I Tried This Outer Banks Star's Skin-Care Routine For My Acne, and It's a Game Changer

I Tried This Outer Banks Star’s Skin-Care Routine For My Acne, and It’s a Game Changer

Outer Banks’s breakout star Madelyn Cline (who plays Sarah Cameron) and I have a lot in common. We both enjoy playing The Sims a little too much, we pull off a gray bandana better than pogue king John B., and we both have a history of struggling with cystic hormonal acne. The latter is exactly why the moment I found her skin-care routine, I knew it’d be worth trying.

Last month, Cline showed off her nighttime routine for Harper’s Bazaar, and since then I’ve watched the video several times, dissecting her techniques. I’ve even watched videos of estheticians break down the regimen and give it two-thumbs up. Even though I knew it all seemed legit, I noticed that there were some things about Cline’s routine that weren’t like mine. For example, I don’t go a day without using an exfoliating toner on my skin, whether it’s packed with AHAs or BHAs. I’ve also never used baby oil to wash my face and I usually wear my vitamin C in the day — not night (i.e., vitamin C doesn’t mix well with acids. See: my love for exfoliating toners). But, since I started social distancing, my skin has become fussier than usual and treating my breakouts has become a top priority, so why not give her routine a shot?

Soon enough, I ordered Cline’s products, dug up an old bandana, and set out to try the kook Cline’s routine. But beware if you try it, too — you might never go back.

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Amazon posts are back with some kitchen and outdoor stuff

About a month ago, in a baking post, I mentioned that I was thinking of doing the Amazon posts again. It’s been about two and a half months since we’ve done one and I hope it’s not insensitive to start them up again. Also If you use an ad blocker please consider turning if off when you visit us, as that helps us out. Please do not feel pressured to buy anything and as always let me know if there’s anything you’re interested in and I’ll look it up. Also let me know about your favorite purchases! Lately I’ve been baking and cooking a lot so I’m looking up products for that and to help me spend more time outdoors.

A mosquito repellent device for 15 feet of chemical-free protection

The Thermacell patio shield is a little butane-powered device that puts out a scent-free, chemical-free mosquito repellent that lasts for 12 hours. It would be great to use on your patio, porch or lawn to enjoy the outdoors without having to douse yourself in Deet. It’s around $20 for most color devices, and has 3.9 stars, over 1,600 ratings and an A from Fakespot. Reviewers rave about how well it works, writing that “even in the height of mosquito season, we can spend an evening on the patio with these and not get a single bite” and that it “made my summer more enjoyable.” You need to keep the lid off it to keep it lit, and some negative reviews seem to be people mistaking this for the device not working. Refills are also available on Amazon.

A healthy frozen dessert maker so you won’t keep mainlining ice cream

I spend so much money on ice cream that this would pay for itself in no time. The
Yonanas Classic Original Healthy Dessert Fruit Soft Serve Maker lets you make healthy frozen treats like frozen yogurt and sorbets at home. It’s just $46.16 and has 4.3 stars, over 2,700 ratings and a B from Fakespot. People say that it’s “simple to set up,” “very easy and safe” for kids to use and that the end product is “more like ice cream than some of the low-fat ice creams you buy in the store.” It’s also called a “small, lightweight appliance that is absolutely worth buying… easy to use and easy to clean up.” If you’re looking to spend a little more Cuisinart has an ice cream maker for $130. I’m really eyeing that one. I have to be realistic, I want the fat and sugar.

A set of silicone baking mats for easy cleanup

I moved into a new place mid-February and the last tenant left a set of three silicone baking mats in the warming tray under the oven. (That area under there is supposed to be a warming tray, right?) I love them and use them all the time! This is a set of 4 silicone baking mats by Rizotti. It comes with a little brush and spatula for $35. It has 4.8 stars, over 1,000 ratings and a B from Fakespot. Reviewers say “The mats work perfectly and fit 2 of my 3 baking sheets as if custom made,” and that “cleanup is easier than expected and so far no staining.” They also like that they’re BPA free. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative Amazon Basics has a set of three for $14.99.

