Agents of SHIELD bosses tease epic MCU crossover and spin-off plans

AGENTS of SHIELD bosses have teased an epic MCU crossover and spin-off plans.

The Marvel series' final season has just premiered with a dramatic time-travelling episode.

And bosses have told fans they can expect plenty of big moments, shocks and surprises in the last series, as well as teasing at a potential Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover.

When asked by Deadline if the show would "bump into more of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this final season", writer Jed Whedon teased: "We're going to bump into something."

Meanwhile showrunner Jeffrey Bell replied: "Something will definitely happen."

While their comments don't totally confirm that the series will tie into the Marvel movies, they have certainly left fans intrigued.

The men also spoke to Deadline about a potential spin-off series, especially after Disney+ confirmed SWORD – SHIELD's space-based counterpart – will appear in Marvel series WandaVision.

Rumours also abound that Disney is working on a Secret Warriors series, which SHIELD fans will know was a team devised by Chloe Bennet's character Daisy in season three.

When asked if SHIELD was "truly over", Jeph Loeb replied: "Is anything ever really over nowadays?"

Jeffrey added: "Those issues are way above our pay grade, you know, and so with the new Disney+ and with all the restructuring that Disney is doing with ABC and Marvel, those kinds of questions really are above what we have any say in."

Jeffrey previously revealed the final season is full of 'big drama and good conflict'.

In the first episode, the team travel back in time to 1931, where they face the horrifying realisation that, to save SHIELD they also need to save Hydra.

Jeffrey said: " "It creates good conflict for our characters. It’s big drama, and that’s how we landed on that."

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NYC cop stripped of gun and badge for beating bystander over social distancing

An New York City police officer who was filmed brutally beating a bystander while enforcing social distancing has been stripped of his gun and badge.

The officer, identified as Francisco Garcia, has been placed on desk duty pending an internal investigation into the clip that showed Garcia slamming 33-year-old Donni Wright to the ground before punching him and kneeling on his neck in the East Village on Saturday.

The violent altercation came moments after plainclothes police officers were seen arresting a man and woman who were talking outside a deli. Police reportedly told the couple to separate in accordance with social distancing orders, but and ‘observed a bag of alleged marijuana in plain view,’ during the confrontation.

Garcia then breaks away from his fellow officers and is seen pointing a taser at Wright before slamming him to the ground and battering him. Wright was charged with assaulting an officer, menacing, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct, although those charges have since been deferred while an investigation is conducted.

This pig got to go

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio condemned Garcia’s actions on Twitter on Sunday, writing: ‘The behavior I saw in that video is simply not acceptable.’

However, in a statement following the incident, NYPD spokesperson Mary O’Donnell said Wright ‘took a fighting stance against the officer.’ The footage appears to show Wright’s hands at his sides, although he can be seen making a fist with his right hand. Another video taken from a different angle appears to show the officer approaching Wright without any provocation, but it is unclear what ultimately led to Wright’s arrest.

Before anyone has something to say about the video I posted in defense of the cop saying that he’s doing his job or that the guy was wrong here is another angle. The officer walked up to him and before that he and his partners grabbed up a male and female for sitting on their front steps talking. No one broke the law, it was all because in their eyes, they weren’t SOCIAL DISTANCING. In the name of social distancing the @NYPD then put their hands and breath and bodies all over people, beat them up, handcuffed, arrested them and sent them to jail where social distancing is impossible. 😡😡😡 All while other people ( I’m not gonna name any COLORS but y’all already know ) gathered together outside ALL OVER NEW YORK yesterday. Please share before this video get taken down!

‘Donni wasn’t being aggressive, he was just talking. He never raised his hands or hit him. Cop just took it upon himself to start beating him. I was standing right next to him. I could hear everything,’ Daquan Owens, the witness who shot the video, told Gothamist.

Saturday’s incident comes as the NYPD deployed 1,000 officers to social distancing patrols over the weekend, which saw New Yorkers get 51 summonses for flouting the distancing orders.

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17 of the best oils to add to your skincare routine

Facial oils have a huge wealth of uses and should be part of your skincare routine.

Use them at night, in the morning, to treat dry skin, to treat acne, as an anti-aging tool – different oils have different uses.

But there will be a perfect oil to suit your needs – even if you have oily or spot-prone skin.

We took a look at some of the best oils on the market and broke it down to help you decide which oil will provide the most benefits for your skin.

The best face oil for anti-ageing

Keep those fine lines and wrinkles at bay, plump your skin for a youthful glow with these oils.

Drunk Elephant, Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil, £34

This cold-pressed oil is clinically proven to reduce the signs of ageing and offers brilliant antioxidant benefits.

The Body Shop, Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil, £16

This non-greasy serum-in-oil replenishes and recharges skin with moisture overnight to leave you looking rested and youthful.

REN Bio Retinoid Anti-Ageing Concentrate Oil, 30ml, £47

This potent blend of 100% nature-derived vitamin A, pro vitamin A and Retinoid Analogue that helps to combat the appearance of wrinkles, imperfections and age spots.

