What Is Prince Williams' Favorite Takeout Meal?

According to a former Royal Chef, Prince William and Prince Harry often requested cottage pie for dinner. A combination of ground beef and onions, topped with mashed potatoes and cheese, the savory dish is a family favorite. The Duke of Cambridge has also taken a liking to the traditional chocolate biscuit cake that is served regularly at Buckingham Palace, according to Woman’s World.

Despite the personalized menu plans and never-ending availability of comfort food, the royals occasionally prefer to order their meals from a local eatery. With many options to choose from, each member of the monarchy has their preferred place to order takeout. Prince William admits to being a fan of several takeaway restaurants near his noble estate.

How does the royal family order takeout?

When you live in a castle, it’s not as easy as picking up the telephone to call for delivery. Getting through security would be a major issue for any driver attempting to bring a hot meal for a member of the royal family. Taking a ride through the McDonald’s drive-thru for some fries is not an option when you are a royal. So, when England’s elite need a break from traditional cuisine, they require a little help getting access to their favorite dishes.

On occasion, Her Royal Highness sends a footman to the local chippy shop in Balmoral to get her favorite fish and chips. Her son, Prince Charles, will send a request out for a good Margherita pizza every time he desires his favorite treat. While living in London, Prince Harry took it upon himself to find a restaurant where he could indulge in a late-night meal to satisfy his takeout urges.

What does Kate Middleton like and who picks up the takeout?

Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, reportedly loves spicy dishes and is a devoted fan of a good takeout curry. Several years ago, she told BBC Radio that her husband didn’t particularly like spicy food. When asked how she ordered her favorite curry, she added, “It doesn’t usually get ordered to the palace, we tend to go and pick it up… Not ourselves!”

That all changed several months ago when a delivery driver broke protocol and made it to the castle steps. While recording That Peter Crouch Podcast, Prince William had some curry delivered to his friends from Samrat, a local Indian restaurant. They laughed that it was the first time takeout was delivered to Kensington Palace, saying, “There’s an Uber driver out there on the floor at the moment being frisked!”

What is Prince William’s favorite takeout meal?

The Duke of Cambridge has said that his favorite takeout meal is chicken masala with a bit of flavor, according to Hello!. In a BBC interview on Radio 1, the Prince said that he has a hard time deciding between pizza and Chinese when it comes to fast food options.

The future heir to the throne admits to regularly eating at Nando’s, a popular fast-food chain in England. He claims that his police protection officer introduced him to his newfound guilty pleasure.

In a recent BBC documentary entitled Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health, the Duke stated, “Everyone loves a Nando’s!” He continued saying it had been a while since he had indulged in a good Nando’s burger or pitta. Prince William said, “The policeman who’s on with me again [today], he’s the one who gets me the Nando’s the whole time. It’s his fault.”

The documentary aired in May 2020, so it’s pretty safe to say that Prince William has made sure to get some takeaway since then.

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