Who Is 'Blue Bloods' Actress Sami Gayle?

Young actress Sami Gayle literally grew up in the limelight of network television. Gayle was born January 22, 1996, to Larry and Robin Klitzman in Weston, Florida. Her father works as an attorney, and her mother owns her own business and acts as her manager.

Gayle started her acting career in 2009 on the daytime soap opera, As the World Turns. She played the character, Hayden Lawson, on three episodes.

Then at just the age of 14, she landed her first big gig on CBS’ Blue Bloods. For the last decade, Gayle has portrayed the role of Nicky Reagan-Boyle and has remained a staple on the series since the show’s start in 2010.

Gayle has already achieved so much in her 24-years of life. Along with being a successful actress on network television — Blue Bloods — she now has a college degree and released her own indie film with her brother in 2018. But what’s next for this budding young actress?

Growing up on ‘Blue Bloods’

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Gayle has portrayed her Blue Bloods’ character for over a decade now. Her character, Nicky, is the granddaughter of the show’s family patriarch, Frank Reagan. 

Tom Selleck portrays the role of NYPD Police Commissioner Frank Reagan on the show. Blue Blood  fans have come to love the Reagan family. A family made up of New York City’s finest. Growing up in a family of cops, fans of the show have witnessed Nicky’s desire to pursue the family business from a very young age. 

While Nicky is a staple in the Reagan family, many fans just aren’t that fond of Nicky’s character. Along with making the liberal position look dumb, many fans also state that Nicky’s character is just an annoying know-it-all.

Of course, not all fans feel this way about the character. Some fans may have even been sad to watch when Nicky’s character announced she would be moving to San Francisco in a recent episode of Blue Bloods.

There’s been no official statement if this is the end of Nicky’s character on the show or if Sami will continue to make a recurring appearance despite the character’s move to California. Only time will tell what the future holds for Gayle.

Will Sami Gayle be pursuing a career in the film industry? 

At this time, Gayle’s future looks uncertain on Blue Bloods, but that certainly doesn’t mean her acting career is over. Along with starring in the indie film Candy Jar, written by her brother Chad Klitzman, the actress has appeared in six other films since 2011.

Her first film role was as Erica in the 2011 film, Detachment. Gayle also made appearances in the films StolenThe CongressHateship, LoveshipVampire Academy, and Noah.

Gayle was able to film her scenes for these films during breaks from Blue Bloods. Now that she has finished college and maybe leaving Blue Bloods for the foreseeable future, her film career might just pick up again. 

What’s next for Sami Gayle? 

With so much undetermined when it comes to Gayle’s character’s role in upcoming seasons of Blue Bloods, it has fans questioning what’s next for the talented actress? It is no surprise that fans who have watched Gayle grow up before their very eyes are curious about what her next move will be.

Lucky for her, she does not suffer from a lack of talent. Whether she stays on network television, pursues a film career, or chooses a new route altogether, she has already built herself a strong foundation to build upon. With a resume like hers, the opportunities awaiting Gayle are truly endless.

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What is income protection insurance and can I use it to protect my finances against coronavirus?

INSURERS are seeing a spike in people looking to buy income protection insurance to guard against the financial effects of coronavirus.

But new customers may find that policies now have exclusions which mean they will not pay out if you get Covid-19.

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As a result, several comparison sites have stopped doing comparisons for this sort of insurance – as they fear customers will not get the protection they need.

Fortunately, anyone who took a policy out before the coronavirus pandemic should still be covered.

But some 30-day limitations on cover may mean that workers who are only sick for a couple of weeks won't get a payout.

Here's everything you need to know about income protection and how it has been affected by coronavirus.

What is income protection insurance?

Income protection insurance is designed to help if your pay takes a hit, usually due to illness, accidents or redundancy.

It can cover everything from mortgages and loans to general living costs if the policyholder can’t work.

There are a few different types of cover people can buy including income protection insurance, short-term income protection, critical illness cover and sickness and accidents cover.

The idea is that if you can't work, the policy kicks in and pays a percentage of your salary or meets your bills until you can work again or the policy ends.

How coronavirus is impacting new customers who want income protection

Comparison site ActiveQuote said it has had a surge in people either looking to buy new cover or wanting to check their existing policies.

