WWE star Sonya Deville reveals she wants to be ‘centerfold’ model as she stuns fans with sexy Instagram snaps – The Sun

WWE star Sonya Deville has revealed she wants to be a “centerfold” model as she shared a risque photo online.

The 26-year-old, real name Daria Berenato, used her Instagram account to send a message to her former Fire & Desire tag partner Mandy Rose.

Along with the picture, she captioned it with: “I could be a centerfold too B!tch.”

But she also left fans stunned with the sexy snap as her comments exploded.

One asked “Marry Me” as another declared her a “hottie”.

“Absolutely gorgeous” announced a fellow follower while another told her the snap had “melted” their brain.

Deville and her former best friend Rose have recently fallen out after the former said on last week’s SmackDown she was tired of living in the blonde bombshell’s shadow.

She called Rose a “dime-a-dozen, bottle blonde who looks like she was created in some sort of lab.”

One of the most hurtful lines that Deville spat out towards Rose was calling her “a centerfold bitch.”

Now she looks like she is proving she also has the capabilities following her latest saucy snap.

Deville revealed two years ago what is was like to come out as lesbian in front of WWE legend Triple H on Tough Enough.

She said: “During the preliminary taping of the first premiere episode, they asked me if I was in a relationship. I had a girlfriend at the time.

“Not only was I not expecting that question, I was in a bikini in high heels in front of Triple H and other WWE executives inside the ring!

“The other girls had spray tans and their extensions in, and they looked beautiful – and I was just like this MMA fighter chick.

“I felt so out of my comfort zone when they asked me that question. I thought ‘what do I do… well, tell the truth, right?’ So I said, yeah, I have a girlfriend, but she’s not my wife yet.

“I got nervous, and they all started smiling. I said, 'oh my god, I just came out on national television'.

“And Triple H replied, 'yeah you did!' I just came back with, 'oh well, that's that!'”

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