Woman blasts neighbours for playing loud music in their garden

Does good weather bring out the worst in YOUR neighbours? Frustrated Mumsnet users list their (somewhat petty) grievances – from chatting too close to the fence to pressure washing cars and cooing over toddlers

  • Anonymous woman vented about her neighbours disturbing her in their garden
  • Posting on UK-based forum Mumsnet, said they’re playing music and shouting  
  • Others shared similar disruptions including kids screaming, barbecues and DIY

While most of us are thrilled to finally have some good weather, it does come with one downside for some – the annoyance of neighbours coming out of hibernation.  

Posting anonymously on UK-based forum Mumsnet, users have taken the opportunity to air the neighbour behaviour that gets ‘worse’ when the sun is out, from loud gardening to children playing to DIY and BBQs. 

The dicusssion was started by a woman who said her neighbours have been playing loud explicit music and shouting to each other instead of talking. 

Another said that she doesn’t understand why her neighbour whose garden is huge always has to stand right by their fence to chat, while another objected to a woman cooing over her toddler’s every move. 

One disgruntled woman said her neighbours have the hot tub out, which she refererd to as a ‘manky inflatable sex tub’, and were trying to create an Ibiza-style atmosphere with flashing lights and a ‘gammon’ husband taking on the DJ role.  

An anonymous woman, who lives in the UK, vented frustration about how her neighbours are enjoying the sunny weather (file image)

One woman began the discussion, saying: ‘My neighbours do my head in year round as they are so bloody entitled in general, but when the sun is out it’s worse. 

‘Loud music, they can’t talk, they shout to each other and when they have visitors it’s even worse and that’s before they get the outdoor fire going and force us indoors after quickly getting the washing in.

‘I have massive sensory issues with noise due to possible ASD (awaiting assessment) so I know IABU and need to find ways to manage. 

‘Unfortunately moving to an island isn’t an option although I did eye up that advertisement for a caretaker of an unpopulated Scottish island with interest and wish I could live somewhere like that.

‘What are your neighbours up to today that’s annoying you and how do you deal with it? Stereo wars? Hosepipes at dawn? 

‘Penguin bollards (CFs have been known to park on or across my drive and then make out it’s me being unreasonable), playing the sweariest music you can find at full volume? I’m not actually going to do anything, but humour me here.’

Posting on Mumsnet, the woman said her neighbours have been playing loud explicit music and shouting to each other 

A stream of responses to the thread revealed they are also struggling with neighbours making excessive noise.

One person revealed they’ve given up with being outside because of the disruption, saying: ‘Next door have music on in the garden but they only do that occasionally so I can tolerate it. 

‘But then other side are power washing at the back and hammering loudly, more DIY across the road and screaming kids playing football in the road. All these on their own are tolerable, but combined they are driving me mad. I have given up trying to enjoy the sunshine and I’m indoors watching TV with my headphones on. Such a waste of this rare glorious weather.’ 

Another said: ‘My neighbour has a huge garden with one tiny bit of fence that looks over our garden. This is where she decides to hang out. So I can’t go in the garden without having to say hi, and then listen to her yabber on about nothing.

‘Especially when my DD is napping, I just want to sit in the sun in peace’ 

From phone calls to dogs barking, many people admitted they’re also struggling with the noise their neighbour is making 

A third added: ‘Someone plays piano all day long. Beautiful but a bit much after an hour. One neighbour works from home and is on phonecalls all the bloody day long. 

‘Parakeets in a tree are noisily ‘talking’ to each other. Luckily our lease prohibits open fires and bbq’  

Other vented frustrations about not being able to have their washing outside because of their neighbour’s activities. 

‘The constant on and off of the strimmer, followed by the constant noise of the power washer washing tree cars.

‘Late the BBQ will be followed by the fire pit, so I’ll have to shut my bedroom windows. And they’ll be out talking and drinking well after dark, waking up the kids,’ one wrote.    

Another said: ‘It’s an Ibiza pool party next door to us. Manky inflatable sex pond is out and the fat gammon husband has brought his decks out onto the patio and is delighting us all with badly mixed s*** club music from the late 90s.

‘Plush flashing lights around his wannabe DJ set up.’ 

Other said they can’t enjoy being outside because of smokey barbecues and the smell of hot tubs

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