Why plant stem cells could be key to giving you youthful skin in 2021 – and this Harley Street moisturiser is leading the trend

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The start of each new year comes with the hope of brand new skincare ingredients that could just help slow the signs of ageing and make volume loss and fine lines things of the past.

For 2021 we’re already seeing some new high-tech product additions that are promising to give you your best skin ever, but perhaps the most interesting are plant stem cells.

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What are plant stem cells?

They’re the cells that participate in regeneration and renewal and are the origin of plant vitality. In other words, when they’re alive and active, they help heal.

“They do not come from human embryos or from adult human skin or from any other animal,” Dr Haran Sivapalan explains on Harleystreetemporium.com.

And what can they do?

Since these plant cells aren’t actually living, they can’t help you regenerate new healthy skin cells, “but they could still contain active substances that help the skin,” says Dr Sivapalan.

He also notes that these active plant cell substances could have an anti-ageing effect when applied topically, “perhaps by stimulating the human epidermal and hair follicle stem cells that already exist in our skin.”

While further research and testing is still needed in this area, users of plant stem cell creams and serums have noted some improvement to their lines and wrinkles and generally better skin tone.

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Where can I shop a plant stem cell cream?

Many of these formulas come at a premium but we’ve nabbed a bargain for you. In this month’s OK! Beauty Edit box, handpicked by The Mummy Diaries star and self-confessed skincare fan, Billie Shepherd, we’ve got a deluxe 15ml tube of Harley Street Skin Care Restorative Hydro Moisturiser. Normally £65, you can get the moisturiser and four other gorgeous products from just £13 here in a signed box by Billie.

“I love this [cream], it’s a really premium brand and it feels amazing on your skin, especially for moisturising and anti-ageing. It just makes skin firmer and smoother,” says the mum-of-two.

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Packed with potent apple stem cells, antioxidants and peptides, the daily moisturiser promises to stimulate skin cell growth and aid production of elastin and collagen. With repeat use, you should notice firmer and healthier-looking skin.

Other brands following the plant stem cell trend are Image Skincare with its MAX Stem Cell Eye Crème, £72 here, and Rhodes Skincare with its Edelweiss Face Rescue, £69.95 here.

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