Mara, Universal Face Oil, £35

This oil is rich in fatty acids and will improve the tone and texture of the skin.

The best face oil for oily skin

Yes, you can use face oils on oily skin. Even if it feels counter-intuitive. You just have to choose the right products.

dermalogica, Retinol Clearing Oil, £69

This night oil combines retinol and salicylic acid into one skin-soothing formula that helps reduce visible signs of premature skin aging and clear breakouts.

De Mamiel, Spring Facial Oil, £80

This oil is not cheap, but it helps to boost circulation and normalise sebum in the skin.

ELEMIS Superfood Facial Oil 15ml, £45

Daikon radish in this formula easily absorbs into the skin to deeply nourish from the inside out. Skin is left feeling soft, smooth and supple.

Jurlique, Skin Balancing Face Oil 50ml, £43

This luxurious, lightweight facial treatment can be used day or night to keep skin hydrated.

The best face oil for dry skin

Feed thirsty skin with these long-lasting, hydrating oils.

Herbivore, Emerald Deep Moisture Glow Oil, £42

This concentrated blend delivers deep and intense hydration for the skin.

The Inkey List, Rosehip Oil, £6.99

This budget-friendly oil is a potent mix of essential fatty acids and vitamins to help hydrate the skin.

Trilogy, 100% Natural Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, £19.50

This powerful blend contains nutrients your skin needs to achieve and maintain optimum health including 80% essential fatty acids.

The best face oil for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin needs carefully selected products and a gentle touch.

Pai, Skincare Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, £24

This oil is sourced via supercritical extraction, which is a more expensive but gentler process than cold-pressing.

Biossance, 100% Squalane Oil, £27

This ultra-moisturising formula encourages the natural cell renewal process.

This night oil works to hydrate and soothe dull and dehydrated skin promoting a luminous, dewy and radiant glow.

The best face oils for acne

Struggle with blemishes and spots? Try these oils to help beat breakouts for good.

Uma, Deeply Clarifying Face Oil, £98

Another pricey one, but if you can afford it, this oil aims to banish blemish-causing bacteria and stop infection from spreading.

The Ordinary, 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil, £9

This silky oil helps to calm redness, hydrate dry skin, treat scars and burns, brighten skin, and regenerate damaged tissue.

DISCIPLE Skincare, Dreamy Skin Retinyl Oil, £35

This treatment helps to regenerate skin cells while you sleep, banishes bacteria and reduces inflammation.

If you have any skin heroes that you would like to share, we want to hear from you.

Get in touch: [email protected]

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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge send ' message' with school decision

Kate Middleton and Prince William would be ‘sending a message to the Government’ if they decide to keep Princess Charlotte at home while her peers in Year One return to school, royal editor claims

  •  Charlotte is in reception at Thomas’s school, Battersea, while George is in year 2
  • Under government guidelines reception, year 1 and year 6 classes are to reopen
  • Royal expert Russell Myers says decision will ‘send a message’ to government 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will ‘send a message to the Government’ if they decide to keep Princess Charlotte off school when her year group returns, a royal editor has claimed.  

Under the latest Government guidelines for a phased re-opening of schools from 1 June, Year One pupil Charlotte, five, could be expected to return to £19,000-a-year Thomas’s school in Battersea along with Year Six and Reception Classes. 

Meanwhile, George, six, in Year Two would stay at home with Kate, William and younger brother Louis, two. The family have been living at their Norfolk home, Amner Hall, during the crisis. It has not been confirmed whether Thomas’s will be reopening.  

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, royal editor Russell Myers explained Kate Middleton, 38, and Prince William, 37, are considering ‘keeping the children together’ insisting whatever they decide will have a great effect on government and parents across the country. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will ‘send a message to the Government’ if they decide to keep Princess Charlotte off school when her year group returns. Pictured: The family clapping for NHS carers in April

Under the latest Government guidelines Charlotte, five, in Year One at the £19,000 Thomas’s school in Battersea, could be expected to return along with Year Six and Reception Classes while George in Year Two would stay home

Russell said: ‘I think this is very interesting and certainly the whole country will be watching this. 

‘The issue is the different ages of the children, who have been holed up in Norfolk with their mum and dad. 

‘Essentially Princess Charlotte would have to go back to school on Monday in line with government guidelines. 

‘But the Cambridge’s are considering keeping the children together and I think a lot of parents who have been homeschooling for the last few weeks are having this conundrum. 

Appearing on This Morning, Russell Myers (pictured) told that Kate Middleton, 38, and Prince William, 37, are considering ‘keeping the children together’ 

‘So we will be watching and certainly it will send a message to the government so watch this space.’ 

The government’s decision to send children back to school has been met with criticism from trade unions, ministers and local authorities over whether is is safe to do so. 

Concerns have been echoed by The British Medical Association who warned the number of coronavirus cases was still too high to open schools safely. 

Like many parents across the country, the Cambridge’s have been homeschooling her children throughout the crisis. 

