Women’s Basketball Coaches Association: NCAA structure, tournament inequities need independent review

The Women's Basketball Coaches Association reached out to NCAA President Mark Emmert last Thursday to discuss the inequities between how the NCAA conducts the men's and women's basketball tournaments but has yet to receive a response, the association's executive director said Tuesday.

Danielle Donehew, who has led the WBCA since 2014, called the disparity in facilities, support and branding between the two tournaments "symptoms of a much larger attitude that women's sports are second-class to their men's counterparts."

"It presents itself through messaging that is usually subtle, sometimes overt, but always noticeable and demoralizing to student-athletes, coaches and everyone else who sees women's basketball on the brink of great success," Donehew said. "This is a longstanding, deeply ingrained, systemic problem. It is not one that just happened to occur last week."

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