Snowpiercer season 2 release date, cast, trailer, plot: When is Snowpiercer series 2 out?

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Snowpiercer is a dystopian drama series which is based on the film of the same name and a French graphic novel series. The show landed on Netflix on May 25, with fans in the US already having had the chance to watch the episodes on TNT. has everything you need to know about the release date, cast, trailer and plot for season 2.

When is Snowpiercer season 2 out?

Snowpiercer season two is definitely on the cards as the producers had already started making headway on the new season before the coronavirus pandemic put an end to production.

Season two is already in the works but there is no indication of when the new series will air just yet.

The new season is likely to air on TNT in America first, with fans in the UK and around the rest of the world able to watch it on Netflix at a later date.

With the coronavirus pandemic still having an impact on production, fans may have to wait a little longer than expected.

The best-case scenario will see season two landing on screens in May 2021, but will update this story when more information comes to light.


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Who is in the cast of Snowpiercer season 2?

Sakina Jaffrey is looking likely to reprise her role as Mrs Headwood in the new season, as is her on-screen husband Damian Young as Mr Headwood.

The scientists make up two of the main characters in the series, and they are very narrow-minded when it comes to their priorities on the train.

Sean Bean will star in season two as a recurring character, but not much is known about his role at the moment.

The star is known for his roles in Medici, Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings and playing the character of Captain Richard Sharpe.

There has been no mention of whether main characters Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly) and Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) will return for another season.

Is there a trailer for Snowpiercer season 2?

Sadly as no release date has been given for the second season, fans will have to wait a bit longer for the trailer.

Netflix usually drops trailers the month before the new season is due to air, so fans may have to wait until next summer.

Fans may even get to see what life is like outside of the huge train, called Snowpiercer, as Annalise Basso who plays L.J. Folger hinted.

She told Radio Times: “I hope one day we’ll be able to take viewers off of the train. And I don’t know if that will happen and what the budget for that would be like, but maybe we could go to Iceland or Greenland or somewhere like that to film the exterior shots, who knows.”

Fans can still view the trailer for the first season which shows Melanie Cavill making one of her daily announcements over the PA system.

Viewers catch a glimpse of the class conflict and power struggles which take place throughout the series.

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What will happen in Snowpiercer season 2?

Snowpiercer is based on the film of the same name which was released in 2013, and French graphic novels from 1982, so there is plenty of source material to work with.

With most of season two already filmed, Basso said there were so many different stories to tell about the passengers on the train.

A new season could focus on an entirely different class of passengers and their struggles to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

There is likely to be plenty more disputes between the different classes and some could end in a brutal way.

Brett Weitz, general manager for TBS and TNT told Deadline: “We believe in the longevity of this series and that audiences will be amazed by the fantastical world that brings to life such relevant social, political and environmental issues.”


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Fans have already taken to Twitter to call for a second season, with one fan saying: “As someone who has watched S1, those 10 episodes were amazing. So glad it’s already renewed for a S2.”

Viewers in the UK and elsewhere outside of America have already been able to watch the first two episodes of the first season, with the remaining eight episodes airing weekly.

Another fan said on Twitter: “The good news is #Snowpiercer had already been renewed for season 2. Bad news is I need to wait until next Sunday for the next episode.”

The series is set in 2021 when the world has become a frozen wasteland, and the Snowpiercer carries the remaining survivors around the globe.

The 1,001-carriage train is the new home of the groups from all kinds of backgrounds, but the must learn to co-exist if they are to carry on surviving.

Snowpiercer is available to watch on Netflix now

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Narcos Mexico cast: Who is Gerardo Taracena? Meet the Pablo Acosta star

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Narcos: Mexico is a spin-off series to the original Narcos on Netflix, which follows the rise and fall of the notorious Pablo Escobar (played by Wagner Moura). The spin-off is set following on from the events of Escobar’s drug cartel, and it focuses on the Guadalajara Cartel lead by Félix Gallardo (Diego Luna). One of the characters in the series is Pablo Acosta, and he is played by Mexican actor Gerardo Taracena.

