Willow Smith’s Net Worth: Soaring Beyond Her Family Name

The Smiths are undoubtedly a stalwart gene pool of talent that any one of their heirs could potentially find themselves drowned within.  The youngest child of actors Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith, Willow Smith,  the reigns of her own career at an early age, unapologetically, and ‘whipped her hair’ permanently into our hearts.

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Following the lead of her power couple parents who’s combined net worth is $400 million dollars, and big brother Jayden coming in at $9 million, Willow’s personal bank achievement may appear to lag slightly behind at $6 million.  However, few celebrity children can say that they’ve forged their own paths in Hollywood, minus parental control, to successfully to hit millionaire status before their twenty-first birthdays.  While Willow’s hollywood debut came at age 7, during her appearance alongside her father Will Smith in 2007’s ‘I Am Legend’, the young star has since then built upon her own talent manifestations in film, television and music.

Just one year after debuting on the big screen, Willow had hopped onto the high-speed train of her Hollywood film career landing a leading role in her second major film, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl and her first time nailing a voice-over part as young Gloria, whose adult character was voiced by none other than mother Jada, in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.  Since Willow voiced her view on experiencing overwhelming stardom at such an impressionable age, its no wonder she really excelled as a voice instead of the face of characters played.  Willow went on to play the voice of Abby in Merry Madagascar in 2009 and Helenist in Neo Yokio. Most recently, her she landed her golden voice to Cartoon Network’s Beth the Pup Princess in 2018s Adventure Time.

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Coined a teenage sage, Willow’s wisdom beyond her years is unanticipated as her parents made their big breaks playing in sitcom and film roles like The Nutty Professor and ‘The Fresh Prince’ that gave fans primetime comedic relief.  Her brother Jayden, although captured the hearts and tears of fans with The Pursuit of Happiness still made fans smile with his outstanding performance in the remake of The Karate Kid alongside Jackie Chan in 2010.  Willow’s music and performances on the big screen appear to have a much more mature and solemn feel.  With reviews that claimed her music to be dreamy, spacey and shamanistic, we can see how critics of her work were torn as such sophisticated lyrics were expressed from a child.  On her 2013 release of her single ‘Summer Fling’ critics gave no mercy on Willow commenting that the content was inappropriate for such a young girl.  Needless to say, that did not slow the growing star down one bit as she went on to release her debut and follow up albums ‘Ardipithecus’ and ‘1st’, which actually received a softer responses and reviews that described the projects as a leap in the right direction.

Willows parents have been known to speak about allowing their children the freedom to explore their own inner desires and feelings.  Willow even explained how the relationship between her and her brother is organically close due to their unbiased upbringing and the two’s genuine love for one another.  This level of independence however comes with a level of responsibility that not all famous youth have the capacity to handle.  This was evident as Willow has been quite transparent about her inner struggles with life in the limelight.  During the ‘Whip My Hair’ craze, the young singer decided to make her position clear by cutting off her hair and finding solace off tour and at home with her family.  Despite mixed reviews and critical commentary, Willow continued on releasing music that came from her soul collaborating with the likes of Nicki Minaj and Kid Cudi, who are namesakes for authenticity.

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Willow’s openness and originality is undeniable.  Her mom even credits the birth of the well-received Red Table talk show to her daughter’s candid questioning of who she was before becoming a mom.  The Emmy-nominated show’s brilliance in breaking generational barriers with its straightforward discussion format, further pronounces Willow’s unique affect on people and the work she produces outside of her family’s lofty legacy.  At the rate of Willow’s organic growth in the industry, there’s a sure shot of her catching up in the millions as she appears to take pride in doing it for herself and the girls who look up to her.

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