Weary mum clears out her filthy fridge – after finding food from 2018

The transformation every time-poor parent needs to see: Weary mum is praised for cleaning out her filthy fridge – after finding food from 2018 at the back of it

  • A weary mum shared before and after pictures after clearing out her fridge
  • The Australian woman, Hannah, discovered old cheese and food from 2019
  • She said she introduced ‘colour-coded’ storage baskets to organise her fridge
  • She hopes this will save her money and mean less wastage on food for her house
  • Thousands of parents identified with the photo and congratulated the mum  

A weary mum has been praised by thousands after she cleared out her filthy fridge and discovered food from as far back as 2018.

The Australian woman, called Hannah, shared before and after pictures of her fridge, and revealed how she used colour-coded storage baskets to get her fresh food in order.

‘Please be kind, I’m fragile,’ she wrote. 

‘I’m also an imposter because although I am a mum, I do not cook, clean or organise very well at all.’

BEFORE: A weary mum has been praised by thousands, after she cleared out her filthy fridge after discovering food from as far back as 2018 (Hannah’s old fridge pictured)

Hannah explained that the before photo ‘pretty much sums up the state of my life right now’.

‘Everything is a sh*tshow, and I’m not feeling it,’ she said.

But on Saturday night, the busy mum said she was charting a ‘small win’ after she re-organised her fridge and put baskets for dinners, a coloured basket for her son’s snacks and another for all of the items required for his kinder lunch box.

‘I threw out yoghurt that had best before dates in the 2019s and some cream cheese from 2018,’ she said.

‘And I found what was either very old tomatoes or a year 10 science project.

‘Here’s to a clean and organised fridge, and less wastage! 

‘One little area of the house down, 99 to go.’ 

While Hannah said she had been expecting to be criticised for her fridge, thousands of other parents were quick to identify with the before picture and congratulate Hannah on sorting through her kitchen.  

‘Fantastic work, you should be proud!’ one commenter posted.

‘A win is a win no matter how small,’ another added.

AFTER: The mum introduced a colour-coded basket storage system so she can see clearly what she has and prevent wastage (pictured after the clear out)

Others shared tips on how she can keep her fridge tidy and organised:

‘Now that you’ve nailed the organisation of it; a habit I’ve gotten into is spending a few minutes once a week going through the fridge on bin night in case there is something that has gotten lost up the back and started to go yucky,’ one mum wrote.

‘That way it’s not in there too long starting to grow goodness knows what or smell your entire fridge out, which usually means emptying the entire fridge and giving it a good scrub. So far it’s been working great for us.’

Others said that before you put any shopping away when the fridge is nearly empty, you should give the shelves a little wipe down.

‘I find it takes less than three minutes to do this and if I’m feeling lazy I regret it because I’m wasting time knowing that it all could be done in five minutes,’ one parent posted.

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