Woman reveals how she transformed an old sofa by using YouTube

Crafty woman reveals how she transformed an old sofa found at her local waste disposal site for just £100 by following YouTube tutorials

  • Sophia Wicks who lives in Cornwall, transformed an old sofa for £100 
  • She upholstered the sofa using YouTube, after finding it at a waste disposal site
  • DIY fans on Facebook gushed that she can now sell the sofa for a ‘fortune’ 

A woman revealed how she was able to transform the appearance of an old sofa that had been abandoned by its original owner.

Amateur DIY enthusiast Sophia Wicks, who lives in Cornwall, explained that she found an old sofa at a local waste disposal site and picked it up in the hopes of staying busy during lockdown.

Spending just £100 on new materials, Sophia was able to give the sofa a new lease of life within two weeks. 

Sophia Wicks, who lives in Cornwall, posted her transformation (pictured) of an old sofa on Facebook’s DIY On A Budget UK

Sophia explained that she picked up an old sofa (pictured before) at her local waste disposal site and hoped to use it in her beauty room 

In a lengthy caption, Sophia revealed that she used YouTube tutorials to teach herself necessary upholstery skills 

Facebook users dubbed the transformation ‘absolutely beautiful’, after Sophia shared photos taken throughout the process in the group DIY On A Budget UK. 

Speaking to FEMAIL, Sophia said: ‘I picked the sofa up off a local “c***” site where people are getting rid of things for free before dumping it. 

‘So thought I would grab it and it would give me something to do to keep my mind busy during the lockdown. 

‘I planned on keeping it for my beauty room but it’s too big, so I will be selling it. Not really sure on the price yet? Guess I’m hoping my room with magically get bigger so it fits!’ 

Sophia said she was inspired to overhaul the appearance of the sofa as a way of staying busy throughout the ongoing lockdown

Sophia revealed that she used old sections of the sofa as a guideline, while adding new foam and crushed velvet material 

Sophia who spent £100 on materials, revealed that she will be selling the sofa (pictured) because it’s too large for her beauty room 

Sophia revealed the process of removing staples and rusted tacks for two weeks, left her hands feeling sore.

She continued: ‘After stripping it right back to the frame, I sanded the wood and painted it with a metallic silver paint. 

‘I used foam from foam mattresses that were no longer in use. Wadding, mesh, diamond-look buttons for the tufting and crushed velvet material with silver tacks to finish it off.’ 

The finished transformation impressed DIY fans, one wrote: ‘You must be very proud of yourself. What an amazing transformation.’

‘Well done you. Sometimes you start these projects and then think whatever possessed me to do this. Even if you don’t want to do upholstery again, you can be proud of this. Think how much that would have cost you from a shop,’ another said.

A third added: ‘Looks amazing! Well done you, looks professional. You should be very proud of what you’ve achieved, it would cost a small fortune new’ 

A flood of responses to the post praised Sophia’s efforts, admitting they wouldn’t know where to start if they were to upholster an old sofa 

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