Earlier this month, Kate joked that Prince George was ‘jealous’ of his five-year-old sister’s homework and ‘would rather make spider sandwiches’.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, the mother-of-three said: ‘George gets very upset because he just wants to do all of Charlotte’s projects. Spider sandwiches are far cooler than literacy work.’

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, the mother-of-three said: ‘George gets very upset because he just wants to do all of Charlotte’s projects. Spider sandwiches are far cooler than literacy work’ 

The Duchess also previously talked about how she and Prince William had kept a strict regime while homeschooling their children George, Charlotte and Prince Louis, two. 

Speaking on the BBC last month, the couple said it was important to avoid scaring their children and making it ‘too overwhelming’, but added that home schooling was ‘fun’ and the children had been pitching tents, cooking and baking.

Kate, who sported a chic striped T-shirt as she sat next to her husband at their Norfolk home said: ‘You pitch a tent take the tent down again, cook, bake. 

‘You get to the end of the day – they have had a lovely time – but it is amazing how much you can cram into one day, that’s for sure.’ 

Ballet and a rooftop playground… what George and Charlotte are missing at Thomas’s Battersea

Thomas’s London Day Schools is a group of independent, co-educational preparatory schools in Battersea, Clapham, Fulham and Kensington.

It was founded in 1971 when actress Joanna Thomas, a mother of three, started a kindergarten in a church hall.

Thomas’s Battersea branch opened in October 1990, and the school has 540 pupils between the ages of four and 13.

Thomas’s Battersea branch (pictured) opened in October 1990, and the school has 540 pupils between the ages of four and 13

It occupies a Grade II listed building – which was once a grammar school founded in 1700 – where facilities include a rooftop playground, theatre, ballet and pottery rooms.

The most important school rule is to be kind, while other core values include courtesy, confidence and humility.

Former pupils include singer Florence Welch (of Florence & The Machine), model Cara Delevingne and her sisters, Poppy and Chloe.

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Scott Disick ‘taking care of personal issues’ after Sofia Richie split as he focuses on ‘health and mental state’ – The Sun

SCOTT Disick is "taking care of his personal issues" and focusing on his “health and mental state” following his split from girlfriend Sofia Richie.

The reality star has had a rough few months, after entering rehab and leaving days later after a privacy breach.

His relationship with Sofia was then on the rocks, with the pair deciding to "take a break" before ending things for good, after nearly three years, this week.

Now, sources close to Scott have claimed that the dad-of-three has decided “parenting his kids [is] his main priority", and that he needs to keep his focus on his health.

Speaking to In Touch, the insider added: "[Sofia] realized that Scott needed time to take care of Scott.

"She wasn’t oblivious, she knew he had demons, but he’s dealing it with them now and she’s happy about that."

The pair had been dating on and off for three years, but the coronavirus lockdown placed them in constant contact, which was "not normal for them."

Sources close to the pair revealed earlier on Wednesday that they are "not getting back together this time" after they decided to take a break after Scott's admission to rehab in early May.

The insider admitted it was 21-year-old Sofia's decision, and that Scott's "demons were getting the better of him and issues he’d brushed under the rug caught up with him during self-isolation."

Speaking to Life and Style, the source added. “He’s still trying to come to terms with his parents’ death.

In October 2013, his mother Bonnie Disick tragically passed away after a long-term illness.

Just three months later, Scott's dad Jeffery died for unknown reasons.

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Arrested mom of missing toddlers says ‘they don’t matter’ as pic shows pair walking alone on day they vanished – The Sun

A NEW picture shows two missing toddlers walking down the street alone on the day they vanished as cops fear they have come to harm.

Police are desperately searching for Miracle Crook, 3, and brohter Tony, 2, who have been missing since Friday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Their mom Donisha Willis has been arrested for child endangerment and assaulting an officer – reportedly telling cops the two toddlers "don't even matter".

She was found by officers passed out on her couch with her front door open, reports KJRH.

Police claim she became verbally abusive to cops who questioned her on the children's whereabouts.

Officers have said she has been uncooperative throughout the investigation and does not have legal custody of the children.

The new CCTV is from a security camera at The Shoreline Apartments complex where Willis lives.

It shows Tony and Miracle walking alone at 10.15am on Friday – two hours after they were previously pictured at the nearby Ryan's Mingo convenience store.

Police chief Wendall Franklin said: "We are at our wits end trying to find these children. The possibility exists that these children are harmed."

The cop added: "There's only two things that can happen here.

"These children are either on someone's couch asleep, and the people that they're with don't know that these children are missing, or these children are dead."

Chief Franklin warned the children "cannot survive alone" as he urged for anyone with information to contact them.

He added: "There’s absolutely no way they could’ve survived 24 hours out here by themselves, so we need the public to help."

Tulsa police led a massive search in and around the lake located near the Shoreline Apartments and inside the complex.

They used dive crews, helicopters and dogs to search the area.

Chief Franklin likened it to trying to find a needle in a haystack as he issued his desperate appeal.

Lieutenant John Adams said they are now searching through surveillance video for the missing children.