Who is Gerardo Taracena?

Gerardo Taracena is a Mexican actor in his late 40s, who has worked in film and theatre, and he is also a dancer.

He has taken on roles in films such as The Violin, Sin Nombre, Saving Private Perez and A World for Raúl.

Taracena has also taken on main and recurring roles in TV series including El Pantera, Los simuladores, Perseguidos and the popular Netflix series, Queen of the South.

He first took on the role of Pablo Acosta in Narcos: Mexico back in 2018 and starred in a total of 11 episodes.


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Taracena studied Dramatic Art at a university in Mexico and in 1992 he took part in the Integro dance group.

He took part in a number of theatre and dance festivals with the group until 1996, featuring in his first film in 2001.

The dancer has taken part in festivals across the whole of Latin America and he has featured in more than 30 theatrical shows.

He was enrolled in the theatre group called Theater Myth, before focusing on his film and TV work in both Mexico and the US.

His character in Narcos: Mexico was based on the real life Pablo Acosta Villarreal, also known as El Zorro de Ojinaga.

He was a Mexican drug smuggler who worked with Colombians and he was the business partner of Amado Carrillo Fuentes (José María Yazpik).

The real Pablo Acosta was born in Chihuahua and this is where he set up his operation base for drug smuggling.

He was killed at the age of 50 in 1987, during a raid across the border into the village of Santa Elena, Chihuahua.

Investigative journalist Terrance Poppa wrote a book called Drug Lord which documented the acts of Pablo Acosta from direct interviews.

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Taracena is first seen as Pablo Acosta in the first season of Narcos Mexico, in the episode titled The Plaza System.

His last appearance is in the episode called Truth and Reconciliation, which is part of the second series.

Acosta started speaking to the American press about how Félix Gallardo was leading the cartel, as he was not a fan of his leadership methods.

He was persuaded by his girlfriend, Mimi Webb Miller (Sosie Bacon), to speak to the press about the extent of political support for the cartel.

Félix Gallardo was angered by his actions and it put Acosta in great danger, with DEA agent Walt Breslin (Scoot McNairy) offering to protect him.


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Breslin had made efforts to put Acosta under a witness protection program in America, but Acosta was killed during the joint raid between the FBI and Mexican Federal Police.

Fans of the actor have praised him on Twitter for his portrayal of the real-life drug lord, saying his Ojinaga accent was spot on.

Another fan said: “Narcos Mexico S2 is definitely off the chain…one of the best in the series. A lot of jaw dropping moments.

“The best part is the subplot/dynamic between Amado Carrillo Fuentes and Pablo Acosta, along with Pablo and Mimi’s relationship. Some great storytelling there.”

He has been named as one of the fan-favourite characters, with viewers saying they preferred season two due to his character.

Narcos: Mexico is available to watch on Netflix now

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‘It’s difficult for Zara’ Mike Tindall reveals wife’s struggles as he homeschools Mia

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Zara Tindall’s husband joined the hosts of Good Morning Britain to reveal what they have been up to during the lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus and what he thinks about sending his six-year-old daughter to school. Hosts Ben and Charlotte were particularly keen to find out who had been stepping up as teacher to homeschool Mia.

Ben asked: “And how about homeschooling Mike? I’m assuming you let Zara do most of the hard yards.”

“Well, it’s difficult for Zara at the moment because she doesn’t really know what is happening around her sporting events and equestrian coming back,” Mike began.

“They are hoping they can get some events put in at the end of the year but you just don’t know.

“I think Burley was cancelled the other day so it makes it very difficult.


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“But she’s got to keep the horses in condition so she’s still working most of the day so that allows me to fall on the homeschooling.

“Zara picks stuff up in the afternoon and then I’ve got the morning shift.”

Charlotte jumped in to ask: “So how are you finding that then? I have a five-year-old and Mia is six, isn’t she, and they can be quite challenging at that age.”

“Yeah, the first week to be fair was brilliant,” Mike revealed.

“The first week and a half because it’s a different environment, she was excited to be at home but then once that affect has worn off and it’s just her dad teaching her, you know, yeah whatever.