Nonstick silicone bread and loaf pans so you can bake without Crisco

I didn’t know these existed and now I want them! These silicone bread and loaf pans by PopBlossom make preparation and clean up easy. You don’t need to coat them with anything and your bread or meat loaf pops right out! They’re $14.49 and have 76 ratings, 4.5 stars and a B on Fakespot. Bakers call them “amazing,” “way better than I expected” and “easy to use and clean.” They’re 10″ L x 5″ W x 2.5″ Waflos brand has some similar pans available at a slightly higher price point.

Strategically ripped leggings you can wear to bed and all day

Did you guys see the Choose Your Work From Home outfit meme? I found it adorable and true. My WFH outfit is s sports bra, hoodie, leggings and sneakers, which is also my workout outfit. I’ve been wearing that to bed, working out in the morning, showering and maybe putting on jeans but more often just putting on a similar outfit again. I’ve always wanted a pair of artfully ripped leggings! This pair by Dibaolong with tummy control is available in sizes x-small to xx-large and in 9 different colors, all under $19! They have 4.5 stars, over 3,000 ratings and an A on Fakespot. Reviewers call them “so soft and comfy,” “fun and cute,” “super stretchy and not even a little tight.” These would look cute under a denim skirt too.

A multi-function kitchen tool that looks cute and does so much

Do you have an apple cutter? (I do, I love it!) Do you have a citrus juicer? Do you have an avocado scoop, a grater and a grapefruit juicer? This colorful multi-part device comes with all of that, plus a masher and a citrus cutter. It would look so cute on your counter and would make a thoughtful gift. This kitchen gadget by Olizee has 88 ratings, 3.5 stars and a B from Fakespot. Reviewers call it “handy,” “a cute addition to the countertop,” “useful” and “fun.” One woman said she bought a second one for work and several people say that they make great gifts.

A stainless steel rolling pin you can keep cold in the freezer

Now that I’m baking more I need a real rolling pin instead of just using an empty can. This 15.75″ steel rolling pin is under $16 and comes with a pastry mat! I’m picking it because it is less expensive than similar rolling pins. It has 14 ratings, 4.5 stars and a B from Fakespot. People say it’s “easy to clean,” “good for the price,” and “better than a wood roller.”

Lipstick that changes color with your skin PH

I’m also including this magic mood-type lipstick at the end because I spent a good five minutes reading reviews and wondering how it works. It starts off a bright vivid color in the tube and turns a pretty color when it interacts with your skin. The green tube above, Frog Prince, is said to be “a lovely shade of reddish rose w/o being garish in the least.” This has 717 ratings, 4.4 stars and a B on Fakespot. It’s called “very moisturizing, smooth to put on, and comfortable to wear,” not “glossy/goopy” like other moisturizing lipsticks and is said to create “a natural-looking” and complementary lip color.

Thanks for reading and commenting on our affiliate post! If you make any purchases through these links we get a small percentage and appreciate it.

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Who is in the Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins line-up? – The Sun

CELEBRITY SAS: Who Dares Wins is back and better than ever this year, pushing an array of famous faces to their limits with a plethora of challenges.

But who are the twelve celebrities who will face their fears on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins?

Helen Skelton

Helen Skelton, 36, is a TV presenter and actress.

She rose to fame hosting Blue Peter between 2008 and 2013.

Helen married English professional rugby player Richie Myler in December 2013.

The pair have two sons together.

Tony Bellew

Tony Bellew, 37, is a British former professional boxer who competed from 2007 to 2018.

He held the WBC cruiser-weight title from 2016 to 2017.

In his last-ever fight he challenged for the undisputed cruiser-weight championship.

Bellew retired soon after losing to Oleksandr Usyk in November 2019.

Yasmin Evans

Yasmin Evans is a radio host for BBC 1Xtra.

She was born in Stockport and began her radio career at the age of just 15,when she started presenting on one of Manchester’s most prominent community stations at the time.

Yasmin studied Radio BA (Hons) at the University of Salford, and was approached by the BBC to take part in their piloting scheme.

In September 2012 she was offered the chance to host the 1Xtra Weekend Breakfast show, her success on the show prompted the BBC to give Yasmin her own show in 2016, which she still presents currently.

John Fashanu

John Fashanu, 57, is a former football star.

His most notable spell was at Wimbledon FC, where he won the FA Cup in 1988 and scored over 100 goals in all competitions.

After his retirement from football, he went on to host popular television show Gladiators in the 90s.

Katie Price

Katie Price, 41, is a former glamour model and TV personality.