He said: "We haven’t called this an Amber Alert yet, because we don’t have enough to call this an abduction, we are pushing it as far as we can because we know the kids are in danger.

"Our hope is someone saw them and took them in, and just hasn’t gotten around to calling police."

Willis remains in custody and is currently the only suspect in the case – being held on a $50,000 bond.

Neighbors said she and the children were acting strange before the disappearance.

Shamon Armstrong said: "She was walking down that way in the street with her shirt on.

"She was sweating really hard and I was just kind of worried that I didn't see her kids."

Another neighbor added they saw her on Friday night and she seemed "angry and not herself".

Police are asking anyone with information to call the non-emergency number at 918-596-9222.

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Hundreds of surfers take to huge waves at Sydney's beaches

Incredible pictures and video capture surfers taking on TEN-METRE waves at Sydney’s beaches – but it doesn’t end well for some

  • A monster south swell rolled into the east coast on Friday, with giant surf conditions holding over the weekend
  • Board riders scored powerful waves with favourable winds throughout NSW in classic autumn surf conditions
  • Dangerous conditions are set to continue into Tuesday, with BOM issuing hazardous wind and swell warnings 

Daredevil surfers have been captured taking on an enormous storm swell off the coast of Sydney, with the pounding waves breaking boards and eroding beaches along Australia’s eastern seaboard.

The monster southerly swell started smashing into the east coast on Friday, with keen board riders scoring powerful waves with favourable winds throughout NSW in classic autumn surf conditions.

Wave heights peaked at ten metres on Friday, with surfers spotted towing into giant waves off Coogee’s Wedding Cake Island, while kids took to ocean pools around the city to feel the wrath of the surf.

The swell held strong through the weekend, with surfers heading to novelty breaks across the city with gale force winds making conditions not for the faint-hearted.

Board riders share a triple overhead wave at Sydney’s Bronte Beach on Saturday during a monster southerly swell that lashed Australia’s east coast over the weekend

Keen board riders scored powerful waves with favourable winds throughout NSW in classic autumn surf conditions. Pictured: a surfer swoops onto an outside set wave at Bronte on Saturday

A hazardous surf warning is still in place for the Byron Coast, Coffs Coast, Macquarie Coast, Hunter Coast, Sydney Coast, Illawarra Coast, Batemans Coast and Eden Coast on Monday after a wild weekend of waves, with heights still exceeding five metres and more swell forecast for Tuesday.

The swell has been generated by a large low pressure system parked off of NSW, with waves causing significant erosion along the coast line.

‘A deep and complex low pressure system over the Tasman Sea is bringing large southerly surf and strong winds to exposed parts of the New South Wales coastline,’ the Bureau of Meteorology said.

‘This low is expected to gradually weaken and move a little north on Tuesday before moving away to the east mid-week.

‘These conditions may produce localised damage and coastal erosion to these areas. Coastal locations exposed to a southerly swell will be most susceptible.

‘Beach conditions in these areas will be dangerous and people should stay well away from the surf and surf exposed areas.’

A surfer drops into a smooth overhead wave at Dee Why Point on Sydney’s northern beaches on Saturday as board riders scratch over the giant swell

Novice board riders have been warned not to test themselves in the powerful surf conditions, with one captured getting slammed onto sharp rocks on Sydney’s northern beaches.

The surfer with a red board was filmed making five different attempts to enter the surf, with strong swells washing him over a rock ledge.

Shocked onlookers watched as the surfer continued to try to jump off into the waves, damaging his board while sliding across the rock platform. 

Three bodyboarders prepare to enter the surf at Collaroy on Sydney’s northern beaches on Monday as the swell continued to pulse beyond the weekend

Many board riders took to novelty waves to find a secluded corner to surf in the challenging conditions. Pictured: a surfer rides a clean right-hander at Collaroy

BOM senior forecaster Jordan Notara told Daily Mail Australia prevailing southerly winds were driving the swell. 

‘The dangerous surf conditions have been driven by strong and consistent southerly winds along the NSW coast,’ Mr Notara said. 

The weather bureau issued a separate warning about damaging and powerful wind gusts.

A strong wind warning is in place for the Byron Coast, Coffs Coast, Macquarie Coast, Hunter Coast, Sydney Coast, Illawarra Coast and Batemans Coast on Tuesday.

The Bureau of Meteorology warned the hazardous winds and surf conditions will remain along the east coast until at least Tuesday.

A surfer takes on a late drop on a wedging section behind the rock pool at Dee Why Point as spectators in the pool watch on 

Some beaches on the east coast proved too challenging for board riders, leaving many incredible waves to pound the coast away from board riders during the swell

A longboarder finds a clean right-hander at Collaroy on Sydney’s northern beaches as spectators watch the surfers tackle the classic autumn conditions

The NSW Police Force Marine Area Command has advised people to stay out of the water.

Rock fishermen have been warned to avoid rock platforms while boaters intending to sail over ocean bars have been advised to delay their voyage. 

The Bureau issued repeated public warnings about hazardous surf conditions over the weekend.

‘While tempting to get a look, keep clear rock ledges and check your skill level before entering the water,’ it tweeted.