The Association of British Insurers says that most customers will still be able to get life, critical illness, or income protection insurance at this time.

Unfortunately for new customers, some insurers are bringing in exclusions which means your policy won't work for coronavirus.

  • Short term income cover

AcctiveQuote says that L&G, Trent Services and Firstcall are still accepting new customers for short-term Accident and Sickness cover.
But Firstcall has now placed restrictions for people working in the travel and leisure, retail or manufacturing industries
It said that all the other insurers it works with are not currently accepting new short term policies, but cautions that the situation is changing daily.

ActiveQuote says it has seen some income protection insurance providers change their underwriting terms for new customers meaning that coronavirus may not be covered.

Check the policy wording carefully before you take out any insurance to see what is and is not covered.

Pay particular attention to any exclusions that might relate to coronavirus.


The Money Advice Service outlines five of the benefits or restrictions of income protection cover.

  • It replaces part of your income – if you can’t work because you become ill or disabled.
  • It pays out until you can start working again – or until you retire, die or the end of the policy term – whichever is sooner.
  • There’s often a waiting period before the payments start – you generally set payments to start after your sick pay ends, or after any other insurance stops covering you. The longer you wait, the lower the monthly premiums.
  • It covers most illnesses that leave you unable to work – either in the short or long term (depending on the type of policy and its definition of incapacity).
  • You can claim as many times as you need to – while the policy lasts.
  • Long-term income protection insurance

ActiveQuote says that all the insurers it works with are still accepting new customers looking for long-term income protection insurance.

It says most insurers will consider coronavirus cover except British Friendly who will exclude on all new business cases.

Be warned that most insurance companies will not cover pre-existing conditions, so if you try to take out a policy when you already have Covid-19 symptoms, you are unlikely to be covered for the virus.

Most insurers have added specific pre-screening questions in regards to coronavirus symptoms.

If the criteria are not met, some insurers will exclude coronavirus and its symptoms, and some insurers will decline to offer you insurance.

Some insurers have also introduced other limitations such as age limits or not offering cover to people over a certain age.

Check your policy carefully to see what is covered before you sign up.

  • Unemployment and Accident Sickness and Unemployment covers

Unemployment and Accident Sickness and Unemployment (ASU) covers are no longer available.

Comparison site CompareTheMarket.com has temporarily suspended searches for unemployment cover on its website.

But it is still running searches for accident and sickness covers.

A statement on the website reads: "We’ll resume Unemployment insurance comparison as soon as we’re sure that the prices presented will meet the needs and expectations of our customers."

I already have income protection – will it pay out?

Whether your insurer will pay out depends on the terms and conditions of your policy.

The ABI has warned that most insurance will not cover you if you decide to self-isolate.

It says: "Self-isolation which is not medically advised is unlikely to be covered unless symptoms are severe and continue beyond the waiting period."

Compare The Market adds: "Most income protection policies won’t cover you for the first 30 days – and the Government is currently only recommending 14 days of self-isolation if there is coronavirus in your household."

This may also mean that cover doesn't kick in for people who actually get the virus.

As most people who get Covd-19 recover quickly, the likelihood is that your policy won't pay.

Some short-term income protection policies come into force from day one, these are more likely to cover people who are out of work due to sickness.

Anyone with an unemployment policy that was bought before the coronavirus pandemic should be able to claim if they are made redundant.

Holidaymakers rescheduling trips warned to check their travel insurance will cover rebookings.

10 ways to save money during coronavirus lockdown, including car insurance and Sky Sports refunds.

Insurers to give three month payment holidays and refunds to struggling coronavirus customers.


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Who is Omar Jimenez, the CNN reporter who was arrested on air during Minneapolis riots? – The Sun

CNN reporter Omar Jimenez was arrested early Friday morning while covering the Minneapolis riots and the George Floyd shooting.

He was handcuffed and led away while reporting live for the cable news network at about 5 am.

Who is Omar Jimenez?

The 26-year-old Jimenez is a correspondent based in Chicago, according to his CNN bio.

He started with CNN three years ago for the network's affiliate service, CNN Newsource, and covered the aftermath of the Notre Dame Cathedral fire in Paris and the Las Vegas shooting.

