'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Unveils a New "Embossed Card" Set

Fans of the shadow realm can rejoice because Yu-Gi-Oh! is back into the limelight with another product release. While primarily known for its popular anime television series and trading card game, the show will often produce special collectible products. In recent memory, we saw the series release letter openers inspired by the Swords of Revealing Light, and now it has unveiled a brand new “Embossed” Card Set.

The three-pronged set features three of the show’s most popular cards: the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Dark Magician and the Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Each has been morphed and die-casted from zinc alloy to produce a plated portrait card that is devised with a three-dimensional aesthetic. Each iteration measures out to 89mm x 127mm and 3mm in thickness. Additionally, each card title and description is written out in Japanese characters.

Parties interested in this set can find this available for pre-order through the Kaiba Corporation Store site for ¥19,250 (approx. $132 USD). Delivery is expected in April 2023.

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