You can watch the Northern Lights and go dog sledding from your sofa with new virtual tours online – The Sun

YOU can now experience a virtual Northern Lights tour online from the comfort of your sofa.

Arctic experts have created three travel experiences, including reindeer riding and husky trips, for people to enjoy without leaving the house during self-isolation.

Specialist photography company Lights over Lapland created the Northern Lights adventure tours around the Abisko National Park in Sweden.

The region is within the Arctic Circle and is a great place to see the Aurora Borealis.

The company asked some of the best photographers and videographers in the world to create the experiences for people to access online

The tours don't just include a view of the Northern Lights – you can also 'visit' the famous Icehotel as well as meet huskies and reindeers.

A dog-sled or reindeer-sled will take you through some of the tours too.

Lights over Lapland founder Chad Blakely spoke about parts of the tour to Forbes: "After strolling through the birch trees, we lead you to the shore of Lake Torneträsk where you can take in all its scenic views before visiting a friend of mine who is a reindeer herder and riding in a sleigh behind one of his reindeer – just like he and his family have done for centuries."

If you can't commit to a tour, then they also have a live Northern Lights cam, with 360 degree views.

The project began last year, to open up the experience to people who couldn't experience in person for themselves.

Chad said: "I had the realisation about how incredible virtual reality is earlier this winter.

"Little did we know how relevant and necessary this would be."

The Northern Lights are caused by electrically charged particles from the sun, smashing into gaseous particles in our planet's atmosphere.

This causes bright, colourful dancing lights in white, green, pink and purple that illuminate the sky and are considered an incredible sight to behold.

Colour variations occur when different types of gas particles collide with the charged particles.

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