Who stayed together on the ‘Married at First Sight’ Season 11 finale

Season 11 of “Married at First Sight” has come to a close.

The historic season, which lasted two additional months because of the pandemic, ended on Wednesday night. The 10 New Orleans participants, who were matched by experts and met while getting married to one another, had to decide if they were going to stay wed or get a divorce.

Although some found love, others were plagued by fights, accusations of affairs and lying.

On Thursday night, Lifetime will air a reunion special at 8 p.m., where fans will get to see what’s happened since Decision Day.

Season 12 of “Married at First Sight” will be available to watch starting in January. (In August, the show, which has aired constantly since premiering in 2014, was picked up for Seasons 12-17.)

Here’s who stayed together and who got divorced in the Big Easy.

Amelia and Bennett

These free-spirited individuals seemed like a perfect fit, although they struggled when Amelia, an MD, found out she would need to move to Virginia for her residency. When it came time to commit to each other, Bennett had a surprise up his sleeve, er, down his pants.

“My answer is yes, I would love to stay married,” the playwright told his wife, showing off a tattoo of her initials which he had inscribed on his buttock.

“I love you a lot, and you now have my initials tattooed on your butt, so yes,” replied Amelia. At the end of the episode, the two happily drove off to Virginia.

Olivia and Brett

Olivia and Brett tried to make it work. But through the coronavirus quarantine, they grew apart. Their fighting came to a head when Olivia traveled to visit her mother, something Brett didn’t want her to do. He decided to move out, and broke up with her over the phone.

On Decision Day, Olivia was still angry at her soon-to-be-ex-husband, even when he greeted her with a hug. “That’s fake to me,” she told the experts. “I still feel like we don’t know each other.”

Brett was still holding onto hurt feelings, too. “There was never a point in the relationship where I could trust you,” he said.

They decided to not rekindle their flame and to get a divorce instead.

Karen and Miles

This pair struggled to become vulnerable with one another, with neither being sure that their needs could be met by the other partner.

Karen was very closed up, and Miles worried that she would never become physically or emotionally intimate with him, especially because they hadn’t had sex yet.

“Are we necessarily where I want to be in a marriage? No,” she retorted.

But because they had seen so much growth from each other in the final few weeks, they decided to stay together.

“I’ve seen you trust me and lean on me and want to know what’s possible,” said Miles.

Henry and Christina

Plagued by dishonesty through their relationship, Henry and Christina finally had it out with each other in front of the experts.

Henry revealed to the panel that Christina had accused him of having a gay affair, which she found out about through an anonymous text, although she never could show Henry the message when he asked to see it. He said she “threatened to hold it over [his] head.”

“I would never do that,” said Christina. Although she apologized for how she handled the situation, Henry still felt like she was lying.

They mutually decided it would be best to get a divorce.

Woody and Amani

These lovebirds brought the experts to tears when deciding to stay married.

“Your family, you love them unconditionally, but I never imagined that I would get there with my spouse,” Amani told her husband. “I feel like I can do anything now.”

Woody was equally emotional. “Being married to Amani, it’s like everything I didn’t expect, I now have. When you don’t think that that’s coming, you don’t hope for it, you don’t wish for it,” he said, breaking down in tears.

Of course, they stayed together.

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