You can now get the Domino's garlic and herb dip in a squeezy bottle

If you choose Domino’s over Pizza Hut and Papa John’s for your chain restaurant pizza fix, you likely love their Garlic & Herb Dip.

But there’s always been a fatal flaw in that delicious sauce.

No, we’re not talking about the teeny-tiny size of the pot you automatically get with your pizza.

Or the horrifying revelation that there are 675 calories in that Big Dip pot.

We’re of course referring to the dismay of trying to dip a slice of pizza into the sauce, only to have your topping slide right off into the pot.

Now, Domino’s may have just come up with a solution: a squeezy bottle of their dip so you can just drizzle the stuff on top rather than using it as a dip.

From today and for a limited time only, Domino’s is launching what they call The Drizzler; their Garlic & Herb dip in a 320ml bottle designed for squeezing on top of your pizza.

Of course, there’s a catch, and this one is that it’s not as easy as just ordering the bottle online if you’ve fallen foul of the sliding toppings curse.

Instead, Domino’s will be randomly delivering the bottles to people across the UK and Ireland who order pizzas with a Big Dip this weekend

We repeat: to have a chance of getting a bottle, you’ll need to order pizza plus one of the Big Dip pots. There’s no guarantee you’d get a bottle alongside that, as they’ll be randomly given out, but they will be freebies with that purchase.

The bottles have been made in a limited edition run of just 800 bottles, so you’ll need to hedge your bets on not that many people ordering a Big Dip this weekend (14 August to 17 August) if you’re desperate to get your paws on your own.

Of course, you don’t need to be too devastated if you don’t get a bottle.

You do know you can just… tip the pot to pour your sauce on top of your pizza instead, right?

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