Thrill-seeking youths rush to greet the waves rushing into the South Curl Curl ocean pool in the large surf conditions on Sunday 

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CDC warns of ‘aggressive rodent behavior’ as lockdown orders lift

The post-coronavirus world could be a real rat race.

With humans all stuck inside under stay-at-home orders, rats and other rodents have become more aggressive while scavenging for food, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned in a new advisory.

Now they could be ready to unleash a wave of “aggressive rodent behavior” on an unsuspecting public as society begins to reopen.

“Community-wide closures have led to a decrease in food available to rodents, especially in dense commercial areas,” the CDC said. “Some jurisdictions have reported an increase in rodent activity as rodents search for new sources of food.”

“Environmental health and rodent control programs may see an increase in service requests related to rodents and reports of unusual or aggressive rodent behavior,” the advisory said.

The CDC urged residents and restaurant owners to seal up holes where the hangry rats could get inside and to clear up debris and garbage.

“Follow established guidelines when cleaning up after rodent infestations to prevent exposure to rodent-borne diseases,” the advisory said. “Fleas are common on rodents. In area of heavy rodent infestations, workers should consider using a repellent registered by the US Environmental Protection Agency…”

Urban rats struggled to find food during the lockdown, and in some cases even resorted to rodent cannibalism.

“They’re mammals just like you and I, and so when you’re really, really hungry, you’re not going to act the same — you’re going to act very bad, usually,” Bobby Corrigan, an urban rodentologist, told NBC News last month. “So these rats are fighting with one another, now the adults are killing the young in the nest and cannibalizing the pups.”

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The stunning transformation of Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo is one of the best-known and most loved stars on television today. Her role as Dr. Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy has turned her into an icon. Fans all over the world love the show and want to know more about the person who embodies Dr. Grey. 

Pompeo has always been very private about her personal life. As she’s reportedly said, according to TV Guide, “It’s not hard to stay out of the press if you don’t want it.” But over time, she has opened up a little bit about her career, her family, and what she wants for her future.

Pompeo rose from humble beginnings to become the star of the ultra popular show Grey’s Anatomy and one of the highest-paid female TV stars. Her net worth, according to Us Weekly, is around $85 million. But her road to stellar success was challenging, as she began her journey armed with only talent and determination.

Ellen Pompeo always wanted to act

Ellen Pompeo always wanted to act, but, as she told Allure, she was much too shy to get started in such a career. “I was very sad and introverted as a child, and I would never, ever have had the confidence or the extroverted nature to be in a school play,” she said. But one day when she was very young, an aunt and uncle In New York took her to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall in New York City (via E! News), and she became inspired: “Afterward, I stood up and said, ‘That’s what I want to be. They’re alive. That’s what I want to do.'”

While she would, of course, later find success in the world of entertainment, it wasn’t easy, and her early life didn’t make it any easier. As she told People, “Where I come from, you don’t just say, ‘Oh, I’m going to become an actor.'”

Ellen Pompeo grew up in Massachusetts

Ellen Pompeo was the youngest of six children in an Italian-Irish family, raised in the Boston suburb Everett. Pompeo was 5 years old her mother died, and she was raised by her father, relatives, and babysitters, according to an interview with Playboy (via E! News). But no matter how chaotic her childhood may have been, Pompeo remained “fiery.” As Pompeo said in an interview with Good Housekeeping, “You can’t get out of where I come from if you’re a wallflower.” 

Unfortunately, life was tough for Pompeo. “I was pathetically insecure,” she shared, describing her youth. “I didn’t have a mother to tell me how amazing I was.”

Luckily, Pompeo had a father who encouraged her to follow her dreams. To Playboy, she said her father “always told me you can do anything you want to do.” And as evidenced by her successful career, Pompeo proved him right.

Ellen Pompeo moved to New York

Ellen Pompeo left her home in Massachusetts after high school and a short time at college and headed for Miami, working there tending bar. In an interview with Playboy (via E! News), she shared, “I wouldn’t say I was a good drink maker, but I was a very good hustler.” Pompeo said she would make customers wait for their drinks until they put enough money down on the bar. If customers “put money down on the bar and it wasn’t enough,” she said, “I’d go wait on someone else who was giving me enough money.” She revealed she’d sometimes make guests wait for their drinks until she saw $20.

Soon enough, she moved to New York City, where opportunity and talent fortuitously collided. While working as a bartender at the Soho Kitchen in New York in 1995, according to the Los Angeles Times, a casting director spoke to her about being in commercials. She called the casting director the next day and was sent to audition for three commercials, getting each and every one, including L’Oreal. The L’Oreal ad, said Pompeo, “was actually really cute,” noting, “They dyed my hair red.” She added, “And then I booked like 20 more commercials after that because I had this great red hair.”

Ellen Pompeo landed a role in the movie In the Weeds

Ellen Pompeo started snagging credited small screen roles, one being on the television drama Law & Order in 1999. She also played the part of “Upset Girl” in the 2000 movie Coming Soon, which featured Ryan Reynolds and Mia Farrow, and she landed parts in Strangers with Candy and The Job. 