She has appeared on I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here twice, and in Celebrity Big Brother.

Katie is mum to five children and has had three failed marriages, most notably to Peter Andre and Alex Reid.

Jack Maynard

Jack Maynard, 23, was born November 23, 1994, and is a YouTuber from Brighton.

Before his web career, he worked as a personal trainer.

Jack's older brother is the singer Conor Maynard, who had a string of hit singles and UK No1 album when he burst on to the scene in 2012.

Jack also appeared on I'm A Celebrity back in 2017, but his time was cut short when he became embroiled in a Twitter scandal.

Nikki Sanderson

Nikki Sanderson, 36, is an actress.

She is best known for her role in Coronation Street, where she played the role of Candice from 1999 to 2005.

Since then, she has also appeared in Heartbeat and Hollyoaks, which she has been in since 2o12.

Brendan Cole

Brendan Cole, 43, is a ballroom dancer.

He is most famous for appearing as a professional dancer on the BBC One show, Strictly Come Dancing.

Brendan is married to blogger Zoe Hobbs, with whom he has two children.

Lauren Steadman

Lauren Steadman, 27, is a Paralympic athlete.

She has competed in both swimming and paratriathlon.

In 2009 and 2011, she won medals at the IPC European Championships.

Lauren appeared on BBC's Strictly Come Dancing in 2018, and reached the semi-finals.

Leon 'Locksmith' Rolle

Leon Rolle, 33, is a musician and DJ.

He is best known as DJ Locksmith for popular band Rudimental.

Rolle grew up in Hackney and also has a passion for football and training.

Anthea Turner

Anthea Turner, 59, is a TV presenter.

She has hosted both Blue Peter and GMTV, in her illustrious career.

Anthea appeared on ITV's Dancing On Ice in 2013, where she finished ninth out of twelve skaters.

Who are the judges on the show?

Ant Middleton – Chief Instructor

Ant Middleton is a British former soldier, adventurer and television presenter.

He has also appeared as the captain in the reality-show Mutiny, and survival show, Escape.

In 2018, he climbed Everest for the TV show Extreme Everest with Ant Middleton.

Shockingly, Middleton was sentenced to fourteen months in prison, for assaulting two police officers in a nightclub brawl in 2013.

On the show, he will be joined by his team of directing staff, Foxy, Billy, Ollie and Jay.

Jason 'Foxy' Fox

Jason Fox, 43, is a former Special Forces Agent who was born on August 31, 1976.

He joined the cast of SAS: Who Dares Wins in 2015.

Mark 'Billy' Billingham

Mark Billingham is a decorated war hero who spent 27 years in the Army.

During his Army years he received an MBE for leading an SAS mission in Iraq to rescue a British hostage.

He also won the Queen’s Commendation for Bravery after capturing an IRA sniper by using himself as bait.

Matthew 'Ollie' Ollerton

Ollie joined the Royal Marines in 1990 aged 18, and his first tour was to Northern Ireland.

He revealed in 2019 that the scariest moment of his life was when he was mauled by a chimpanzee,  when he was ten.

Jay Morton

Jay joined SAS Who Dares Wins as a secret mole in 2020.

He tricked recruits into believing he was one of them.

Jay joined the Parachute Regiment aged 19, completing several tours of Iraq and Afghanistan. Four years later, in 2008, he joined the SAS.

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Katy Perry’s Quotes About Pregnancy During Quarantine Are Heartbreaking

It’s been a trying time for people all over the world dealing with the coronavirus crisis, and celebrities are not immune to the emotions and stress the tough times have brought. Many celebs have been open about their personal experiences with fans in order to help them not feel alone, like Katy Perry who is currently expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom. Katy Perry’s quotes about pregnancy during quarantine are heartbreaking.

Over the past few months, Perry has stayed as busy as ever despite being self-quarantined in her Beverly Hills home. Perry filmed nearly an entire season of American Idol virtually, and has been hard at work on her upcoming fifth studio album. On Friday, May 16, Perry released her latest single, "Daisies," and while it was upbeat and full of life, the singer admits she’s been on an emotional rollercoaster the last couple of weeks.

Talking to Radio.com on Thursday, May 21, about self-quarantine, Perry said: “I definitely lock myself in my parked car in front of my house and cry sometimes, just like everyone else does.”

