Writer for Graydon Carter’s Air Mail infiltrates secret lockdown party

After Page Six reported on various underground parties going on around town during the lockdown — an editor for Graydon Carter’s Air Mail claims to have infiltrated one.

At the illicit basement bash, “tequila shots and dry martinis were being passed around, sweaty hand to sweaty hand. Drinks were $10 a pop, cash only,” and “a long-haired man snorted cocaine-and-ketamine swirlies off of mirrored platters lining the sides of a professional DJ booth.”

Writer Elena Clavarino writes that at the same party, “a supermodel and her boyfriend I recognized from Instagram downed shots” and toasted by exclaiming, “Cheers to corona!”

Her piece also details underground parties at restaurants everywhere from Soho to the East Village posing as takeout-only spots with secret wild lock-ins. At one, guests “sat at tables, eating food served from the kitchen like they would on a regular night. Later they turned up the music, and booze and cocaine flowed until the early hours of the morning.”

Apparently, Air Mail reports, there’s also a weekly “cigar gathering” with performers at a “well-known Lower East Side hotel rooftop.”

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