Jimenez previously covered the trials of the officers accused in the death of Freddie Gray while working for WBAL in Baltimore.

Why was the CNN reporter arrested?

Jimenez and colleagues Bill Kirkos and Leonel Mendez were arrested while Jimenez was on the air in Minneapolis.

It's not totally clear why they were taken into custody by the Minnesota State Patrol, but they were released within an hour.

“This is a very public apology to that team,” Gov Tim Walz said during a press conference.

The state patrol said the journalists “were released once they were confirmed to be members of the media.”

Jimenez was arrested even though he had told officers to “put us back where you want us. We are getting out of your way.”

He was holding what appeared to be a laminated ID card before he was handcuffed, and the crew members told police that they were from CNN.

“I've never seen anything like this,” said CNN New Day co-anchor John Berman.

Jimenez said he had been showing his credentials to authorities while covering the story all week.

“You don't have to doubt my story,” he said.

“It's not filtered in any way. You saw it for your own eyes.

"That gave me a little bit of comfort. But it was definitely nerve-wracking.”

The National Association of Black Journalists condemned the arrest.

“We are relieved to see Omar has been released, but we are still disturbed by the apparent violation of First Amendment rights that are the bedrock of journalism,” the organization tweeted Friday.

Why are there riots in Minneapolis?

Protesters took to the streets not long after George Floyd died in police custody on Monday.

Anger from city residents boiled over after video circulated of Officer Derek Chauvin keeping his knee on Floyd's neck.

Walz begged for calm and called the violence “an extremely dangerous situation," but many businesses were torched and a police precinct was destroyed by looters.

As a result President Trump has warned that "when the looting starts, the shooting starts."

Many people are turning to Martin Luther King Jr for guidance.

What happened to George Floyd?

Floyd died while being arrested for allegedly trying to use forged documents at a deli in Minneapolis.

He pleaded for help and complained that he could not breathe as Chauvin held him down with his knee.

Chauvin was arrested in connection with Floyd's death on Friday, and a total of four police officers were fired.

It was revealed that Floyd did not have a pulse when he was treated in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

The crew was "told by several people that the police 'had killed the man,'" according to a fire department report.


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Coronation Street is building a second pub on the set – and it’ll look exactly like the Rovers Return – The Sun

CORONATION Street bosses have been given the green light to build another Rovers Return for visitors of their popular studio tours.

They have been approved to build a second pub on their iconic set as part of their plans to improve the attraction – just weeks after cutting admission prices in a bid to boost visitors.

Fans had previously complained that the tour offered poor value for money, with the experience also beginning hundreds of yards away from the studios.

Now the set tours are being enhanced with plans to add a new visitor centre at the ITV studios.

The Sun Online can reveal that a planning application submitted for a three-storey Coronation Street Experience building on the main studio complex has just been given permission by Trafford Council.

It will include a dedicated entrance for soap fans coming to see the set, as well as a separate Corrie and ITV gift shop accessed through a replica Rovers Return frontage.

The ground floor will also house a cafe bar, with proposed opening hours from 8am to 11.30pm, and a 70-seat auditorium where studio tour introductions will take place.

An open plan exhibition space displaying sets from the soap, along with other ITV show memorabilia, will occupy part of the first floor.

It will also feature a multi-purpose projection room, the plans reveal.

The second floor will house conference facilities and a roof terrace covered with a canopy.

And rear of the building will have a changeable backdrop that can be used for Coronation Street filming.

The studios opened up for tours in 2018 after the closure of the visitor attraction at the old Quay Street set.

Guests can walk down the famous cobbles and see landmarks including the Rovers Return Inn, The Kabin and Roy's Rolls as well as the recent Victoria Street expansion, which includes new shops, a police station and the Weatherfield North tram station.

But there have not yet been any dedicated visitor facilities on the working production lot.

Tour guests currently meet their guide at The Studios at dock 10, MediaCityUK, before walking over to the site.

The 90-minute tours are available on selected weekend days between 10am and 4pm when filming is not taking place.

The admission price has gone down from £35 to £32 after complaints about value for money, and tour guides have been warned to make sure that the experience lasts the full advertised 90 minutes.