“She knows that she can just walk outside or turn the TV on in the other room so yeah, it comes with its challenges.

“She’s been pretty good to be fair.”

Speaking of how young daughter Mia feels about returning to school, Mike revealed: “She has heard the talk about going back to school and suddenly she’s excited, thinking she’s walking back into the environment she left.

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“It’s obviously not going to be that way. She’s so excited to get back.

“Depending on what the government do, I see they’re still keen to re-open on June 1 and if they do, then Mia will go back.”

Asked if he was nervous about her returning to classes, Mike explained: “I’m more looking forward.

“We have to steer our way out of this. And you look at the rate – I understand regions are different – but the South West is very low.


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“I’m not too worried about it. Obviously, we’re still following government guidelines and the school has been brilliant in getting prepared for the children to go back.

“So, you sort of put your trust in that. Ultimately, we have to move forward and getting those cogs moving – and this is one part of it.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am.

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Piers Morgan replaced on GMB after host announced break from ITV show

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Last week, Piers Morgan announced he would be taking time out from his role as presenter on Good Morning Britain. The ITV host regularly takes holidays at half-term, the Easter holidays and over summer. Piers has been at the helm of GMB for most of this year reporting on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic but today Ben Shephard took over as presenter.

Ben was joined by co-host Charlotte Hawkins as the pair discussed the latest headlines and news from the bank holiday weekend.

The pair have presented the Friday Good Morning Britain several times over the past few weeks.

Most recently, Ben gave an update on his co-star Kate Garraway, who’s husband Derek is currently battling coronavirus.

Ahead of today’s programme, Charlotte told her 220,600 Twitter followers: “Wonder what we’ll be talking about tomorrow on

@GMB…? I’m on with @benshephard from 6-9am, see you then!


  • Piers Morgan gives Boris TERRIFYING ultimatum – ‘Sack Cummings or else

Unsurprisingly, the topic of conversation this morning was Dominic Cummings, who was reported to have breached lockdown rules by travelling from London to Durham.

There have been calls for the politician to be sacked however Prime Minister Boris Johnson has defended him, insisting he had “no alternative” but to travel “when both he and his wife were about to be incapacitated by coronavirus”.

Good Morning Britain viewers were quick to call for Piers to return to the breakfast show to hold the politician to account.

One viewer begged: “Piers get on #GMB this week, your country needs you.”

Another added: “Christ, this pair are lame. What a day to be lumbered with them. #GMB.”

“I never thought I’d ever say this but this is one of the days I would have loved to see Piers Morgan on GMB #gmb,” a third posted.

Someone else shared: “Never thought I’d say this, but I’m really missing @piersmorgan on the telly this morning! Roll on next week when he’s back to take on the world! #gmb #PiersMorgan.”

“If ever there was a day when @piersmorgan should be on it is today #GMB.” a fifth continued.

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However, some viewers were thrilled to see a switch up of presenters, as one wrote: “What an absolute delight waking up putting @GMB and seeing @benshephard rather than @piersmorgan! Today’s ganna be a goooooood day #GMB #goodmorningbritain #PiersMorgan #piers.”

A second posted: “At last @RichardAArnold is back! No piers…@benshephard and @CharlotteHawkns are on this week is going to be lovely.#GMB.”

Piers told viewers last Wednesday: “We’re having this extraordinary thing where Susanna, Hilary and I, we’re going to have a week off.”

Susanna laughed: “What? Have we been allowed out?”

“We’ll have half-term off next week, even though, of course, there is no half term,” Piers continued.


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The next day, Piers hinted he may not return to GMB after his break away.

Opening GMB on Thursday, he said: “It’s 6.01am on Thursday, our last day…”

“Well, not ever,” Susanna interjected before Piers hit back: “You never know do you? These days.”

“We’ve got a little bit of leave coming up,” Susanna continued before her co-host noted their usual time off was going to be “weird” this time around.

“It’s weird to have half-term off when there’s no actual half term. We’re sort of having half term off from this,” Piers added.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV at 6am.