Part of Perry’s struggle right now is due to her being a self-admitted workaholic and "super planner." Perry admitted that she originally planned to work "until [her] water broke" later this summer.

“In the past, I’ve been a perfectionist slash control freak, and all perfectionist slash control freaks are spiraling right now," Perry explained. "And planners are spiraling. So, I’m spiraling a little bit, like, every day. But I also chalk it up to the uncertainty of being pregnant for the first time and having a child and not knowing [the future]. Los Angeles just extended their stay-at-home [order] until maybe August, and I’m just like, ‘OK, I’m going to trust the professionals.’”

As for what Perry is — and isn’t — doing as she navigates life in quarantine, she said:

Though Perry is dealing with her fair share of uncertainty at the moment, there’s no denying she’s excited to welcome her baby girl into the world later this year.

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Bundles of Joy! See Celebrity Babies Born During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Lights in the storm! The coronavirus pandemic has put many things on hold, from tours to TV shows, but these celebrity families are still growing.

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd, for instance, welcomed their baby boy, Hayes, on March 23. “Love of our lives,” the country singer, 30, captioned hospital photos at the time.

The Grammy winner went on to write, “30 hours of labor ended with an emergency C-section. Not what we planned, but I learned pretty quickly that night that having a plan for bringing a human into the world is a fool’s errand. All that mattered was that he got here safely. Having him in the middle of a global health crisis was also not in the baby prep books, but here we are. Holding him and healing my body in a maternity ward that’s eerily quiet from us not being allowed visitors or family at this time, but strangely serene.”

The “My Church” singer praised the “doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals” that took care of their family, writing, “They risked their health every day to make sure ours was okay. I can’t think of anything more selfless than that.”

Rachel Bloom expressed similar sentiments after giving birth to her and husband Dan Gregor’s daughter that same month.

“She’s here. She’s home,” the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend alum, 33, captioned her infant’s Instagram debut. “Having a baby in the NICU during a pandemic while a dear friend was in the hospital 3,000 miles away made this by far the most emotionally intense week of mine and Gregor’s lives. As the lovely doctors and nurses helped my daughter get some fluid out of her lungs, we watched the maternity ward around us change hourly to prepare for the upcoming COVID storm. The whole family is now home safe and I am just so grateful to all of our medical workers.”

Keep scrolling to see more celebrity babies born during the COVID-19 spread, from Carson Daly and Siri Daly’s daughter, Goldie, to Karina Smirnoff’s son, Theo.

In order to view the gallery, please allow Manage Cookies

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This Baby Brand Just Launched a Bulk-Sized Hand Sanitizer for Only $20

Buy It! Pipette Baby Hand Sanitizer, $4.99–$19.99; pipettebaby.com

Pipette Baby has donated tens of thousands of the large bottles to hospitals and homeless shelters in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco to support COVID-19 relief efforts.

Below, shop more brands offering hand sanitizer.

  • Eczema Honey
  • Vegamour
  • Orly
  • Megababe
  • 100 Percent Pure

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The iconic celebrity memorabilia worth millions – from Marilyn Monroe’s £4m dress to James Bond’s £5.2m Aston Martin – The Sun

MANY people would dream of owning a classic James Bond car, a piece of jewellery worn by Elizabeth Taylor or Marilyn Monroe's 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President' dress.

But some super-rich fans have gone to new extremes to get their hands on these pieces of celeb history by paying millions — with one collector even shelling out huge money for a lock of Elvis Presley's hair.

Now a pair of Michael Jordan's game-worn Air Jordan 1s from Chicago Bulls' 1985 season are the latest to break records, after being sold for $560,000 (£457,000) at auction.

The iconic red, white, and black trainers, that boast the 57-year-old's signature, were only given an estimate of around £123k by Sotheby's.

But MJ's sneakers smashed the previous $437,500 world record for basketball shoes — despite the pair consisting of a US size 13 left shoe and 13.5 right shoe, with Jordan wearing mismatched trainers for the majority of his career.

It's far from the first expensive sale, however.

Here's a look at more iconic celebrity memorabilia that sold for huge money…

Michael Jackson's jacket — £50,000 (paid by Kim Kardashian)

Kim Kardashian previously shocked fans when she gifted a jacket, previously owned by Michael Jackson, to her daughter North — despite it costing her more than £50,000.

