Woman's strip wash makes teddy left outside for a year look brand new

People everywhere are doing strip washes to really get the dirt out of soft furnishings.

The idea involves putting hot water and washing products in the bath or a bucket of water and leaving something to soak. Afterwards, you’re often left with gross but satisfying grey water.

But one woman has shown the real power of the technique by reviving a teddy that most would think was unsalvagable.

The Australian woman showed how she found her dog’s toy in the garden, around a year after he’d been taken outside.

The teddy was covered in dirt and stains so she put it through the washing machine – but it didn’t help.

Instead she decided to try a strip wash, mixing water, a quarter cup of soda crystals, half a cup of washing powder, a squirt of washing up liquid and a quarter cup of a stain remover called Napisan.

She then left the bear in the water for a few hours and was amazed when she came back to find him looking as good as new. The water was filled with all the dirt that had come off him.

Posting in a Facebook cleaning group, she said: ‘Look how clean he is! He’s in the dryer at the moment being fluffed up again.’

Others were amazed by how well he came up after the intense wash.

‘Wow that came up amazing,’ one said.

Another added: ‘He looks like new, great job.’

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