Yes, you can make your own bread

No loaves in sight at the supermarket? Don’t panic. We’ve found the easiest-to-follow breadmaking tutorials, so you can bake your own at home.

Right now, we need comfort food, and that means the warm-blanket-hug of a thick slice of white toast, a granary roll or a warm sourdough loaf. But, despite government warnings to stop stockpiling, finding bread is currently harder than working out how to Zoom call your boss. 

Still, we bet if you rummage in your cupboards you’ll probably find some form of flour that can be used. Don’t be scared of it: “Baking bread takes longer than other forms of baking, but it is not necessarily more challenging,” says Roz Bado, head baker at Gail’s. In fact, bread might even be the most adaptable recipe to follow right now. “If you don’t have bread flour it can be substituted with plain flour. Just keep in mind that bread flour, due to a higher gluten content, requires more liquid than other flours.”

Bado’s second breadmaking tip is slightly harder to live with: “Once it’s fully baked, it’s crucial to let bread cool down for at least an hour for optimum flavour and texture, no matter how impatient you are to test the bread.” If you can hack that, then these instructional videos will transform your lockdown menus.

Make supermarket loaves a thing of the past once you master these bread recipes 


The Prairie Homestead has our back with this versatile recipe. Perfect for sandwiches, pizza or dough-based desserts, you can tailor it depending on what you have in your cupboard. Watch it here.


The trick to crusty bread is in the measurements, which chef Billy Parisi teaches you to nail perfectly in his YouTube tutorial. Watch it here.


Free-from baking could not be simpler thanks to this Waitrose video, which also uses gluten-free beer and flour to create a deliciously speedy seeded loaf. Watch it here.


Could we get through a recipe suggestion list without dropping in Bon Appétit? Brad and Claire making sourdough won’t only make baking easier, it will brighten your entire day. Watch it here.

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