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I May Destroy You HBO release date, cast, trailer, plot: When is the series out?

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I May Destroy You is a hard-hitting new series which tackles difficult topics like sexual exploitation. The Michaela Coel series is very different to her previous hit comedy Chewing Gum, which was released in 2015. has everything you need to know about the release date, cast, trailer and plot for I May Destroy You on the BBC and HBO.

When is I May Destroy You out?

This new topical series will air on HBO in America on Sunday, June 7, at 10.30pm, so Coel fans have some time to get to know the series.

The show will also make its debut in the UK the following day, and will be airing on BBC One on Monday, June 8, at 10.45pm.

In the UK the second episode will air on Tuesday, June 9, at the same time. The remaining episodes will air weekly on Mondays and Tuesdays.

After the episodes have aired they will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer, and US fans can watch them on HBO online.


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Who is in the cast of I May Destroy You?

Coel, who created the series, will be taking on the lead role of Arabella – a care-free Londoner who has her drink spiked on a night out.

She has plenty to be thankful for, including great friends, a boyfriend living in Italy and a successful writing career.

But following the incident after her drink was spiked she finds herself having to re-evaluate all elements of her life.

Weuche Opia will star as Terry Pratchard, Arabella’s best friend who loves to act and has an erratic love life.

Paapa Essiedu, who recently starred in the critically acclaimed Gangs of London, plays dancer and gym teacher Kwame Acheamong.

Is there a trailer for I May Destroy You?

HBO has released a preview for the new series which shows Arabella drinking and dancing on a night out with friends.

She ends up losing her phone and has a mysterious gash on her forehead, and has to retrace her steps to discover what happened to her.

The trailer does not hint at any themes of sexual assault, but it seems clear there is more to her life of partying than viewers can see.

Fans who have watched the trailer have said they may need to prepare themselves for the hard-hitting content which deals with real life social issues.

The series has been described as “fearless, frank and provocative” and it explores contemporary relationships.

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What happens in I May Destroy You?

Arabella Essiuedu is a care-free soul who acts as the voice of her generation, and the writer has just been granted a book commission.

The official HBO synopsis says she is “sexually assaulted in a nightclub” and the events of that night force her to rethink her career, friends and even family.

Arabella is tasked with coming to terms with what happened on that night, and as she tries to unravel the truth it takes her on a journey of self-discovery.

BBC2 controller Patrick Holland has said the drama “promises fearless, provocative and gripping storytelling exploring one of the defining issues of our times”.

Set in the UK capital where sexual gratification comes easily, the new series will explore the good and bad elements of modern relationships.


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The powerful new series has already caught the attention of fans of Coel’s previous hit series, Chewing Gum.

They have taken to Twitter to share their excitement over the upcoming debut season, with one fan saying: “The trailer is amazing, can’t wait.”

Another fan said: “It’s going to get real, the trailer looks superb, can’t wait.”

Coel is an actress, screenwriter, singer and playwright who won her first BAFTA in 2016 for Best Female Performance in a Comedy Programme and Breakthrough Talent for her series Chewing Gum.

She was a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, and she also starred in Black Earth Rising and the film Been So Long.

I May Destroy You airs on HBO on June 7 and BBC One on June 8

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Jane McDonald husband: Has Jane McDonald split with her husband?

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Jane McDonald, 57, tonight heads to the Caribbean on her travel series Jane McDonald: Cruising the Caribbean which takes place on a luxury cruise. In her latest series, Jane comes full circle as she heads back to filming on a cruise where she saw her initial rise to fame on the BBC show The Cruise.

Since the success on The Cruise, Jane has presented on a number of daytime shows, including Loose Women and Star Treatment.

While she is known for her TV appearances, she is also known for her music.

In 2010, Jane left Loose Women to take at least a year’s break to concentrate on her music career and embark on a tour of Australia and New Zealand.

She then went on to tour the UK in 2011 before permanently leaving the Loose Women series in January 2014 to focus on her music career full time.

Jane McDonald: Cruise star opens up about fiancé Eddie Rothe


  • Jane McDonald’s Twitter account deletes cruise post amid coronavirus

Is Jane McDonald married?

