Watch This Iron Chef Turn Domino's Into a Gourmet Meal

Part of YouTuber Jet Bent-Lee‘s, ongoing video series, Susur Lee of Top Chef Canda and Food Network‘s Iron Chef America fame has now turned Domino’s into a gourmet meal.

Starting with two loaded pizzas, Susur reimagined the pizza chain’s familiar offerings with his eclectic culinary style and gastronomic experience. In a showing of creativity and expertise, the chef made a roulade (a European technique to make a dish of filled rolled meat or pastry) by stacking the pizzas and wrapping them in more dough. After being baked and sliced, the pizza roulade is topped with a glazed burger and a mix of burrata, avocado, quail egg, caviar and chopped chives.

Watch Susur Lee turn Domino’s into a gourmet meal above.

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