Why Kenny Rogers’ Marriage to His Fourth Wife, Marianne Gordon, Ended

KennyRogers’ last marriage was to his fifth wife, WandaMiller. Before that, he was married to Janice Gordon, Jean Rogers, MargoAnderson, and Marianne Gordon. Here’s the real reason Kenny Rogers’ marriage toMarianne Gordon ended in divorce.

How Kenny Rogers and Marianne Gordon met

Rogers met his fourth wife, Marianne Gordon, during his timeon the television series Hee Haw. Gordon was in the middle of a divorcefrom a producer at the late Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Productions (Michael Trikilis).It was an amicable divorce, and Rogers and Trikilis became friends.

In his autobiography, Luck or Something Like It, Rogerssaid one thing he loved about Gordon was that she accepted him even when hewasn’t making a lot of money. “She was a true blessing,” wrote Rogers. “At a timein my life that I didn’t have a penny to my name, along came a woman who did notseem to care about any of that. Marianne even ended up loaning me money forchild support payments.”

Why Kenny Rogers’ fourth marriage ended

Unlike his earlier marriages, Rogers said he didn’t know whythings didn’t work out between him and Gordon. He attributed the ending of hisprior relationships to his obsession with music, but this time he was at aloss. “There are reasons marriages end, but I’m not sure what happened betweenMarianne and me,” wrote Rogers.

Rogers faced a lot of pressure to be part of a flawless celebritymarriage. He said media outlets painted him and Gordon as a picture-perfectcouple. “We were the American dream couple, or so People magazine andHollywood tabloids kept telling us,” said Rogers in his book. “It was somethingwe never promoted or asked for.”

Kenny Rogers said he enjoyed his marriage to Marianne Gordon

Rogers and Gordon didn’t work out, but that didn’t affecthis view of the marriage. He said he enjoyed his time with Gordon. “We were twopeople who had enjoyed making my career together and raising our young son, Christopher,”said Rogers. “I enjoyed the years spent with her family, and I believe she enjoyedthe time spent with mine.”

Although Rogers enjoyed his marriage, he said he and Gordonbegan to drift apart. He didn’t know what caused the shift, but he noticed somethingwas different between them. “Something was changing—as I say, it was hard toexplain—and we were growing apart by 1992,” said Rogers.

After the divorce, Kenny Rogers said he wanted some adventure

Rogers said he needed excitement after being married formore than 15 years. This led to him to having explicit conversations with womenover the phone. “I was separated and going through my divorce with Marianne,and for one fleeting moment, I had an epiphany,” said Rogers. “I realized Icould do things now that I had not done nor had wanted to do for 15 years orlonger.”

Unfortunately, the women he spoke to decided to sue him for harassment. This situation turned into a phone-sex scandal that followed the country singer until the end of his career. Rogers said the incident wasn’t about sex, but about having fun without a guilty conscience.

“It was never really about having sex with other women, as much as it was that I could now think about it with a clear conscience and no guilt,” said Rogers. “That was very exciting to me.”

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