In 2000, she appeared as Martha in the indie film In the Weeds, acting alongside Pretty in Pink star Molly Ringwald. The film, which is about the personal and professional problems of the wait staff at a busy restaurant, got some attention. Pompeo played “the ever-eager naif,” as described Variety. Of the film, Variety shared, “[Director Michael] Rauch manages to give every member of the restaurant staff — even the busboys — a moment to shine, and his actors pay him back with nuanced, funny performances.”

Ellen Pompeo was getting noticed as an actress!

Ellen Pompeo continued finding success on the big screen

Ellen Pompeo successfully auditioned for a role in the 2002 film Moonlight Mile, playing the part of Bertie, a postal clerk who eventually connects with Jake Gyllenhaal’s character. Film critic Roger Ebert was very impressed by her in the film. Of her performance, he said in a review, “Pompeo, a newcomer, plays Bertie with a kind of scary charisma that cannot be written, only felt. …  She is so vulnerable in this movie…”

Pompeo, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, garnered serious interest from major filmmakers. She was cast in Catch Me if You Can, which starred Leonardo DiCaprio, and played flight attendant Marci. More film roles followed, including a part in the 2003 film Daredevil and the comedy Old School. Notably she also appeared on an episode of Friends. 

But, according to THR, “by 2004, her movie career had stalled and she was perilously close to broke.”

Ellen Pompeo starred in Grey's Anatomy

At first, Ellen Pompeo had no interest in being on Grey’s Anatomy. She told The Hollywood Reporter, “I was like, ‘I’m not going to be stuck on a medical show for five years.'” But at the urging of her agent, who told her not to worry since the pilot would likely not get picked up and that she should take the job just to make some money, she auditioned, according to Good Housekeeping.

Of course, the show went beyond being picked up — it became a huge hit and a favorite of many. It wasn’t long before Grey’s Anatomy beat out ER as the longest-running primetime medical drama, as reported by E! News. Interestingly, in the beginning, Pompeo was surprised at the show’s popularity. She told Allure, “When I did the pilot, I thought, ‘I can’t stand medical shows. This will never get on.'”

Ellen Pompeo got engaged

In 2006, Ellen Pompeo got engaged to record producer Chris Ivery. He proposed to Pompeo on her 37th birthday after having breakfast at their home, as reported by the Associated Press (via Today). He presented her with a beautiful engagement ring with a “3.5-carat emerald-cut diamond in a platinum setting,” according to People. The two had been dating for three years at that point, after having first built a friendship for about six months. “We were friends for six months; then one night she just looked different to me,” Ivery previously explained to the magazine.

Notably, the two had grown up in the Boston area a short distance apart from one another, though they didn’t meet until later in life. “We were six degrees our whole lives, so I feel like we were sort of meant to be,” Pompeo explained to People. “We’ll get married eventually, secretly.”  And, eventually, they did.

Ellen Pompeo got married in New York City

Ellen Pompeo married record producer Chris Ivery in New York City at City Hall, with Mayor Michael Bloomberg officiating. According to People, who cited a report from Boston Globe, Chris Ivery and Michael Bloomberg have mutual friends and both grew up in the Boston area. According to Country Living, the wedding was so private that no guests were invited and First Deputy Mayor Patricia Harris was the only witness.

On Live with Kelly and Ryan, Pompeo talked about how she and Ivery “flew out on a red-eye Thursday night,” adding, “Friday morning, woke up, went to City Hall, had the wedding really quick, and then we went to Lupa for lunch after.” The couple went to a Knicks game that weekend, as both Pompeo and Ivery are basketball fans.

Pompeo had previously shared with Los Angeles Confidential Magazine that they wanted to avoid having a big wedding because “we want one thing to ourselves” (via Today).

Ellen Pompeo started her own production company

By 2011, Ellen Pompeo started her own production company, Calamity Jane, as reported by Deadline, and she became more involved as a producer. During a 2014 panel discussion hosted by BuzzFeed, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter, she said, “I definitely don’t have a strong desire to act after Grey’s; I definitely feel myself transitioning.” She continued that she simply didn’t always want to work for others. And, as she told The Hollywood Reporter, she “enjoys” producing.

Still, Pompeo is grateful for all that acting has done for her. In BuzzFeed‘s panel discussion, she shared, “Maybe part of my personality is I feel like I have something to prove sometimes. And with acting, I don’t feel like I have anything to prove anymore…” Noting Grey’s success in other countries and the amount of fans it’s secured, she noted that she wanted to “challenge [herself].”

Ellen Pompeo appeared in a Taylor Swift music video

Ellen Pompeo plays Luna in the Taylor Swift video for “Bad Blood.” But Pompeo pointed out that she was not a member of Swift’s “squad.” As reported by Entertainment Tonight, Pompeo said on Jimmy Kimmel Live that it’s not like she and Swift are best friends. “Her people called my people and said, ‘Would you like to be in this video?’ the ABC star recalled. “And I said, ‘Oh my god, of course, how fun! Is there an old lady section? I’m down.'” Bad-ass Luna is hardly an old lady!

