Womans horror after strip cleaning husbands tea bag pillows for first time

A woman was shocked after giving her husband's pillows a "strip clean" for the first time in five years.

Lexi followed the trending wash-up recipe on TikTok to deep clean the bedding accessories and found the results incredible when she managed to turn the seriously stained pillows back to its original state.

Posting the video on her account @pwincesslexx, she grabs two brown pillows and throws them into the bath tub.

First she soaks them in hot water and pours the washing detergent and scent boosting beads in for a good lathering, then adds in a generous amount of OXI Clean stain-removal powder for a power strip clean.

Next is the part that left her grossed out, Lexi leaves the pillows in the mix for 24 hours and from time to time, she sees the bubbles disappeared and the water turns milky, then deep green to complete dark brown.

When she drains the water out, she finds hair, shredded skins and lots of black rock-like substances.

On the light side, the pillows now look much better, at least it turns white with a few stains left on the surface.

She puts up a victory sign and adds : "Now go to the washer."

Lexi said this was her first time washing her husband's pillows in five years.

Many questioned why Lexi didn't throw away the pillows but she brushed off the comments, saying: "Well, they're clean now."

One wrote: "I don't blame him for not wanting to get rid of them. Those look sturdy and expensive. You did well."

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Another seemed to have a similar problem as she penned: "Girl, my man won't throw away his teabags either."

Some thought the pillows were originally in brown colour until they saw the transformation.

"So the pillows were not bought in the colour tan? So satisfying, my hunny has a favourite pillow too. I hate it," a four chimed in.

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