Over the years, Jane has been married twice.

Jane’s first husband was a man called Paul. However, the couple were only married for a year and split in 1987.

Her second marriage was to Danish Henrik Brixen in 1998, but the two ended up going their separate ways four years later in 2002.

Initially, Jane kept her split with Henrik secret.

But Jane revealed all in an exclusive extract of her autobiography published to the Mirror last year.

In the chapter, Jane said: “BOOM! Everything went from under me. I’d lost my manager, my husband, all my money, my self-respect and my work.

“I’d gone from being at the very top to nobody wanting me any more. I felt my life was in the gutter – so it was sink or swim.

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  • Jane McDonald breaks silence as her TV replacement is announced

“I started working in London’s West End and going out to clubs with youngsters from the cast.

“I grew my hair, lost weight and got my tiny hips back. The divorce diet worked for me, but I didn’t tell anyone that Henrik had left.

“Millions of people had bought into my fairytale – now the dream was shattered, and I was terrified of disappointing them.

“But in 2003 the news came out, and Loose Women asked me on to talk about the break-up.

“They showed a clip of our wedding – me, madly in love, with a gorgeous man by my side and a soaring career ahead of me.”

Jane later went on to rekindle a romance with her now partner Eddie Rothe.

Jane said: “We’d first met in the 80s when I was waitressing at a Wakefield nightclub.

“Disco group, Liquid Gold were playing. The drummer, Wal, asked if we could have a drink. He was tall, blond and built like a god. We hit it off and started going out.”

However, Jane explains the two broke things off, not wanting to hold each other back.

The pair went on to get engaged in 2008 as they spent Christmas together.

In her autobiography, Jane recalls Eddie’s proposal. Jane writes: “Suddenly, Ed cleared his throat and put his hand in his pocket.”

“‘Jane, you are definitely the one for me, and I should have done this 26 years ago,’ he said. ‘Will you marry me?'”

She added: “I was so overwhelmed that I started crying. Then Ed started crying!

“People around us were mortified – thinking we’d split up.

“‘No, no, he’s just asked me to marry him!’ I said, laughing through the tears.”

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Britain’s Got Talent fans furious as they ‘rumble’ teen’s magic egg trick ‘Clearly see!’

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Britain’s Got Talent fans were treated to another set of auditions this evening as the hit ITV competition show continues. Judges Simon Cowell, 60, Amanda Holden, 49, Alesha Dixon, 41, and David Walliams, 48, were on hand to oversee the performances and decided which contestants would be going through to the next round. One of the first acts to take to the stage this evening was 14-year-old magician Jasper Cherry who wanted to provide something different to just the same old card trick. However, some viewers watching at home were left rather unimpressed as they believed they still “rumbled” the trick.

Jasper used an uncracked egg to make a series of handkerchiefs appear from a hole which seemed to have been carved into the shell.

After blowing the panel’s mind, the youngster had one last trick up his sleeve as he removed the opening from what seemed to be the same egg, making it seem it had been a sticker.

To prove this was the real deal, the contestant then cracked the egg into a glass with the white and yolk clearly visible.

The trick earned him a standing ovation from the audience but some viewers weren’t convinced as they took to social media to comment on how they thought the act had been performed.

One unimpressed fan wrote on Twitter: “Clearly saw the 14 year old swap the eggs around #BGT.”

Another commented on the micro-blogging site: “You can see he very clearly swapped the eggs. Not impressive.”


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Game of Thrones theories: Tywin Lannister knew about Gendry Baratheon all along

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Game of Thrones teased a number of unexpected plot threads over all eight seasons. Season one of the HBO show introduced the idea of Gendry (played by Joe Dempsie) being Robert Baratheon’s Mark Addy) true heir when Ned Stark (Sean Bean) dug further into Robert lineage. While it looked like Robert’s only children were that of the ones he had with Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey), Ned soon proved this to be incorrect.

After a short inspection into Robert’s activities, Ned found out about Gendry, who was working in a blacksmith’s.

