Why Does Everyone Hate on Geminis?

Besides being amazing, Lizzo and I have something else in common: we’ve both been personally victimized by a Gemini. Like Lizzo, I became a Gemini hater because I used to love one. (“The old me used to love a Gemini / like a threesome, f*cking with him every night,” she sings on “Soulmate.”) My ex-BFF Gem embodied the best traits of the social air sign—every time I’d walk around campus with her, there’d be a virtual receiving line of people “hey, girl”-ing her as we passed by. Back then, I was much more shy, and she’d always introduce me to new people, which I really appreciated.

That’s kind of how it all fell apart. She heard I’d left a party one night with a guy she liked (I had no idea she was interested in him) and a completely different girl jumped out. She wrote subtweets and told stories about how awful I was to entire groups of people. I witnessed the stereotypical Gemini energy of being manipulative and vindictive. I tried texting her, but there was no point. Something had shifted and there was no going back.

Because they’re so good at connecting to others, a Gemini is the last person you want to have any dirt on you.

Unfortunately, this falls in line with what people typically assume about Gems—they can be two-faced (literally represented by Twins), flaky fast-friends who lure you in with their charm. They’re also prone to believing the first thing they hear and that new info instantly influences their POV—so one day, you’re BFFs; the next, sworn enemies. And because they’re so good at connecting to others, a Gemini is the last person you want to have any dirt on you. Even the tiniest transgression can make you public enemy number one in the eyes of, well, everyone, because Geminis have LOTS of friends they can turn against you. Lizzo pretty much summed it all up when she said, “Give us a reason to like you, Gemini.”

While I wanted to swear off Gems forever, when I met my current best friend who’s also a Gemini, I had a complete change of heart. Like every Gem, she’s extremely talkative—we can be on a 13-hour road trip together and never get bored with each other. Does she have a fiery personality? Absolutely! But she’s also a great example of how genuine Geminis can be. The way a Gem acts is always a reflection of their immediate feelings. My BFF gently pushes me out of my comfort zone—isn’t that the realness what you want in a friend?

There’s a reason why Geminis have so many friends―they have a special knack for connecting with people ‘cuz not only are they super interesting, but also they’re actually interested in other people. The best part about Geminis is that they love having deep, meaningful, engaging convos AND having crazy, wild, exciting adventures. Geminis are famous for their lightning-fast minds and vast range of knowledge. You’ll never be bored with a Gemini and their floaty/frenetic air sign energy. Even though they’re not the type to gush over feelings, Gems show their love through communication and attention. They’ll always keep the group chatinteresting.

Geminis aren’t perfect, but who is and who cares―I’d rather be flawed and exciting than perfect and boring. Gems are intellectual, funny, curious and energetic and if you needed another reason to #GiveGeminisAChance: Gemini season is basically one endless summer bash. So bring a new Gem into your life—just NEVER kiss their crush, k?

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