Woman whose eczema was so bad she needed sleeping pills swears by £8 cream

Jennifer Austin, 26, looks completely different now to how she did a few years ago.

Jennifer, from Norfolk, had such severe eczema that she had to be signed off work and prescribed sleeping pills as her itching was keeping her up at night.

‘I had tried dozens of over the counter treatments, prescription creams but my eczema was so severe that it covered her entire face and body,’ said Jennifer.

‘It was on the backs of my knees, my elbows, creases, face, hands and back which leaves my skin dry, flaky and with a red rash.’

During the years she suffered with the eczema, she suffered skin conditions due to open wounds from the eczema ‘making [her] more susceptible’.

She said: ‘I used to wake up in the morning and have a mini panic attack because I didn’t know what my skin would look like. It was horrible. I have been going to therapy for that now, to help with my feelings of anxiety.

‘My itching has been so bad I have been prescribed sleeping pills to help as I really struggle at night otherwise. I literally cannot sleep because I am itching so much.

‘I was signed off work for three weeks to catch up on sleep as the itching at night got so bad. It was hard to explain to my employers, but luckily they have been really understanding.’

Getting help was also a big struggle for Jennifer, who says: ‘The worst infection was during my gap year travelling in Australia. At first we thought it was chickenpox!

‘I was treated by doctors and dermatologists in Australia, who couldn’t believe I didn’t have a dermatologist in England, but the doctors had never referred me.

‘I finally got referred to an NHS dermatologist in 2019, which led to phototherapy at hospital three times a week from September to November.

‘The treatment was successful, but unfortunately not long term. When I got referred to NHS dermatology again in 2020, they weren’t seeing anyone due to COVID-19 and told me the waiting list was about 22 months.’

‘I couldn’t face getting dressed and going to work as my self confidence and self image was at the worse it has ever been. My skin was red raw and flakes of my skin were literally falling off.’

It was then that she decided to take matters into her own hands, and found MooGoo Skin Milk Udder Cream.

The £8 lotion contains milk protein that increases skin elasticity, alongside aloe vera and vitamin E.

Jennifer says of the Australian brand: ‘I find with MooGoo it is long lasting, moisturising and calms my skin right down.

‘I put it on twice, morning and night. I like using it as my night cream because it’s not greasy so won’t damage or stain the bedding like some creams can.’

Since then her skin is no longer red and painful and – although there’s no cure for eczema – it’s calmed her symptoms.

Every time we write a story about a solution someone’s found for their eczema we do like to highlight that no one cream or ointment or lifestyle change will rid everyone of the skin condition.

The most important thing for every eczema sufferer is to keep skin hydrated with an emollient cream and avoid using abrasive or astringent products when washing.

If your skin becomes extremely dry and flaky to the point you’re getting infections, struggling to sleep, or finding yourself bleeding and uncomfortable, you should seek out a dermatologist (you can usually get a referral from your GP).

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