Wendy Williams is praised for being 'truly' herself by Cory Booker as fans 'worry' for TV host

WENDY Williams' guest today, Senator Cory Booker, praised the host for being "truly" herself.

The daytime talk show host worried viewers last week following some concerning behavior during the broadcast.

The Senator told Wendy during his appearance: "You have such great energy. The last time I visited your show I left so lifted by you and how much you care and how much you are connected."

"I think sometimes people look at you in ways that bother me cause you are so knowledgeable about such an array of issues from politics and economics all the way to entertainment and everything. You make things fun…"

"You bring yourself. You show up all the time- bring your unique energy. I hope people when they watch you, feel more liberated to be themselves. We don't need more carbon copies in life. We need people who are unapologetically truly who they are, and that's why I'm a fan."

Cory's kind words follow harsh criticism after her recent apparent bizarre behavior.

Viewers also tweeted today: "How is Wendy Williams still on the air?! I don’t usually watch her show but it happen to be on today and it’s very painful to watch. Yuck."

Another shared: "Do yourself a favor a watch Friday's episode vs Monday's episode. Those are 2 different Wendy's. Drinking tea was a nice touch. Everyone is worried for you…. It was nice to see you "present" though on Monday."

A third added: "you ok??!!! Prayers!!!"

Following last week's disturbing demeanor Wendy told the audience yesterday: “I’m not perfect.”

She continued: “But I do appreciate you putting in an effort to watch us, and I love entertaining you. 

“And it’s not easy. It is not easy. You’re a tough crowd.”

Since then a source told OK! Magazine over the weekend the 56-year-old TV personality has been in a “very dark place” since last month's season premiere.

One source claimed: “Behind-the-scenes at the show it’s not good. There is something very off with Wendy again.

“Her behavior is erratic and getting worse each day. The staff are at a total loss and frightened to go to work each day.”

It's been a difficult two years for Wendy after her ex-husband of 22 years, Kevin Hunter, finalized their divorce in January.

DJ Boof, who left the show over the summer, also added in a tweet: "Y’all have no idea what’s really going on and everyone there is afraid to speak up because they don’t wanna lose their jobs.. this is going to play out bad.. I feel sorry for the workers and victims."

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