Gendry was an illegitimate son had by Robert, who was technically the real lord of the seven kingdoms, as Joffrey Lannister (Jack Gleeson) and his siblings were actually fathered by Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster Waldau).

This meant the power-hungry Cersei had no real chance of gaining the throne legitimately once Robert had been killed off.

However Gendry did not come into any harm, as he was sold off to the Night’s Watch instead before subsequently joining the Brotherhood without Banners.


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Despite Gendry’s safety in season one, it would have made sense that Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance) knew about Robert’s secret son all along.

Although Tywin was a warrior, he made most of his money and all of his political moves using information.

Tywin also fought powerfully for his children – despite how many times they messed up over the years.

While Cersei was of course the apple of his eye, he was no fool – he knew she would go too far one day.


With this in mind, Tywin may have known all about Gendry all along, and simply kept the boy secret until the day came that he needed to dethrone Cersei.

If he were to launch Gendry onto the throne, Tywin would then have most likely stayed in control as the new Hand of the King, whilst simultaneously moving his family back to Casterly Rock.

Unfortunately, before Tywin was able to use this get-out-of-jail card, he was killed off by Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage), also destroying the information of Gendry’s survival.

Meanwhile, viewers have now become aware of an abandoned plot point involving Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), and her abandoning her Stark siblings in favour of Joffrey Lannister.

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A letter addressed to George RR Martin’s publisher was recently unveiled from back in the 1990s, and told of some stories which were originally supposed to be included in the books, and the TV series.

The letter included a passage about Sansa, which read: “Each of the contending families will learn it has a member of dubious loyalty in its midst.

“Sansa Stark, wed to Joffrey Baratheon, will bear him a son, the heir to the throne.”

He went on to detail: “And when the crunch comes she will choose her husband and child over her parents and siblings.”


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Of course this is not something that happened in the show, but the notion of this event occurring is what Martin described as “a choice she [Sansa] will later bitterly rue”.

In the show, however, Sansa brought her relationship with Joffrey – and indeed the Lannisters – to an end when she fled King’s Landing.

But if the opportunity to leave hadn’t presented itself, would she have opted to leave?

Game of Thrones seasons 1-8 are available on NOW TV.

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Elvis Presley children: Does Elvis have children with anyone but Priscilla?

Elvis Presley is known for having one child with his only wife, Priscilla Presley. The couple married after a long courtship which started in Germany, and a year later they had their daughter, Lisa Marie. But many have suggested Presley may have had children with other women in his life.

Did Elvis Presley have children with anyone but Priscilla?

Elvis only has one child, Lisa Marie Presley, who was born to him and his ex-wife, Priscilla Presley.

There have been other assertions from people who claim to be illegitimate children of Elvis, however, none of these have been substantiated with DNA proof or have been accepted by the family of Elvis.

One of these people is Elvis Presley Jr, who claims he “is the son of the late Elvis Presley born out-of-wedlock, unbeknownst to Elvis, on December 24, 1961, in Gary, Indiana the result of a liaison between Elvis Presley and Angelique Delores Pettyjohn, a young actress who was an extra in the film Blue Hawaii”.

Blue Hawaii is a film Elvis made in 1961 alongside actresses Joan Blackman and Angela Lansbury.

While Elvis Presley Jr claims on his website he supplied “sufficient documents, sworn testimonies, and additional evidence presented by independent third parties” to a judge, which allowed him to be recognised as Elvis Aaron Presley Jr, these documents have not been made public, and neither has any DNA evidence.

However, there have been a number of others who have suggested they are the child of Elvis, such as Desiree Presley.

Desiree Presley’s claim came after her mother, Lucy de Barbin, wrote a book about her alleged 24-year affair with The King, named Are You Lonesome Tonight?


  • Paul McCartney felt ‘BETRAYED’ after Elvis Presley’s Beatles comments

Similarly to Elvis Presley Jr, there has not been any DNA evidence released which proves Desiree’s claims, and so she is not recognised as an official heir to Elvis’ fortune or a child of his.

