Wrestler faces amputation after both legs snap as rope jump routine goes wrong in horrific video

AN amateur wrestler is facing one of his legs being amputated after he horrifically broke both of them in a stunt gone wrong.

The man, named Justin from Newark, Delaware, suffered the injury during his entrance into a live event he took part in last weekend which was hosted by some of his close friends.

He performed a spinning jump off the second rope but when he landed both of his knees bent backwards and his legs 'snapped', according to his sister Ashley.

The father-of-one – who does not have health insurance – now faces over £155,000 in medical bills and one of his legs could have to be amputated.

As a result, his sister set up a GoFundMe page to help cover some of the costs.

She wrote: "Justin jumped and spun from the second rope of the ring and when his feet hit the base of the structure, his knees bent backwards and both of his legs snapped!

“Since his injuries, Justin has had three surgeries with rods and pins put in his left leg with an additional surgery scheduled this week.

“Physicians are working hard to determine if amputation will be necessary.

"He’ll ultimately be faced with a long road to recovery starting with a two week minimum hospital stay.

“The hospital stay, numerous surgeries, medical equipment, the countless months of physical therapy ahead, and even handicapping his home will far exceed.

“It’s obviously cringeworthy for anybody, but to see it happen to someone you love so much and knowing that amputation is a huge possibility, it’s gut-wrenching.”

The page has so far raised £13,800, with £1,500 of that coming from WWE legend Chris Jericho, RT report.

Fellow pro wrestlers Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks and Joey Janela are also among those who have donated.

The gruesome footage of his injury went viral, with the video generating over 3.2million views on Twitter.

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