Youth wrestler Hafid Alicea who sucker punched opponent is cited for assault after vid of sick attack | The Sun

A HIGH school wrestler who sucker punched his opponent after losing a match has been cited for assault.

Hafid Alicea, 14, clocked his opponent in the face following the match earlier this month in Oak Park, Illinois, on the outskirts of Chicago.

The eighth-grade wrestler admitted to Oak Park Police Department officers that he had punched his fellow athlete because "he was angry that he had lost the match".

Alicea is now facing fines and penalties depending on the outcome of a hearing next month, reports TMZ.

The shocking incident took place on April 8 at Oak Park River Forest High School after Alicea had lost his match 14-2.

In footage shared widely online, the two teenagers can be seen wrestling when Alicea's opponent successfully pins him down.

The two get up and the other boy extends his hand to his opponent to shake as a show of sportsmanship.

Alicea accepts the handshake, but seconds later, he punches him in the face with a right hook leaving him sprawled on the floor.

The referee immediately steps in to take Alicea off the mat as furious parents rush over to intervene.

One woman can be heard screaming, "What the f***" as she runs to the victim's aid.

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Cops say when they arrived at the scene, the victim was left with a bloody nose but declined further medical care.

All parties reportedly cooperated with the investigation.

It isn't known whether Alicea will face further discipline, with a lifetime ban from wrestling being suggested by some.

The victim's coach Justin Peach says he has already returned to training.

However, he will have to wear a face mask at any upcoming events.

Peach, the founder of SPAR Academy which ran the wrestling event, said: "As you may know, wrestling matches can get heated but nothing leading up to the punch would give cause to such bad decision-making on the opponent’s part.

"It’s not tolerated in our sport and Spar Wrestling will never condone that behavior."

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