Another person claiming to be the child of Elvis is Deborah Presley, who claims her mother met Elvis in the 1950s and he was her biological father.

Deborah took her claims to court in 1989 where she attempted to be named as a co-heir in his fortune, however, this was not granted.

The only person named as heir to Elvis’ estate is Lisa Marie Presley, his child with Priscilla Presley and his only officially recognised child.

Presley was born in Tennessee, where her father is from, on February 1, 1968.

She went on to live with her mother after her parents divorced in October 1973 after spending some time at Graceland.

Her father died only four years later, in August 1977, at which point Lisa Marie became the joint-heir to his estate along with Elvis’ father Vernon and his grandmother Minnie Mae.

However, Vernon passed away in 1979 and Minnie Mae in 1980, meaning Lisa Marie was the sole heir and inherited his home Graceland when she turned 25 in 1993.

Before Lisa Marie inherited the estate, her mother and executors of the estate had grown the estate to an estimated £76.9million ($100million), however, she sold 85 percent of it in 2004.

Lisa Marie followed in her father’s footsteps in the music world, beginning in 1997 when she made a video of Don’t Cry Daddy, as an adult with her father, which was played at a tribute concert to Elvis on the 20th anniversary of his death.

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Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet Finch to lose job after DI Malone affair uncovered

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Emmerdale viewers saw DI Malone (played by Mark Womack) land on the ITV soap earlier this year as a man on a mission as it soon emerged he had a past connection with both Harriet Finch (Katherine Dow Blyton) and her boyfriend Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) but for two very different reasons. Now, with Harriet and Malone rekindling their past romance in secret, will there be danger ahead for the vicar if the truth comes out?

Since his arrival in the Dales, ITV viewers have been questioning the truth surrounding Malone and Harriet’s past. 

Although it was soon obvious Malone and Will had a chequered history, his relationship with Harriet seemed much warmer. 

The dodgy copper was drafted in after Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley) accidentally shot his long-lost son Nate (Jurrell Carter).

However, there was another purpose to his appearance after he turned up on Harriet and Will’s doorstep. 


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The pair had mixed reactions to seeing the blast from the past and Will has secretly been repaying his wrongdoings to the copper in a series of risky jobs.

In recent episodes, Harriet has been enjoying Malone’s company as it emerged the pair used to be lovers when they were in the police force together. 

Despite her romance with Will, she has willingly gone behind his back to reignite things with Malone – but will there be huge consequences?

Today, Katherine who plays Harriet appeared on This Morning with Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes to discuss what was ahead for her character. 

Wednesday night’s episode saw Harriet arrive at a hotel where Malone was waiting for her but viewers were left on a cliffhanger.

It seems the affair is set to continue after Katherine hinted there was trouble in store but could it end up leaving her without a job?

Asked whether Harriet’s morality was accentuated due to her position at the church, Katherine said: “Well, I always say she’s a vicar, not a saint.

“The thing I like about Harriet is she is flawed. Just a normal woman in so many ways and does give into temptation now and then… she’s got a big taste of bad boys!”

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Speaking about her affair with Malone, she explained how Harriet’s feelings over the truth about her lover’s past, adding: “When they worked together in police they had a fling but she didn’t know he was a bent cop then.

“She’s only just discovered that since all this stuff’s come out with Will – there’s some sort of deep feeling there.

“I think she’s so frustrated with Will, sick of the lies, doesn’t know if they have a future, thinks she’s just strayed off the path.

However, if Harriet continues to stray and Malone leads her down a darker path, could her career be at risk?


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Viewers saw Harriet and Malone hook up in secret in the church vestry earlier this week and there seems no sign of their affair coming to an end. 

Will Harriet’s temptations get her into trouble and see her in danger of losing her job as the village vicar?

Katherine also teased the end of the storyline, which viewers will see left on a cliffhanger due to the filming having been halted earlier this month.

She confessed: “I’m not involved in the isolation episodes but hopefully we’ll get back and continue this storyline, we’ve left it on a real cliffhanger – a two-month cliffhanger is too much, even for me!”

Emmerdale airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm on ITV. 

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