel they have a lot to prove. I still don’t feel I can take my foot off the pedal. In some ways my entire career has been shaped by insecurity, that feeling that I’m not part of that inner club with the old school ties.

When I write about the Empire or slavery or racism in Britain, I sometimes get criticised for being unpatriotic. I love this country, but a mature nation can be honest about its inglorious chapters.

For the new series of A House Through Time, we look at an 18th-century sea captain’s house in Bristol and uncover stories of piracy, slavery and doomed romance. We also talk about World War II, which makes you think about the demands made on people in wartime.

Lockdown has been oppressive, but we’re not being asked to work in a munitions factory or endure rationing.

In the 20th and 21st century, we’ve been able to imagine our futures with a fair degree of confidence that we’re going to be able to build the lives we want. Most generations have not had that level of security. They lived with the risk of war, pestilence, harvests failing.

It’s a huge shift to go from the idea that the future awaits us, to the future isn’t certain. But we’ve been able to keep in touch. My mother loves the IT revolution. If I have a problem with my computer, I phone my mum. The world as it was is not coming back. But as a historian I’m struck by how people are able to adapt.

A House Through Time starts on BBC2 on Tuesday. 

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