WWE star Roman Reigns shows off brutally scarred and calloused hands as champ trains to face Daniel Bryan on SmackDown

ROMAN REIGNS has shown off the results of training to take on Daniel Bryan at Smackdown.

The WWE stars lock horns inside the ring in an intriguing battle on Friday.

Reigns, 35, sticks his Universal Championship title belt on the line against Bryan.

But the condition is Bryan has to leave Smackdown for good if he loses.

Reigns appears to be cutting no corners ahead of his training after showing off his calloused hands.

He posted a picture of his 'battered' hands alongside the caption: "Trained, abused and calloused.  

"These are the hands that were built to end Daniel Bryan’s career."

Bryan is edging closer to retiring after admitting his current contract in WWE will be his last.

The ‘Leader of the Yes Movement’ has recently had a new child with wife Brie Bella.

Real name Bryan Danielson, he said: “In my mind, this is my last run, this is my last run as a full-time WWE Superstar.

“It's not really a scoop, I think you can feel it by even the way I approach things and my mentality as far as my view toward younger people and all that stuff. As I’m doing this last run it’s not like I gotta prove to everybody that I'm the best.

“When I'm out there I'm proving things to myself, and I want things better for the younger talent.”

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