Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

What’s happening: Late tonight (or super early Saturday morning, depending on your time zone) Mercury forms a lovely sextile to Venus. Then later on Saturday, Mercury forms another sextile, this time to energetic Mars. On Sunday, Taurus Season officially begins! Finally, on Tuesday, the Sun squares off with strict Saturn, the planet of blockages.

Btw, with all that’s going on rn, remember that you can flirt and sext from a distance—if you’re social distancing solo, now’s the time to get a bit creative.

What that means:


If there were ever a weekend to shoot your shot, it’s this one, Aries. Ask your crush out on a date! If you’re thinking about DTRing or upgrading a current relationship, pop the question now! Mercury in *your* sign is helping you out, big time, allowing you to pick the perfect words to say. If your love life is totally dead, then it’s a great time to open all your fav dating apps and start swiping—your next match is out there waiting for you.


TBH, this weekend’s not the best for you, bb. Your DMs? Drier than the Mojave Desert. Your love life? Less action-packed than like, ever. I know, I know, you hate to see it, but sometimes, that’s just how it be, ya know? Don’t get down, love, because the Sun enters your sign on Sunday, meaning that it’s finally Taurus Season! You’ll be feeling loads better after this wonky week ends, I promise, but until then you’re flying solo and just doing you.


This weekend has the potential to be chock full of new connections, if you play your cards right, Gemini! Mercury, your fav planet, is making all sorts of great aspects over the weekend, so your already spectacular ability to communicate is getting supercharged. Plus, getting your flirt on is even more of a breeze. Take advantage of this weekend’s lovely astro-weather, Gemini, because once Taurus Season begins on Sunday, your life slows down a TON. Luckily, lovely Venus is still in your sign, making you look and feel hotter than ever.


You’re feeling bold and confident this weekend, so put yourself out there! Whether that means sliding into your latest match’s DMs, telling your crush you’re into them, or climbing on top of your boo and flexing your dominant side, you’re ready to take charge. That’s super fun and all, but when Saturn gets involved later this week, you’re likely to face some sort of rejection—ouchie. You gotta take the bad with the good, ya know? Have fun while you can this weekend, and try to stay level-headed if things end up not going your way later in the week.


The stars are begging you to get your flirt on this weekend, Leo! Mercury, planet of communication, is hanging out in Aries (a like-minded fire sign) sending hella good vibes your way, all while making positive connections to the love planets Venus (romance) and Mars (sex)—need I say more? If you’re single and ready to mingle, this is the weekend to start hitting up all your dating app matches or tell your crush you’re into them. The astro-drama with Saturn on Tuesday could lead to rejection and disappointment, so it’s defs in your best interest to act sooner rather than later.


I have good news and bad news; I’ll start with the bad. Work and your day-to-day life are kicking your ass right now, and it gets supes stressful during the week—like, make sure you have the Kleenex ready. That being said, this weekend actually has some pretty great potential. Your chart’s zone of intimacy is being lit up by Mercury and the Sun tonight, so making deep connections (in or out of the bedroom, but most likely in) is totally in the stars for you, Virgo. Whether you’re boo’d up, single, or in an awkward situationship, you can expect some intense bonding with someone special this weekend. Maybe your love life is totally dry, in which case, Taurus Season is here to save the day! Come Sunday, the Sun in Taurus starts shining a light on your chart’s adventure zone, AKA it’s a spectacular time to try all sorts of new things (or people).


If life in the bedroom’s been a little stale lately, this is your weekend to spice things up! If you’re looking to flex your inner Rihanna and pull out all sorts of chains and whips, go for it! If you’re not quite ready for all of that, it’s a great time to throw in some extra dirty talk or role play the next time you start gettin’ busy with bae. If you’re dating someone, Taurus Season, starting Sunday, is a month where you and your partner are getting way closer together, emotionally, mentally, physically, everything—you’re feeling a sense of complete entanglement with them, and NGL, it’s pretty damn sexy. If you’re single, however, be careful about whose DMs you slide into. This transit is a huge indicator that anyone you start flirting with will immediately make you catch major feels.


So, all weekend long you’re unfortunately tangled up in all sorts of mundane stuff—work, errands, chores, that sort of boring nonsense. Handle business this weekend so you can free up your schedule later in the week. Once Taurus Season starts on Sunday, your chart’s zone of relationships is getting lit up by the Sun, meaning there’s tons of action and new connections headed your way. The only hiccup is Tuesday’s astro-weather with Saturn (AKA the c*ckblock of the zodiac) giving you a tough time, but after that, it’s smooth sailing.


First, this weekend has unlimited potential to be one of the most action-packed ones of the year! Aries Season, plus all of the exciting cosmic action happening with Mercury tonight and tomorrow, are lighting up three zones in your chart—the third house, fifth house, and seventh house, which rule communication, romance/sex/fun, and relationships, respectively. In case it’s not clear, let me spell it out for you: you’re having exciting conversations with aaallll the cuties coming your way (which, BTW, there are plenty), and the likelihood of getting lucky is preeeetty high. Have fun, Sagittarius, because once Taurus season begins on Sunday, the Sun activates your chart’s sixth house which rules… wait for it… work. Blah.


For the past month and some change, you’ve been even more of a homebody than usual, Capricorn, and life’s been rather slow. This weekend, that trend continues, but once Taurus Season starts on Sunday? Oh, honey, you ain’t ready. With the Sun in a like-minded earth sign, your life is waaaaay picking up the pace, especially your love life. You’re feeling energetic and alive again, and nothing can rain on your parade–you’re getting lucky, feeling super flirty, and having tons of fun. Saturn’s interference on Tuesday spells out trouble (you might get ghosted by a new match or feel like your boo is ignoring you), but that only lasts for a day. After that, you’re in the clear to have a spectacular month.


Mercury in Aries is forming a couple of exciting connections to the love planets, Venus (romance) and Mars (sex) this weekend, so you’re feeling lucky in love right now! It’s a flirty, fun-filled weekend, and some hot action, whether it be a few sexy snaps from your crush or just some mind-blowing sex with your S.O., is almost guaranteed to come your way. It’s a thrilling weekend, but come Sunday, the party ends rather abruptly. That’s because Taurus Season is starting, and unfortunately Taurus Season is your sign’s designated month of resting, relaxing, and spending plenty of time alone.


It’s a quiet weekend for you, Pisces. You’re prob busy with work, and if not, you’re bored at home. If you’re feeling antisocial, take advantage of this time to take care of yourself and rest. If you’re not feeling antisocial, well… tough luck! Try to just vibe this weekend and do what you can to enjoy the downtime. Once Taurus Season begins on Sunday, your life starts picking up the pace, and the next month promises to hold all sorts of new connections and important convos. Maybe you’ll match with your next crush or finally DTR with someone you’ve been dating for a while.

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