We wonder if Pompeo’s seen the music video, as she’s opened up to People about not liking to see herself age on TV. “To be honest, it’s the toughest part of my job,” she said. “But as uncomfortable as watching myself age is, I don’t think focusing on physical beauty is necessarily the best thing for your mind. It’s a natural thing that we all do, but I don’t think it’s the healthiest thing. … Everyone ages, and it’s okay.”

Ellen Pompeo made her directorial debut on Grey's Anatomy

According to The Hollywood Reporter, executive producer Debbie Allen was behind Ellen Pompeo directing the 2017 episode “Be Still, My Soul,” marking the actress’ directorial debut, as noted by Variety. As THR reported, Pompeo wasn’t at all keen on directing at first. “I have a new baby at home, two other adorable little kids, a husband, three dogs, four chickens and a fish,” she said, “and I told Debbie that I couldn’t possibly be here another minute than I already am.” But Pompeo eventually came around to the idea, later directing another episode, “Old Scars, Future Hearts.”

With her work on Grey’s Anatomy, Pompeo is passing the feeling of empowerment onto her daughter, who can visit the show’s set and “see fierce females in charge,” she told in The Hollywood Reporter. Pompeo added, “She loves to sit in the director’s chair with the headphones on yelling ‘Action’ and ‘Cut.’ She’s growing up in an environment where she’s completely comfortable with power. I don’t know any other environment in Hollywood where I could provide that for her.”

Ellen Pompeo has enjoyed a happy home life with her husband and kids

Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery are the parents of three children — Stella Luna, born in 2009; Sienna May, born in 2014; and Eli Christopher, born in 2016, according to Country Living. And on Pompeo’s Instagram bio, she makes clear what her role at home is: “Not a real doctor, but a really good fake one. Personal Assistant to Stella Luna, Sienna May, and Eli Christopher.” 

When Pompeo was pregnant during filming for Grey’s Anatomy in 2009, and her character, Meredith Grey, wasn’t supposed to be pregnant, she was filmed mostly from the neck up. To accommodate for her maternity leave, a storyline was written that involved her recuperating from donating part of her liver to her estranged father (via Us Weekly). 

Regarding her long-lasting marriage with Ivery, Pompeo explained that the secret to a strong marriage is acceptance. In Us Weekly’s podcast In Case You Missed Us, she shared, “Just don’t try to change people,” adding, “They are who they are, and they were fine when you married them, so don’t expect them to change.”

Ellen Pompeo is not afraid to go make-up free sometimes

As she told Into the Gloss, Ellen Pompeo usually doesn’t wear makeup when she is not working in character on the set of Grey’s Anatomy. “I get my makeup done at work, but when I’m not working I never wear makeup, unless I have to go out,” she said. “If I go out, I’ll maybe do a pop of a lip, or I just do a smoky black eye and little Physicians Formula Mascara because it’s organic.” Who needs a lot of makeup when you have a natural glow!

She further noted that she tends to avoid using products like eyeshadow and blush, and people at work help her with “an organic spray tan sometimes.” She also gets her eyelashes tinted darker, which is “a huge thing because that’s less prep time for me in the morning at work,” as she told Into the Gloss.

Ellen Pompeo signed a deal to do make $20 million a year

To The Hollywood Reporter in 2018, Ellen Pompeo spoke out about having the courage and conviction to ask for what you deserve. “I’m 48 now, so I’ve finally gotten to the place where I’m OK asking for what I deserve, which is something that comes only with age.” She noted that, while people may not find her as “relevant” anymore after being one show for a long time, it takes skill to continuously stay on top of your acting game in one role. “But the truth is, anybody can be good on a show season one and two,” she said. “Can you be good 14 years later?”

She also highlighted how men may not have any issues requesting more money for their work, but women often do. “A guy wouldn’t have any problem asking for $600,000 an episode. And as women, we’re like, “Oh, can I ask for that? Is that OK?” As it turned out, it was definitely OK.

Towards the end of 2017, she signed a deal with Grey’s Anatomy that made her one of television’s highest-paid actresses and that secured earnings of $20 million per year.

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NHS diabetes chief warns of piling on 'life changing' lockdown pounds

NHS diabetes chief warns of the danger of piling on ‘life changing’ lockdown pounds as he fears many Britons have gained weight while stuck indoors

  • Professor Jonathan Valabhji has warned of negative health effects of lockdown
  • He warned that adults were burning fewer calories with fewer daily activities
  • But added that the pandemic was an opportunity to make changes in behavior 
  • Study found that people with diabetes are twice as likely to die from coronavirus
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Britons have probably piled on the pounds while stuck indoors, the country’s top obesity and diabetes doctor warned yesterday.

Jonathan Valabhji said adults were burning fewer calories because they were not travelling to work or carrying out other daily activities.

He said the pandemic should however serve as a ‘life-changing’ trigger for changes in behaviour – especially as studies have indicated that coronavirus is more deadly for the obese.