The reality star and husband Kanye won the jacket, which was worn by the late pop-star for Elizabeth Taylor's 65th birthday party in 1997, at an auction.

Celeb memorabilia you can buy now

Fancy your own piece of history? Here's some of the celeb memorabilia you can buy now – and they're won't all cost millions…

Harrison Ford's Star Wars Blaster Gun – signed by the star – is available for $2,328 (£1,900) from Hollywoodmemorabilia.com.

Steve Hackett's signed Red Starburst electric guitar has an asking price of $456 (£373), for any Genesis fans.

For any Space fans, there's an American League baseball up for grabs – signed by famous astronauts Neil Armstrong and Alan Sheppard – with an asking price of $15,137 (£12,300).

For those with a strong stomach, there's also a pair of bloody shorts worn by – and signed by – Sylvester Stallone from his days on Rocky. They're on sale for $1,554 (£1,270).

And Burt Reynolds also signed a Smokey And The Bandit replica jacket for fans, which can be snapped up for $916 (£748).

Kim told her followers at the time: “Kanye and I gave North this jacket, and this was Michael Jackson's jacket that he wore with Elizabeth Taylor.

“North is a really big Michael Jackson fan and we knew she would love this.”

Elizabeth Taylor's jewellery collection — £94million

A collection of jewellery previously owned and worn by Elizabeth Taylor fetched an incredible £94million in 2011 at an auction that hit headlines everywhere.

With recaps of some of her top movies — including Cat On A Hot Tin Roof — playing to guests, the actress herself could then be heard saying in one clip: "It looks as if everything is going to sell much higher than the estimated prices, doesn't it darling? Keep bidding!" Business Insider previously reported.

It's fair to say, the auction didn't disappoint — with around 80 items sold overall.

The highlight lot was a necklace featuring a 16th century pearl, which sold for £7.6million.

Meanwhile, a diamond ring that Richard Burton gave the star fetched £7.2million.

Dorothy's red slippers — listed for £6million

Judy Garland clicking her heels together at the end of The Wizard of Oz and saying, “There’s no place like home!” is an iconic moment of cinema.

And fitting something so memorable, one pair of the shoes worn by Garland in the movie previously fetched a hefty sum when they were auctioned off.

A pair of the glittering red numbers went for a huge $666,000 initially, before another was listed in 2018 for a reported £6million.

It's unclear if it was the same pair each time as a few different ones were used as props during filming.

The Dukes of Hazzard's 'The General Lee' — £8million

John Schneider, aka Bo Duke, left fans all revved up in 2007 when he decided to sell his personal 1969 'General Lee' Dodge Charger, which was famously used in The Dukes of Hazzard.

The car was painted up and used in the series, along with several others — but the fact it was owned by Schneider himself appeared to set it apart from the crowd.

It ended up selling for £8million in an eBay auction at the time, CNN reports.

"I'm excited as I can be but I'm not going to believe it until my banker calls and says 'buy me a beer'," Schneider reportedly said after the auction ended.

Marilyn Monroe’s 'Happy Birthday, Mr. President' dress — £3.9million

As the original blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe was one of Hollywood’s biggest and brightest stars.

And her serenade of US President John F. Kennedy became the stuff of legend after it was broadcast to the world in 1962.

In fact, it became such a hit that in 1999, the dress worn during the performance — which was covered in 2,500 rhinestones — went under the hammer and fetched millions.

It initially cost New York based company Gotta Have It! a staggering $1.26million at the time.

But it's since sold again for £3.9million, Julien’s Auctions announced in 2016.

It beat the previous record-holder for most expensive dress ever sold at auction — Monroe’s white costume from The Seven Year Itch, which sold for £3.7million in 2011.

John Lennon Rolls Royce Phantom V — £1.8million

When it comes to Beatles memorabilia, there seems to be no limits to how much fans will pay — and a classic example was John Lennon's Rolls Royce Phantom V.

The late musician famously customised the car with added extras like a backseat that could change into a double bed, an eight-track tape player, a record player, a fridge and a radio telephone.

While it was black when he bought it, Lennon had it painted in a psychedelic pattern on a bright yellow background.

He eventually donated it to the Cooper Hewitt Museum of Design, who later sold it in 1985 for £1.8million to a Canadian businessman, Jimmy Pattison.

