You Can Now Enjoy a View of Mount Fuji Atop a Roller Coaster Viewing Deck

Japan is now offering travelers a new way to enjoy the views of Mount Fuji: from a viewing deck surrounded by one of its tallest roller coasters, located in the heart of Yamanashi Prefecture’s Fuji-Q Highland amusement park.

Costing roughly $10.35 million USD to construct, the Fujiyama Tower will be a new addition to the existing roller coaster and will consist of three different parts. At the top level is the Fujiyama Sky Deck Observatory, which stands at 180 feet tall and provides a panoramic view of the region and Mount Fuji itself. For those seeking a more thrilling experience, you’ll now get to access the Fujiyama Walk, a passageway previously reserved only for staff members to conduct safety inspections for the ride above. Finally, once you’ve enjoyed your time at the tower, a tubular ride called the Fujiyama Slider will transport you back to the ground in mere moments.

Fuji-Q Highland’s all-new Fujiyama Tower is scheduled to open for visitors summer of 2021.

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