Professor Valabhji’s research showed this week that patients with Type 2 diabetes, which is linked to obesity, were twice as likely to die than otherwise healthy individuals. His study of 24,000 patients found that nearly a third of those who died had diabetes, and that being morbidly obese further increased the risk of death.

Pictured: NHS diabetes chief, Professor Jonathan Valabhji

Professor Valabhji, who is national clinical director for diabetes and obesity at NHS England and NHS Improvement, said: ‘A lot of people have spent a lot of time sitting indoors and there is a risk people have gained weight.

‘We won’t know that [for certain] until we see people start emerging from social distancing and we start putting people on scales.

‘For someone like myself, it’s a concern, it’s a worry for me.

‘You can see the risk that people might have gained weight sitting at home limited in what exercise they can do, not going about their daily activities and going to work. Am I worried that people have gained weight during this time? Yes, it’s not unreasonable to suppose that if people are stuck indoors they may have gained weight.’

Professor Valabhji, a consultant diabetes specialist at St Mary’s Hospital in central London, said coronavirus was an opportunity to start a healthier life.

‘One would hope that simple public health messages would land and land a little more strongly. If this is an ideal time to land a public health message – which I do believe it is – it would be eating healthily, eating a little less if you’re in the obese range and losing weight. Exercise is all part of that especially at a time when we’re no longer limited to one piece of exercise a day.’

The professor said that although adults could not change the other major risk factors for coronavirus – age and ethnicity – they could influence obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

‘The important thing about weight loss is that it has to be sustainable – incorporating habits that will last,’ he added.

‘Slowly and gradually incorporating habits that one can maintain is important. If people are in the obese range, then eating a little bit less, eating more healthily and exercising a bit more are intuitive ways to go forward.’

Earlier this month NHS figures showed that 26 per cent of men and 29 per cent of women are obese, which is defined as having a Body Mass Index of more than 30. Around 4.8million Britons have diabetes – the majority Type 2 – and rates have doubled in 20 years in line with rising obesity.

These levels are significantly higher than many other Western countries, prompting speculation that they may partly explain why the UK’s coronavirus death rates are the worst in Europe. Professor Valabhji said: ‘Diabetes is an independent risk factor for passing away with Covid… whether that is contributing to higher death rates in this country compared with others, I don’t think I can answer that and similarly with obesity.’

Other health experts are concerned that adults and children have been snacking more since the lockdown and ordering more takeaways. Caroline Cerny of the Obesity Health Alliance, a coalition of 44 medical colleges, charities and campaign groups, said: ‘Several surveys have shown that we are all snacking more during lockdown and it’s likely that this will lead to weight gain.

‘This isn’t helped by food companies continuing to aggressively market their unhealthy foods to us to ensure they stay centre stage in our minds while we are a captive audience.’

Earlier this month the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, ordered health officials to trawl through the records of thousands of pandemic victims to determine whether obesity, ethnicity and gender raise the risk of death from coronavirus.

The review was commissioned after researchers at the University of Liverpool warned that obesity increased the risk of dying from the virus by 37 per cent. 


Diabetes puts people at a higher risk of developing severe COVID-19 because it makes the immune system weaker, scientists say.

The illness, which affects more than four million people in the UK, is caused by abnormal levels of sugar in the blood. For most people this takes the form of Type 2 diabetes, in which there is too much sugar in the blood.

This, researchers, say, thickens the blood and reduces its ability to carry substances around the body at speed.

Dr Hajira Dambha-Miller, a GP and specialist in diabetes, said a patient’s blood becomes ‘like treacle’ as a result of high sugar levels.

‘Physically, it’s harder for the immune system to get to the virus,’ she said. ‘The virus bugs do a lot of damage before the immune system even realises it’s there.’

Therefore, when someone is infected with the coronavirus, it may take longer for their body to respond and fight it off, and the response may be less effective when it does begin.

Their illness doesn’t make a diabetic person any more likely to catch the virus itself – that is indiscriminate – just less likely to be able to recover quickly.

Dr Dambha-Miller added: ‘When the body does kick in, it won’t work as it should do. The immune cells are damaged because they’ve been saturated in sugar for years and don’t work the way they should.’  

The American Diabetes Association says it’s not clear if COVID-19 will pose a difference in risk between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

But the risk of getting very sick from COVID-19 is likely to be lower if diabetes is well-managed no matter whether it is type 1 or type 2.

The Association explains that people who have diabetes often have other health problems, such as obesity, heart disease or high blood pressure, which in turn contribute more to their risk of dying with COVID-19.

The ADA said: ‘Having heart disease or other complications in addition to diabetes could worsen the chance of getting seriously ill from COVID-19, like other viral infections, because your body’s ability to fight off an infection is compromised.

‘Viral infections can also increase inflammation, or internal swelling, in people with diabetes. This is also caused by above-target blood sugars, and both could contribute to more severe complications.’ 

People of black African or Caribbean, or south Asian, backgrounds are more likely to develop diabetes and have also been found to be at more risk of dying if they catch the coronavirus.

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