Watch Tyson Fury train in BIN BAG in pouring rain and rip into pal for having ‘I love Anthony Joshua’ sticker on his van – The Sun

TYSON FURY hilariously dressed in a BIN BAG as he went out running in the rain.

But he wasn't showing much hilarity when he discovered his mate had a "I love Anthony Joshua" sticker on the back of his van.

Fury has kept up his fitness work during lockdown, doing exercise sessions from his Morecambe home every day with wife Paris.

He also pounds the pavements of the seaside resort to keep up his cardio.

But with it lashing it down, the Gypsy King had to take some emergency measures.

He filmed himself saying: "Good afternoon boys and girls.

"We have our tailor-made bin bags on for the run in the rain.

"This is bin bag county, let's have it."

But his mood soon soured when he discovered his running mate "Bob Howard" had some interesting van decoration.

On the rear of the vehicle was a sticker professing 'love' for Fury's big Brit rival Joshua.

The two boxers have of course agreed a two-fight deal for 2021.

After Fury asked Howard "what the f*** is that", his friend, wearing a Manchester United shirt, admitted that he "just loves him"

Fury responded: "Whatever are you doing, I can't believe this Bob, I can't believe it mate."

Howard re-iterates that he "loves" Joshua.

Earlier in the day Fury had given fans an inside look at his first ever professional gym which he proudly called "the most old school in the world".

He returned to the gym uncle Hughie owned in Lancaster, and walked fans through the spit and sawdust boxing club surrounded with old school heavy bags and a ring in the centre.

He said: "This is where it all started people.

"We're going in now, to the tank. This has got to be the most old school gym in the world.

"This is where I became the British and Commonwealth champion and ranked No5 in the world, right here in my uncle Hughie's gym in Skerton, Lancaster."

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