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Is Yasmeen leaving Coronation Street as she pleads guilty to attacking Geoff?

Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) has been though a terrible ordeal at the hands of her abusive husband Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew), and it isn’t over yet.

Yasmeen was pushed to the breaking point by her cruel husband’s vicious words and threats.

In harrowing scenes, as Geoff threatened her life – she eventually snapped and hit him over the head with a wine bottle before jabbing him in the neck with the pointy end.

Geoff survived, however, and how Yasmeen is facing criminal charges for the attack. Could she actually end up going to jail for fighting back?

Is Yasmeen leaving Corrie?

It’s not yet known for sure whether or not Yasmeen could end up leaving Coronation Street for good at the end of this storyline.

However the cracks have started to appear in Geoff’s false facade as a loving husband, which could be a sign that Yasmeen could finally be ready to accept that she was the victim of abuse.

Even though Yasmeen will insist that she’s going to plead guilty in court, she’ll also tell Alya that Geoff was seeing sex workers.


Tim will be shocked, Sally will be disgusted and Geoff will be unable to talk his way out of that transgression.

Indeed, Geoff’s exit has been confirmed, with actor Ian Bartholomew telling Metro.co.uk: ‘The timelines have been shunted due to the lockdown but I think it’s fair to imagine that it will be this year. What form that comeuppance is is in discussion. We wanted a redemptive ending for Yasmeen obviously and the toughest it’s going to get for her is over the next months.

‘It’s towards the end of the year but the key thing is to impart the right message. For the sake of the people it has impacted we have to tell the right ending with some positivity.’

Could this mean that Yasmeen will emerge victorious in the end?

Is there a chance she’ll still want to take her leave of the cobbles and all the horrible memories of what’s happened to her there? You’ll have to tune in to find out…

Coronation Street is next on tonight at 7:30pm on ITV.

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Share your views in the comments below.

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Lockdown is making me realise what I do for me and what I do to please others

Week 10 of lockdown and my legs look like my dad’s. Turns out I do shave them for other people after all.

My perfume, on the other hand, is empty. Not because I’ve been maniacally spraying myself to test that my sense of smell is still in order and I haven’t caught coronavirus, but because apparently, I wear perfume for me.

It’s interesting what you learn when you spend so much time alone with yourself. The things you do to please other people and the things you do to please yourself. I’m not talking about the deep, meaningful aspects of our lives, but the purely superficial.

I hate doing my hair. It never looks right and I resent any time spent making it look presentable. This is not just because I find it tedious but because of the double standards set between the sexes.

If the prime minister gets away with leading a nation with that hair-do, then why should I bother?

As an actress and broadcaster, unfortunately it comes as part of the job. Intent on saving myself as much time as possible – despite having a lot of free time – I just bought some hair off the internet. Best £30 I ever spent. Pre-styled and curled, I just clip it in and I’m ready for the Zoom call.

Making a small effort, but taking minimal time to do so, feels like a happy, time-efficient compromise.

We modern day feminists have a daily inner battle with various aspects of the women’s liberation movement. Do I wear makeup because I want to, is it because of the patriarchy? Do I shave for me, or for them?

Lockdown has been an interesting time to test those theories, and the results have been interesting.

I always thought I wore make up for other people, but after 10 weeks living alone, there have been days when I’ve put it on just for myself. So internalised is my misogyny, that I will paint my face just so that in the odd moment where I catch myself in the mirror – or the reverse side of a spoon – I don’t recoil at the reflection.

I can attribute my obedience to societal gender norms once again to internalised misogyny

Wearing nice clothes, however, is pure altruism. Not even in the depths of my self-isolating self-esteem have I thought, ‘You know what, I’ll put on a bra’, let alone a pair of jeans.

Nope. If indeed we do meet again and I’m in anything other than sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt, it’s all for you.

My body hair has been split down the middle, or across the middle to put it more accurately. My legs have not seen a razor since March, yet my arm pits are met with regular attention.

I’m a feminist but, when it was announced we were permitted to meet other people, I dug out my four-blade Gillette.

Then when the social distancing caveat was mentioned, I threw those nasty blades back into the toiletry bag. Two metres is more than enough distance for my leg hair to evade their vision.

