Your BT broadband will never go down again, thanks to help from EE

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BT broadband users could soon never be without a home broadband connection again. With more of us now working from home, having a steady and reliable connection to the web is vital. Sadly, broadband outages do happen every so often and whenever the internet connection coming into your home goes offline, it can be hugely frustrating, but BT has a plan to stop the gremlins affecting your early morning Microsoft Teams calls, or late-night binge on Netflix.

As you might be aware, BT bought the EE network back in 2016 and now it wants to use this partnership to make sure the internet in homes never goes offline. BT’s new Halo 3+ service offers a standard fibre connection alongside a new Hybrid Connect router that can also access EE 4G. That means – whenever things go wrong and the broadband goes down – the clever router automatically switches over to EE’s mobile network to allow homes to stay online at all times.

When the problem impacting your BT fibre line is fixed, the router will switch back from the (slower) 4G mobile signal to the full-fibre connection.

BT does already offers something similar with an EE dongle sent to homes when there’s a major outage but where the Hybrid Connect is smarter is that all the tech is tucked inside one neat package.

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This makes things far more simple for the consumer as, no matter how the signal is arriving in your home, you’re always connected to the same Wi-Fi network meaning no annoying switching in your settings. BT says that there’s no data limit when using EE’s network and the router will switch back to a fibre connection the minute it spots the issues are over.

Halo 3+ customers will also get access to BT’s Complete Wi-Fi option giving them a reliable wi-fi signal in every room or £100 back. If you think this new service is perfect for your needs then Halo 3+ will be available nationwide from February 5, to new customers from £65.99 per month.

BT says existing customers can upgrade and should contact BT to discuss their options. BT Halo 3+ customers also benefit from the BT Halo Price Promise with no out of contract price rises – and they’ll never pay more than a new customer for their service.

Speaking about the update, Christian Thrane, Managing Director of Marketing BT Consumer said: “With BT Halo 3+, we’re launching an innovative new category of home broadband that’s truly a first of its kind in the UK. We are combining the best fibre home broadband and wi-fi technology, backed up with our award-winning EE mobile network to become the only UK provider that offers customers an unbreakable wi-fi connection in the home.

“BT Halo 3+ offers a super reliable service with the best connectivity for all corners of the home, giving the whole family peace of mind they can work, home school or keep in touch with friends and family without interruptions.”

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