Pattison donated the car to the province of British Columbia for display.

James Bond Aston Martin DB5 — £5.2million

Bond legend Sean Connery is one of the most popular 007 stars in history — and his movie Goldfinger featured many memorable gadgets and gizmos.

But perhaps most iconic of all was the vintage 1965 Aston Martin DB5 which featured in the film, complete with ejector seat.

The prop from the movie, which came fitted with its own replica machine guns, tyre slashers and smoke screen dispensers, ended up selling for £5.2million at an auction in 2010.

A total of six interested bidders battled it out for the prized motor, eventually selling to a buyer who was present in the room.

William Shakespeare’s autograph — £3.9million

Everybody loves getting the autograph of their favourite star, but what if they died almost 400 years ago?

The great bard William Shakespeare’s signature is thought to only still exist on six parchments, making them something of an extreme rarity.

And as exclusive as they are, the price for one is huge, estimated to be around £3.9million each.

Lock of Elvis' hair — £94,000

For many, Elvis Presley was and still is The King of Rock and Roll.

With a string of mega-hits to his name, there aren’t too many who don’t know or haven't heard something by the late singer, who died in 1977.

Fans still go wild for Elvis memorabilia and in 2002 a lock of the Suspicious Minds singer’s hair raked in £94,000.

Darth Vader's helmet — £735,000

Many Star Wars fans would dream of owning a classic prop from one of the movies — especially one connected to Darth Vader.

And a particularly keen fan went as far as paying £735,000 last year for Darth Vader's mask and helmet, worn in The Empire Strikes Back.

The fibreglass costume — the “holy grail” of sci-fi artefacts — was worn by Brit actor David Prowse in 1980’s Star Wars blockbuster.

Both items are lined with foam and rubber padding, and two of the three straps that secured the mask to the actor’s head were still present when they went to auction.

The Empire Strikes Back, starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher, was the second film of the franchise, released three years after Star Wars, Episode IV, A New Hope.

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Lisa Kudrow on Friends’ all white cast: ‘it should be looked at as a time capsule’

Lisa Kudrow is in the new Steve Carrell series, Space Force. The show looks funny and the cast is comprised of really solid comedic actors, like Lisa. While doing press for the show, the Sunday Times asked about Friends because we got this close to some form of a reunion but COVID was all, “psyche!” So now all we have is to once again talk about the show. (Not like the cast is ever not going to be asked about it.) The discussion, however, is leaning more and more into the question of how well did the show actually age? It certainly lacked for diversity and for a show that had strong LGBTQ characters in supporting roles, it made a lot of insensitive remarks. Lisa handled the question deftly, I think, when she said that the show does fall short in many ways when held up to today’s light but maybe it should be viewed more as a time capsule.

Friends star Lisa Kudrow has defended the hit 90s sitcom, saying it was “progressive” at the time but would not feature an all-white cast if it was made today.

The actress, 56, played Phoebe Buffay in every episode of the show – about six young adults living in New York City – between 1994 and 2004.

Kudrow told The Sunday Times that fans should look at the show as a “time capsule”, saying it would be “completely different” now.

She said: “Well, it would not be an all-white cast, for sure. I’m not sure what else, but, to me, it should be looked at as a time capsule, not for what they did wrong.

“Also, this show thought it was very progressive. There was a guy whose wife discovered she was gay and pregnant, and they raised the child together.

“We had surrogacy too. It was, at the time, progressive.”

[From Sunday Times via Sky.com]

David Schwimmer said something similar in his Guardian interview. It not that the cast doesn’t understand the criticisms of the show, but when the show was being made, there were many progressive themes that hadn’t been portrayed in a mainstream program. Many shows suffer when considered through current, hopefully progressed, sensibilities. My all-time favorite TV show, M*A*S*H, still blows me away but OMG is it tragically sexist, among other outdated ideas. So I agree that it’s okay to view certain shows as time capsules as long as we can point out the ills of that time period as well.

The one thing, however, that I really wish the Friends cast would acknowledge when discussing the ‘all white cast’ is that Friends was inspired by Living Single, especially after this point was made repeatedly after David’s interview. There is a lot to suggest that Friends wasn’t just inspired by Living Single, but was likely the reason it was created, specifically an all-white version of the very well done and popular LS. So it’s fine to say that the show is progressive for the time in which it was made, but respect who blazed that trail while you are doing so.