Unless, of course, they’ve taken a recent trip to Barnard Castle.

I can attribute my obedience to societal gender norms once again to internalised misogyny, but I can also blame Spencer Thompson who, on Sports Day in 1998, pointed at me and announced to my entire primary school: ‘Nicola Thorp has hairy legs!’ The sheer trauma. Cheers, Spence.

I begged my poor mother, who refused to buy me a razor (because, you know, I was nine) to shave them for me as I sat in a swimsuit in the bathtub and sobbed.

I shall do everything in my power to make sure my future daughter need never buckle under peer pressure to remove a single follicle of her body hair, but I accept the fact that the revolution came too late for me.

On a less-aesthetic note, I’ve discovered that doing the washing up is bizarrely something I do for others. In normal life I’d be pretty efficient with it, as more often than not I’d have visitors.

In lockdown, oh how it piles up. I’m the messy student you don’t want to have in your halls, let alone your kitchen. I’ve been disgusting to the point of impressing myself with my ability to stack various crockery.

So large became my house of cards, that when the gas man popped round to fix the boiler, I had no choice but to shove my dirty saucepans in the oven. Well, I suppose I had the option to clean them, but it’s lockdown, I need something to look forward to.

In conclusion, my analysis finds that I’m content being, hairy, unfashionable with a poor rating from the Food Standards agency, as long as no one sees it.

As for the perfume? It’s mine. All mine, and it helps cover the smell coming from the kitchen.

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Pervert policeman is jailed for eight years for targeting schoolgirls

Pervert policeman who was sacked for stalking PC ex-girlfriend is jailed for eight years for grooming two girls aged 13 and 15

  • A police officer who groomed two girls for sex has been jailed for eight years
  • Stuart Bradshaw, 34, had been sacked by North Wales Police for stalking his ex
  • The force was then tipped off that he was grooming girls aged 13 and 15

A pervert policeman was jailed for eight years for grooming two schoolgirls for sex – and was caught after he was sacked from North Wales Police Force for stalking a female officer. 

Shamed Stuart Bradshaw, 34, of Hawarden, North Wales, was paid to protect the community when he targeted two girls aged 13 and 15 for ‘completely depraved’ online sex chats.

A court heard the PC used aliases with the underage girls by posing as a teenage schoolboy to persuade them into sex acts and trying to arrange meetings.

Stuart Bradshaw, 34, was sentenced to eight years in jail for grooming two girls aged 13 and 15

His grooming came to light after Bradshaw was kicked out of the North Wales Police for stalking a female police officer – and hacking into her social media accounts – in 2017.

Bradshaw developed an ‘unhealthy obsession’ with fellow officer Emma Dinning, then 28, after meeting her through a dating website.

She ended their short-lived relationship – but Bradshaw accessed her Snapchat account more than 250 times to look at photographs including in her underwear. He was sacked from the force after admitting stalking.

But his former colleagues were then tipped off that ‘creepy’ Bradshaw had been grooming the two girls before he was sacked.

Bradshaw was sacked from North Wales Police for stalking fellow officer Emma Dinning

Elen Owen, prosecuting, said one schoolgirl believed he was a schoolboy only slightly older – and she regarded him as her boyfriend.

Bradshaw had called himself Simon Jones in his chat with the first girl. He had encouraged her to carry out sexual acts.

Miss Owen said: ‘When she was still only 14, he had arranged to met her in London but the girl’s father learned of her trip and stopped her. They did eventually meet at a seaside resort in Essex when she was 16.’

The second girl received a friend request from a Justin Lambourne – also an alias of Bradshaw.

Ms Owen said the girl became aware Bradshaw had appeared in court for the stalking charge in 2017 and contacted his former police colleagues.

His electronic devices were examined to find the email address and telephone number of the first girl.

Bradshaw was then arrested. He later admitted charges of causing a child to engage in sexual activity between August 2011 and August 2014.

He also admitted similar charges against a second girl between June 2012 and June 2013. 

Jailing Bradshaw for eight years at Mold Crown Court, Judge Rhys Rowlands said: ‘It goes without saying your behaviour was completely depraved.

