WWE legend Chris Jericho makes top 10 list of favourite matches including Shawn Michaels and Jon Moxley

CHRIS JERICHO has revealed his WWE feud with Shawn Michaels and his AEW title loss to Jon Moxley are among his favourite matches of all time.

The 49-year-old is set to hit an incredible 30-year milestone in professional wrestling in which he's stepped inside the ropes 2,725 times.

To commemorate the historic achievement, Y2J has written a book entitled The Complete List of Jericho: 30 Years of Smashes, Matches, & Hits.

In that, Jericho has compiled a top-ten list of his favourite clashes but he has teased which opponents feature including a memorable face-off with HBK.

He told Busted Open: "It's really hard to say your favorite. What's your absolute, gun-to-the-head favorite? And before, I used to say what's your favorite match – the match I had with Shawn Michaels for the WWE World Title Ladder Match in Portland.

"That's one of them because it's the match that not only was it a great match, a perfect match, it was the culmination of a seven-month-long story that was originally just supposed to be a one and done.

If I still worked in WWE, I would have suggested they do a special on it for the Network

"And if I still worked in WWE, I would have suggested they do a special on it for the Network because it really was a textbook how do you put together a great storyline."

Jericho also cited another match outside of WWE as one of his favorites which ultimately led to Tony Khan launching rivals AEW.

He added: "Kenny Omega, The Tokyo Dome, January 4, 2018 – that was the match. A) That was my first match away from WWE in almost 20 years.

"B) It showed what a draw Chris Jericho was because that match did an extra 15,000 tickets, and sales, and bought an extra 30 percent in New Japan World's subscriptions.

"C) It showed Tony Khan that there was a segment of the fanbase who were looking for something different from WWE, and it was basically where the spark of AEW began. So, that was a big one.

"And I'll do another one with Jon Moxley, where I dropped the title to him, February 29th of this year. A mere 10 days before the lockdown.

"I thought that was a great story with a great payoff and a great finish. But there are so many other ones that I can mention.

"But if you want to go — Ultimo Dragon from 1995 at the Sumo Arena. That's the match that got me hired in ECW and WCW. I have to mention that, as well. So, there are quite a few side posts along this Chris Jericho highway for sure."

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