Who is Ben Askren's wife and how many children do couple have?

BEN ASKREN is back in action this weekend against Jake Paul in his first ever boxing match-up.

Although a relative novice himself, Jake Paul is the favourite, but Askren has plenty of fighting experience to call on should things get hairy during the bout.

Askren should also have his long-term partner and wife Amy ringside cheering him on.

Who is Ben Askren's wife?

Askren's wife is called Amy and is a licensed estate agent at Firefly Real Estate near Milwaukee in Wisconsin.

Amy has a degree in finance from the University of Missouri and started her career in real estate soon after, selling houses in Tosa.

She has 25,000 followers on Instagram and used to be one of two people that Paul followed on Instagram in an attempt to rile Askren.

Amy has doted over her husband's mental strength on her own Instagram page, after listening to Askren on Paul's brother Logan's podcast.

"Loved listening to my roommate @benaskren on the @impaulsiveshow podcast," she wrote.

"He really is the most mentally tough person I’ve ever met. It can sometimes be annoying when you’re feeling lazy or looking for sympathy, but mostly I’m just in awe of the guy."

Askren married Amy in 2010 and the pair celebrated their 10-year anniversary last April.

How many children do Ben Askren and Amy have?

Askren has three children with Amy, two daughters, Alex and Andy, and a son called Ozzi.

The couple also have a dog, a cane corso called Ragnor.

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