‘At the time you were a police officer, trusted and expected to protect the community, yet in the privacy of your home you were doing quite the opposite.

‘This was seriously depraved behaviour. Your behaviour involved repeated targeting of young girls who have quite enough on their plate without the likes of you seeking them out and pressurising them into various forms of sexual activity.’ 

The former police officer was sentenced to jail at Mold Crown Court (pictured)

Bradshaw was put under an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order and must sign the Sex Offenders Register.

The judge paid tribute to the hard-work of his former colleagues at North Wales Police after it was reported by the victims.

He was only caught after fellow police officer Miss Dinning raised the alarm – because he ‘blitzed’ her with texts saying that he would never give up on her and sent gifts including jewellery and flowers.

She sent ‘creepy’ Bradshaw a message telling him to leave her alone, but he replied that he had a photograph of her with her new partner.

Miss Dinning later reported Bradshaw, who threatened to harm himself, to the police.

Bradshaw was spared jail after he admitted stalking Miss Dinning – and handed a 12-week suspended sentence at Flintshire magistrates.

He was also banned from contacting Miss Dinning for five years.

Miss Dinning, who works for West Midlands Police, said she had let Bradshaw into her life for a short time after meeting him on the dating website Plenty of Fish.

She added: ‘I have a new life, I have moved on. But I feel that he is lurking in the background and is still haunting me.’

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Netflix: Is the World's Largest Streaming Service on Its Last Legs?

Streaming was already taking over before the coronavirus pandemic led movie theaters to close. But circumstances have certainly accelerated the streaming wars. The introduction of HBO Max might be the latest contender. But more streaming services are emerging all the time. And in the midst of it all, one huge question remains: how long until Netflix falls?

Most of its biggest hit shows are winding down

Years ago, Netflix changed the game by adding a streaming option to its DVD-by-mail business model. At the time, no one was doing anything like that. And the few companies that tried — namely, Blockbuster — failed to gain traction. But bit by bit, the competition has increased.

Netflix has stayed relevant by flooding the market with original content. Shows like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black put Netflix on the map. But with the exception of a few shows, such as Stranger Things, the streaming service’s biggest hits are behind it.

Arguably, Netflix is doing itself a disservice by producing so much original content. Barely a week or two goes by until viewers have forgotten about the latest movie or show. That might not be the best way to cultivate long-term viewership. Plus, there’s the financial aspect to consider…

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Netflix is spending too much on original content

Netflix spent a reported $159 million to produce The Irishman. Martin Scorsese’s 209-minute crime drama then became a major awards contender. But it’s also indicative of Netflix’s shifting priorities. Once upon a time, the company relied on licensed content to gain an audience.

In its early days, the streaming service offered fewer popular movies and shows. But now Netflix is heading down a similar trajectory for a very different reason. More studios are holding onto their content for their own streaming platforms. And as a result, Netflix is moving in a new direction.

Netflix aims to move away from being a hub of other companies’ content. Instead, the streaming service looks to become a movie and TV studio unto itself. But it could be investing too heavily in original productions. For every Irishman, there is a ton of Netflix projects that get completely lost in the shuffle. And the streaming service risks spreading itself too thin.

RELATED: A Crazy Amount of People Have Signed Up for Disney+ But Will Its Success Mean the End of Netflix?

HBO Max and Disney+ have deeper content libraries

Over the past few years, Netflix has developed a loyal subscriber base. But it’s brand recognition still pales in comparison to its competition. In particular, Disney+ and HBO Max are tapping into established brands. Moreover, they’re building out with rich content libraries.

After all, the two streaming services boast the respective owners of Disney and Warner Bros. Netflix attempts to carve a niche for itself. But Disney+ and HBO Max already have several built-in audiences they can draw from. Aside from their titular brands, the platforms offer Star Wars, Marvel, Studio Ghibli, and other content.

Other streaming services are owned by big studios. As such, they can offer the one thing Netflix can’t: stability. Far too often, subscribers are seeing their favorite movies or shows suddenly vanish from the service. Netflix is focused on its own content. But how long until consumers decide it’s not worth the investment? The tipping point might be drawing near.