A post shared by Lisa Kudrow (@lisakudrow) on

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Halfway there… #girlsnight #?

A post shared by Lisa Kudrow (@lisakudrow) on

Halfway there… #girlsnight #?

Photo credit: WENN/Avalon and Instagram

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Donald Trump posted a video where he was superimposed into ‘Independence Day’

Donald Trump has barely been able to golf on weekends during the pandemic, which means he’s stuck inside and doing his second-favorite activity: tweeting endlessly. Two weekends ago, he tweeted (or retweeted) almost 100 times in one 24-hour-period. It’s no secret that he’s got itchy Twitter fingers, but the tweets and retweets have always been a portrait of a man unhinged, a man untethered from reality and grossly obsessed with weird little conspiracies and petty grievances. But did you also know that he loves sh-tty computer editing which place him as the “hero” of hit ‘90s movies? Yes. He tweeted this on Saturday:

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 16, 2020

That’s a bizarre edit from a scene in Independence Day. Trump’s fat head is superimposed on Bill Pullman’s head – Pullman played the president in that fictional world. The creator of the video also added Ted Cruz, Don Jr, Ivanka, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. Trump liked this video so much, it was pinned to the top of his page overnight (he replaced it Sunday with a pinned “OBAMAGATE” tweet). This is how this idiot amuses himself on weekends while tens of thousands of Americans have died because of lack of testing, lack of supplies and sh-tty leadership from the top down.

For what it’s worth, Bill Pullman spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about the tweet, and merely said: “My voice belongs to no one but me, and I’m not running for president — this year.” Yeah. I never understood why Pullman’s career didn’t continue to be amazing past the ‘90s. He was a good actor and he deserves to still be a thing! All this did was remind me that I am here for a Bill Pullman resurgence. Also: Pullman’s best work was in While You Were Sleeping, an absolutely dumb story that both he and Sandra Bullock sold, 100%. Their chemistry is SO GOOD.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid & ‘Independence Day’.

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Ashley Benson Denied Cheating On Cara Delevingne With G-Eazy In The Subtlest Way

In the most subtle way humanly possible, Ashley Benson has denied cheating on Cara Delevingne with G-Eazy. How does one subtly deny cheating when the whole world seems to be screaming at them? Well, per Us Weekly, Ashley chose to do it by reportedly liking a post on Instagram that wrote, "Can’t Ashley have friends now? STOP SAYING ASHLEY CHEATED! OR EVEN CARA! They just need friends right now more than ever." So, no. She didn’t flat-out say she did not cheat. But isn’t liking a post of someone else saying she didn’t cheat basically the same thing?

ICYMI: Ashley and G-Eazy sparked dating rumors when they were reportedly photographed leaving Lassens Natural Food and Vitamins in Los Angeles together. As for the cheating rumors, fans reportedly were turning to two pieces of social media as their proof. Exhibit A: When G-Eazy posted a series of pictures of himself dressed up in a bright blue suit on Jan. 11, Ashley reportedly commented on it with a red heart emoji, to which G-Eazy replied with a blue heart emoji. Exhibit B: When G-Eazy posted another series of pictures of himself on Valentine’s Day, this time with the caption "Happy v day 🌹🌹🌹💔💔💔 but you can’t be my girlfriend," Ashley reportedly commented, "The longest legs lolll.” Ashley was still with Cara when both of these comments were posted.

Oh, then there’s also the fact that Ashley and G-Eazy recorded a cover of Radiohead’s "Creep" together, which the rapper uploaded onto his YouTube channel on April 21.

Fans have been — um, how do I put this gently? — not pleased. "OK so apparently Ashley Benson cheated on Cara Delevingne with G-Eazy and if that’s true I’ll oficially stop believing in humans," one Twitter user wrote. "So not only was I disappointed when I learned that Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne broke up but NOW Ashley is dating G-Eazy," another wrote, adding, "we have been hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray, run amuck and flat out deceived."

But I’d like to go on the record and say I believe Ashley. The "proof" they have against her isn’t exactly damning. I mean, she reportedly commented on two of his pictures, recorded a song with him, then took a reported trip to the grocery store following her breakup. What about all of that screams romance?

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