Women reveal the moment they knew their relationship was over

‘He got my best friend of 25 years pregnant’: Women reveal the acts that made them realise a relationship was over – including being told to ‘shush’ during labour

  • That’s it, I’m MF spouse shaming boasts over 21,000 members on Facebook
  • Women shared the moment they knew they wanted to end their relationship
  • One woman said her husband refused to end his four year emotional affair
  • Another said her marriage ended because her husband got her friend pregnant  

Sometimes couples just grow apart and go their separate ways amicably, but unfortunately break ups don’t always run smoothly.   

Posting on Facebook’s That’s it, I’m MF spouse shaming, people from around the world revealed the jaw-dropping circumstances that made them decide to walk away from a relationship.

Members of the group which boasts over 21,000 members, began sharing their stories after a woman posted a tweet from a man who knew he no longer loved his ex when he saw her carrying heavy crates of water up multiple flights of stairs. 

Many others contributors to the thread said their relationships ended after infidelity of an outrageous nature. 

‘When I found out he cheated on me with his step sister,’ wrote one.

Another said: ‘When him and my best friend of 25 years sent me a text saying she was six months pregnant with his kid, was the day out ten year marriage ended’

Women have been sharing the moment they knew their relationship was over on Facebook’s That’s it, I’m MF spouse shaming (file image)

A woman shared a tweet from a man who said he knew he had fallen out of love, when he didn’t offer to help his girlfriend carrying heavy crates of water 

A stream of responses said they fell out of love after their ex joked about being attracted to someone else or had an affair.

Another added: ‘When he drove five hours in his pajamas to knock on my window sobbing to speak to me. I had changed my phone, blocked him, his family and moved five hours away to my mum’s.

‘He didn’t understand that cheating on me four different times meant we were through after three different chances. Mentally and physically abused me, told family members not to contact me and the list goes on.

‘It was 7am and I just remember looking at him and thinking: What the actual f*** is wrong with you. It’s one of my proudest moments, because I know I would’ve killed for him to do it a week before this.’ 

Many people said they no longer wanted to be in a relationship because they had discovered infidelity or heard their partner talk about fancying someone else 

Others said they experienced physical and emotional abuse before they made a decision to leave their ex.

‘He was playing Fortnite and I asked him to watch our son while I ate. I hadn’t ate all day, I was breastfeeding the baby so I was always very, very hungry. 

‘He threw his headset and got in my face and told me his game meant more to him than me or the baby did. He’d also said his sleep mattered more than we did,’ wrote one.

Another said: ‘When he told me to shush during labour. I had a sudden flash of clarity and knew that I would be raising the baby alone because I deserved better. Still took me a year to get to the proper breakup, but I never forgot the certainty of that moment.’

A third added: ‘We were in an argument and he kept calling me all sorts of names. I asked him “How would you feel if our daughter came to us and told her significant other was talking to her this way and calling her names?”. His response was “Well I hope she isn’t as much of a dumb b**** as you are, and actually leaves”.  

Others said they left their ex-partner because they were abusive, including one woman who had a gaming headset thrown at her face 

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