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Costco Is Selling Individual Apple Pies, Perfect for Your Social Distancing Picnic

Little known fact: Costco’s bakery section is severely underrated. From perfectly buttery croissants to chocolate chip cookies that rival even the best homemade recipes, the bakers at Costco definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to making delicious desserts. The latest proof of this fact comes in the form of handheld apple pies, yes, just like those ones you love from McDonald’s.

Costco Instagram fan account @CostcoHotFinds alerted the world to this delicious news last week when they posted a picture of the hand pies that are officially called Braided Apple Strudel. The fan account suggests heating them up and scooping some vanilla ice cream and caramel on top and we wholeheartedly agree with this method. We also have another delicious way to use these elevated McDonald’s apple pies: a socially distant picnic.

We’ve been stuck inside for months and with the warm weather rolling in, we’re ready to get outside and see our friends — while wearing masks and remaining six feet apart of course. A socially distant picnic is a great way to get together while still staying a safe distance apart and these yummy pies make the perfect picnic dessert. Because everyone gets their own individual pie, there will be no sharing and everyone will be able to stay nice and spread out while you all enjoy each other’s company.

The best part about these pies is the super affordable price. You can snag eight pies for just $7.99! That’s a dollar per pie, folks! We aren’t sure if these are available in every Costco store or just select stores but we’ll definitely be checking the bakery section for them during our next Costco haul.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

Our mission at SheKnows is to empower and inspire women, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale and the retailer may receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes. 

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Kate Middleton is styling herself during lockdown thanks to custom-made wardrobe organised into 'seasons' & 'occasions'

KATE Middleton’s schedule may be busier than ever in lockdown – with three kids to look after, two to homeschool and endless royal duties to uphold – but one thing that’s never wavered is her effortlessly stylish wardrobe. 

Whether she’s playing bingo with a Welsh care home or chatting to Holly and Phil on This Morning, the Duchess of Cambridge continues to look effortlessly chic and she’s doing it all herself! 

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“Kate’s wardrobe at Amner is incredible,” a royal insider tells Fabulous. 

“She has a state of the art, well-lit, custom-made walk-in closet which they had installed back in 2015 when they did all the renovations.

“Her clothes are organised by 'seasons' and 'occasions' and carefully hung in see-through covers and on soft padded hangers when they’ve been cleaned and pressed.” 

Prior to lockdown, Kate would normally have a team of stylists to help her out for royal events including fashion coordinators Natasha Archer and Virginia Chadwyck-Healy, make-up artist Arabella Preston and hairdressers Richard Ward and Amanda Cook Tucker. 

Now though, she’s going with her own intuition and tips she’s picked up along the way. 

“Her Amner wardrobe is as pristine as the one they use at Kensington Palace,” the source adds. 

“Easily identifiable labels indicate what ‘occasion’ the clothes are for such as ‘Royal engagement,’ ‘Church, ‘Sport’ etc. and records are kept by her assistant and stylist as to exactly what Kate wore to what event and every accessory is photographed and logged too.” 

Kate and William, like the majority of the nation, have been following government guidelines and taking lockdown seriously.While their staff may have been stripped back, the pair aren’t afraid to muck in and make life work.

“Kate has not and would never put her stylist or any of her staff in an embarrassing position of locating a favourite piece of clothing during the lockdown pandemic despite all her Zoom calls and charity videos. She has made do with the clothes she has in her Anmer closet,” the insider says. 

At a time where supporting the UK has never felt more important, Kate, 38, has been championing British designers wearing the likes of Beulah London, Tabitha Webb, LK Bennett and recycling some of her old wardrobe too. 

Keen-eyed Royal fashion enthusiasts have also spotted she’s worn every colour of the rainbow, a symbol of hope and compassion that has been applied to the NHS in support of key workers on the frontline of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. 

KATE HAS LITERALLY WORN A RAINBOW 🌈 Our duchess of impact has quite literally used her lockdown wardrobe to send a message, and WE ARE HERE FOR IT 👏🏼

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Instagram account @cambridgemums recently pointed out the new theory with a collage of the Duchess and the caption, "KATE HAS LITERALLY WORN A RAINBOW 🌈 Our duchess of impact has quite literally used her lockdown wardrobe to send a message, and WE ARE HERE FOR IT 👏🏼".

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