What Alesso Eats in a Typical Day

Alesso is out there living his best life. The Grammy-nominated DJ just dropped a new single with Liam Payne (while in quarantine) and invited Men’s Health into his LA home to discuss his clean diet, touring all over the world, and finding balance between eating and working out while on the road.

For Alesso, it’s important to make sure he lives a balanced lifestyle, given how hectic his days can be. “My goal is to just stay healthy, lean, but not too extreme,” he says. “I like a healthy balance.” What does that mean to the musician? He says he eats as clean as possible—no sugar, gluten, or dairy can be found in his diet, and he prefers to stay away from as many processed foods as he can.

So what does a typical day look like for a world-traveling DJ? It usually begins around 9:00 a.m., as he works late and needs his rest. It isn’t until noon that he eats breakfast, a modification of the intermittent fasting he used to partake in. He has since tweaked his diet so that he only eats from noon to 8:00 p.m. to keep the range of time that he eats in a day shorter.

As for what Alesso eats for breakfast? Well, it’s essentially what he plans on eating for lunch and dinner. “I see my meals as ‘every meal is a meal,’” he says. ‘Not like ‘this is what you need to eat for breakfast because it’s breakfast-related.” An example of this mentality? He ate eggs and rice for breakfast before the Men’s Health team stepped through his front door. His approach to every meal is pretty simple—a protein (usually fish or chicken), a carb (he’s a particular fan of rice and quinoa) and vegetables, because “you gotta get those vegetables.” The Grammy nominee, like every person, occasionally finds himself craving sweets, so he will go with either a whole fruit or a green juice to get his fix.

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One thing that is essential for Alesso is that he maintains a healthy lifestyle while traveling all over the world. “It gets quite tricky for me when I tour to both exercise and eat right,” he says. “Sometimes when I travel and the diet I’m following, [the venue] can’t really provide that.” So what’s his solution? He travels with protein powders and a trainer to help him maintain his shape. He also likes to look at the hotels his team booked for him to ensure that each play he stays in has a good gym for him to work out in. “My goal is to never get bigger,” he says about being on tour. “I just don’t want to gain a bunch of unnecessary weight. It’s so important for me to stay consistent and be as healthy as possible.”

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