Woman shares reality of retail as shopper shouts & throws scratch card in face

A woman has revealed the ‘reality’ of working in retail after a ‘Karen’ threw a scratch card at her and screamed in her face completely unprovoked.

Bonnie Madison has exposed why ‘nobody’ wants to work in retail after sharing her ordeal with an unpleasant customer.

In a TikTok clip that has racked up 734,000 views, Bonnie shared that she was branded ‘ignorant’ by one rude woman.

As she wore her brunette hair down and a grey cable knit jumper, the woman explained the lows of working in a shop.

She first mimicked the question: “Why doesn’t anyone want to work in retail?”

Bonnie then explained: “Let me tell you why, this happened to me yesterday one hour into my shift.

“I’m on the till, there’s a postal service here. I’m helping a lovely lady on that and in the middle of speaking, and then we will call her ‘Karen’, she comes up and throws a scratch card at me and just goes ‘check that’.”

Bonnie then had to stop speaking to the other customer she was helping after she was left in shock at what had just happened.

The retail worker said: “Bearing in mind she said it and then walked off to look at the scratch cards.

“So she was just expecting me to drop everything, and didn't even check if I was busy. She just said it and walked off. So she comes back over in a strop and goes ‘check what’s on there’.

“She was so loud when she said that right, that my co-worker came over to make sure everything was alright – and she was at the other end of the store.

“I check the scratch cards, I’m fuming obviously. She won six pound so I said ‘you won six pound’ and she goes ‘okay give us a six and 12 then’ to replace the money that she won.

“So I was getting the six and 12 and I’m saying it under my breath.”

Trying to remember the numbers, Bonnie was then accused by the rowdy customer for “talking” about her.

Bonnie then shut down the claims and confirmed she was just muttering to remember the numbers.

Allegedly, the woman then abruptly replied: “That’s what I thought.”

But, the ‘Karen’ did not stop there.

Bonnie attempted to keep her cool as she did not want to “rise” to the situation.

After she gave the women her new scratch cards, the retail worker carried on helping the original customer.

That was until the ‘Karen’ started to “stare” Bonnie down and branded her “ignorant” before she walked away.

Not taking anymore of the woman’s behaviour, the shop assistant called her out on her antics.

Bonnie shared: “I said if you’re gonna call me ignorant, you can stand there and say it.

“Don’t say it and run away like a baby, come back to my till. So I shouted after her, I was like excuse me, I don’t see how I’m the ignorant one.

“You interrupted me, threw a scratch card at me and shouted in my face when I didn’t hear what you said.

“So I’m really not the one to be called ignorant today.”

Bonnie then claimed that the woman replied: “I don’t know who you think you’re talking to.”

Having remained polite, the retail worker said she was talking to the woman – but the ‘Karen’ increasingly became more riled.

Things began to escalate to the point Bonnie’s co-worker had to step in and defend her as the woman continued to shout.

Not liking the fact that Bonnie got support from a colleague, the ‘Karen’ demanded the personal details of the manager – who was on holiday.

But this did not stop the woman who wanted to ‘ring’ and ‘text’ the boss despite being away from the store.

Sounds like a tough day at work!

Many people then fled to the comments to support Bonnie and slam the poorly behaved ‘Karen’.

One person commented: “I wouldn’t have served her, I would have finished serving the nice lady first.”

Another user added: “This is why I’m trying to find a job with minimal people interaction.”

Whilst a third person voiced: “It wouldn’t be so bad if managers would stick by their staff when things like this happen! I always stick by my staff against Karens.”

Someone else shared: “I’ve only just left retail and I feel reborn.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person expressed: “There’s no excuse for customer rudeness at all, regardless of whether or not they may be having a bad day.”

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