You Can Snag This Best-Selling Brightening Vitamin C Duo for Practically Half Off

If you’re anything of an eye cream fanatic, you’ve most likely heard the name Ole Henriksen flow through your ears many times before. The brand’s best-selling Banana Bright Eye Crème has stolen the hearts of skincare junkies here and beyond, creating a vast sea of loyal followers. The brightening eye cream isn’t the only product in the line that shoppers are declaring a game-changer though — the illuminating face primer has racked up over 1,200 reviews itself. If either have ever caught your eye, there’s no time like the present to add both to your collection. The brand just dropped a deal on both products so good, it would be a true shame not to treat yourself.

Ole Henriksen’s Glow From Home Vitamin C Duo includes full-size versions of both the Banana Bright Eye Crème and the Banana Bright Face Primer for the low price of $53; a great deal considering they normally go for $39 and $38 respectively. Both the formulas feature vitamin C and banana powder-inspired pigments, working in conjunction to give you dewy, glowing skin that maintains a youthful appearance.

The eye cream comes equipped with collagen, targeting fine lines and loss of elasticity to lift skin around the eye area. The anti-aging cream simultaneously moisturizes and illuminates dark circles while color-correcting uneven pigmentation to leave behind awake-looking eyes. Apply before your favorite concealer for a smoother application, or dot on before bedtime to wake up to a rested, more youthful face.

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Follow up with the radiant primer to create a healthy-looking canvas for foundation, while also prolonging it’s wear throughout the day. The makeup-skincare hybrid minimizes wrinkles and softens the face, so you can also wear it on it’s own for luminous, bright skin. Salicylic, glycolic, and lactic acid clear out clogged pores and remove dead skin, while rosehip-fruit extract reduces oil production.

Both products work wonders on their own, but sagging, dull skin really doesn’t stand a chance against the duo paired together. Grab them both for 30 percent off before they’re gone.

Ole Henriksen’s Glow From Home Vitamin C Duo

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