White-shelled eggs are back on Tesco shelves for the first time in 40 years

With the nation baking now more than ever, eggs have become a lockdown staple.

As a result, a once unpopular variety of egg is now back in stock at Tesco – after a 40-year hiatus.

White-shelled eggs – which are normally used in McDonald’s breakfast McMuffins – are back on shelves, in order to keep up with consumer demand.

White eggs were popular in the UK up until the 1970s, when customers switched to the brown variety because they were thought to be more ‘rustic’ and ‘natural’ – which is actually a common misconception.

This means, over recent years, white eggs have been used predominantly by the restaurant industry.

Jean-Paul Michalski, the director of Noble Foods (which is supplying Tesco with the eggs) told The Guardian: ‘Generally our white eggs are sold to a very large global restaurant chain which unfortunately had to close its doors because of the pandemic. 

‘They are also used within egg processing where the egg is broken into a liquid to be used for food manufacturers, hotel or restaurants.

‘None of our standard retail customers stock white eggs so we are really grateful to Tesco for stepping in as the white eggs would have gone to waste.’

The white eggs at Tesco cost the same as their brown free-range equivalent, starting from 89p for a box of six medium eggs and £1.69 per dozen.

Tesco’s eggs buying manager Megan Kilby also stressed that – if people can get past the old mindset – the move could actually have a huge ‘agricultural benefit’.

She said: ‘These eggs are used throughout the restaurant industry so shoppers can be assured of their quality.

‘The move could also have a massive agricultural benefit as white hens are more docile than brown ones and lay eggs for longer and more reliably too.’

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